Friday LinkSwap: Boing Boing Gadgets

bbg has a robot and we don't : (

Without warning, It sounded a BOING. The room fell first into a terrified silence, then into pandemonium. The Duchess had fainted outright from the shock of that unearthly tone – so, as one, every gentleman in the room rushed frantically to her assistance. Smelling salts were administered, and the pale woman carefully carried to a chaise-long. As her heavy eyelids flickered open, she realised in an instant that no other in the room was still observing It. This left It entirely free to – no! The Duchess started upwards in fright, but her head was yet too light. She slumped to the floor again, the warning unuttered. Too late now, she reached out a trembling hand towards It, hoping, somehow, to prevent what she now knew was inevitable. BOING.

The Vault 13 PC

BBG says: “this fantastic case mod turns an original 1957 Setchell-Carlson P-62 Portable television into a Fallout-style computer.”.
RPS says: “ideal for typing out furious emails to Bethesda about how they’ve ‘raped your childhood’, or similarly tiresome hystrionics.”

He-Man and the Hulk sell motorcycles

BBG says: “He-Man and Skeletor sell Honda Motorcycles from the Mearim Motos dealership in Brazil. How could this be better?”
RPS says: “The first auto-salesman I’ve ever felt I could trust.”

Get started in the DS homebrew scene
BBG says: “Unlike a PSP, which requires custom firmware, all a Nintendo DS requires is a flash card. But with a hundred different no-name Chinese manufacturers vying for your money when they’re not changing their names or going out of business, it can be hard to get a strong recommendation on exactly which flash card to buy and what you’re getting yourself into.”
RPS says: “Piracy eh?”

Flamethrowers for your car’s exhaust
BBG says: “The Autoloc Flame Thrower clips onto your tail pipe and sparks fuel that should have been ignited and consumed in your engine, sending flames up to 20 feet behind your car.”
RPS says: “should be fitted as standard to all vehicles. Including bicycles and push-chairs.”

The evolution of mobile phones
BBG says: “this video shows the morphing of cellphone handsets from 1985’s Motorola Dynatac up through the iPhone.”
RPS (well, Alec) says: “if the second-gen iPhone isn’t released on June 9th as rumoured, I’m going to cry. I’VE FOUGHT SO HARD FOR SO LONG.”

RPS’ Jim Rossignol’s This Gaming Life reviewed
BBG says: “It remains unclear which of the rumours surrounding the creation of this book are true: whether its agonising incoherence and baffling references to how “fish-gods keep stealing my gums” suggest Rossignol really had been injecting cheap heroin directly into his eyeballs whilst writing it, or if, as suspected, he only got the book deal thanks to a chance encounter with its publisher in one of the Nazi-themed S&M clubs Rossignol is know to frequent. In either case, This Gaming Life is an affront to humanity itself, and all copies should be burned on sight.”
RPS says: “Actually, they think it’s rather good.”


  1. Meat Circus says:

    Can we have the first RPS party in Jim’s Nazi Porn Dungeon?

  2. Pidesco says:

    Can we have the first RPS party in Jim’s Nazi Porn Dungeon?

    Jim is in the House of Lords, then?

  3. thesombrerokid says:

    ds homebrew isn’t just about piracy i’m currently righting a stripped down total war clone for the ds which i wouldn’t be able to do without the homebrew scene and i think i should be allowed to do it cause i like total war and spend a lot of time on a bus which i’d like to spend playing some sort of stripped down medieval clone

  4. Ben Abraham says:

    i think i should be allowed to do it cause i like total war and spend a lot of time on a bus

    Ooh, the old “I want to – so I should be able to” argument.

  5. Beschizza says:

    But that wasn’t his argument, Ben.

  6. Ben Abraham says:

    But that wasn’t his argument, Ben.

    But it was a part of his rationale for playing a Total War Clone on DS.

    I’m not *actually* against any of this (I am actually all for homebrew) but I think that if you’re going to do something illegal, don’t try and pretend that it’s okay just because you think it shouldn’t be.

    May I instead recommend doing it “in spite of” it’s respective illegality?

  7. James says:

    That Fallout case mod is brilliant. I wish I had one…

  8. Dinger says:

    There ain’t nothing wrong or illegal about writing your own games for the hardware you own. Companies can sell you something, but they can’t legally or ethically dictate to you how to use it, as much as they may try.

    although in this case:

    i … spend a lot of time on a bus which i’d like to spend playing some sort of stripped down medieval clone

    Two things: if you’re going to be doing homebrew, I’d recommend starting with a simple project first, like implementing a shift key and punctuation marks on your stylus-keyboard. (sorry, I just couldn’t resist.)

    Second, if you want to play a stripped-down medieval clone on the bus, may I recommend:
    A. Wrap your loins in flaxen cloth.
    B. Get on bus
    C. Repeat, “Hec essentia mea est etiam essentia alii, distincta numeraliter sed non personaliter.” Don’t be a n00b: pronounce it Hec and not Haec. Please note that this is if you want to be a 13th-century clone. A 12th-century clone would need a cedilla on the E in Hec, and a more Augustinian formulation.

  9. phuzz says:

    It’s not illegal to write software for a device you own, but if you have to break some kind of copy protection to load it onto the device, then you’re breaking the DMCA (in places where it applies).
    Aren’t we lucky the gov is here to save us from ourselves :)