Dino Run, Or How Space Rocks > Giant Lizards

An actual photo from prehistoric times.

I’m loving this theme of dinosaur-based Flash games. Tonight’s is Dino Run – a retro-styled running away game, where you play a dinosaur, who is running away. FROM METEORS. It’s a fairly bleak day for dinosaur kind as the air pelts the Earth with angry rocks, and all that’s left to do is peg it, preferably saving as many eggs as possible. And, er, collecting DNA to impove your dino’s abilities.

Red sky at night, dinosaurs to be horribly wiped out forever.

It’s hectic, requiring that you avoid bouncing rocks, scraps of meteor, other dinosaurs, and the wall of utter death that’s fast encroaching from the left. It’s also sweet, and rather fun. There’s even a multiplayer mode for those wanting to prove their dinosaur racing skills to the rest of the world. Although no one will have a character better named than mine: ROBOSAUR!

Made by Pixeljam, most famous for Gamma Bros, it maintains their precisely cute pixel design, making good use of a simple pallete. Mucho thanks to Matthew Slim for the tip.

In related news, I’ve just realised how silly the word “prehistoric” is – what, before history? Huh? Also, my middle finger hurts from all the frantic up-arrow jumping.


  1. Razorraptor says:

    play the multiplayer edition

  2. XxGreenEyesxX says:

    Well, wat i want to say is that my fuc*ing skool is made out of s*** cuz they have blocked all the kool games 4 example dinorun i’ve already got an account and i wanna talk to my dino friends but this f****** skool won’t let me cuz its blockedddd im sooo pissed off right now but im not gunna take the anger on u ok need to go im in skool right now my stupid stinky teacher is coming my teacher stinks like **** i hate him every1 dose well cya!! =D

  3. saliha says:

    Hiya G2!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3