Wishful Thinking

Smash TV in the Crysis engine, please

Inexplicably exhausted and entirely devoid of an attention span as a result, I’ve been fruitlessly searching for a game to sink my teeth into and refocus myself. Planescape’s calling to me again – it’s been a while – but so far the thought of locating and installing all four of its CDs is putting me off. Yes, it’s that bad. Instead, gazing idly at my bookcase in the hope of inspiration, I find myself ruminating randomly upon games I wish there were sequels to right now.

I often pretend to think sequels are bad ideas creatively speaking, that really developers should go explore whole new universes instead. And yeah, they probably should. Unfortunately, I secretly get as giggly about news that Fun Game X Is To Have Inevitable Sequel as the next raving fanboy. There are ideas and places I’d simply love to go play in again, preferably with extra-sparkly graphics.

So, in no particular order, with no particular reason and with several dozen omissions:

Dungeon Keeper
Planescape Torment (with different characters entirely, of course)
Beyond Good & Evil
Star Wars Galaxies (don’t give much of a hoot about Star Wars anymore, but it was a sci-fi MMO with some bold ideas in terms of escaping prescribed classes and allowing players to shape themselves and the world. Horribly clunky, yes, but infinitely more interesting than, say, Tabula Rasa.)
Freelancer (this has been on my Revisit For A Retrospective list for ages now)
Cannon Fodder
Sam & Max Hit The Road (er – a different sequel, anyway)
Smash TV (attempting its glorious manplosions in a super-detailed modern engine strikes me as potentially very funny)
Dune 2 (C&C’s units never charmed me as Dune 2’s did. I know C&C3’s hardly rocket science, but it still seems so fussy compared to Dune 2’s small, wonderfully focused toybox. Also, giant worms. Every RTS without giant worms seems somehow lacking).
Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Now, sleep.


  1. Oddbob says:

    They really should do a SmashTV sequel and see if they can get the game working without being a credit eating mean spirited horror.

    If only it weren’t so much fun I could really learn to hate it.

  2. Alex says:

    I’d like a new Thief game, NOW.

  3. Riotpoll says:

    Alpha Centauri is top of my list.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    Also, Sacrifice please.

    On the topic of dungeon keeper, i always felt overlord was a sequel of sorts, also evil genius, both taken in different directions which dk wholely encompassed.

    And like it or not planet moon went on to make Armed and Dangerous after Giants: Citizen Kabuto, a sequel of sorts.

    Now, one of these sequels seems likely.

    Homeworld 3 surely in pre development since relic got the rights.

  5. Arsewisely says:

    Hidden and Dangerous 3 please. It’s always seemed the most WWII of all the WWII games to me.

  6. GiGinge says:

    Nothing quite as WWII as constantly crashing to desktop or watching your teammates jump off a boat to their hilariously retarded watery deaths, I agree arsewisely

  7. Lorc says:

    Sacrifice. Definitely Sacrifice.

    Regarding Dune 2, I’m pretty sure Westwood did a 3d Dune rts in between Tiberian Sun and Generals. It did the fashionable “conquer planets, territory by territory” thing.

    Still, it seemed more like an exercise in branding than any kind of meaningful development of Dune 2 the game – it certainly had giant worms, but it also had mechs and other undunelike silliness.

  8. Dan Bruno says:

    I’ve been hoping for a new Syndicate for years.

  9. Ging says:

    Syndicate, Cannon Fodder and X-Com I can certainly agree upon, though I’m scared of how right you’d have to get any of them before the hard core fan base didn’t lynch you.

  10. James says:

    Nice list. Needs more space sims though!
    I-War 2 (I’d like it to be more structured like the first game though)
    Freespace 2 (What a cliffhanger!)
    X-Wing Alliance

  11. Rongonathon Magnuskavang says:

    There was a sequel, of sorts, for Smash TV called “Total Carnage”, but it was, well, not much fun comparatively.

  12. Albides says:

    Alpha Centauri, definitely. Even if it’s just some sort of funky update. That game needs to be rediscovered.

    Alec’s list is juicy, but I’d also love Bioforge, Crusader No Regret, Zork, Mechwarrior, The Longest Journey (or The Longest Talky Bits But I Don’t Care), Tex Murphy and Darklands.

    But I’d sell my soul for a Syndicate sequel.

  13. Kast says:

    Psychonauts would make for a wonderful series of episodes, each episode featuring half its time inside a different mind, and the other half outside.

    Also, I’d strangely like to see a sequel to Oni.

  14. Kommissar Nicko says:

    I liked Independence War! I liked it a lot!
    Also: Sim City 4. Sim City Societies was like watching the woman you love give birth to a writhing, squalling shade and wondering “WHAT HATH BEEN WROUGHT?”

  15. Ryan says:

    Zork! and Kings Quest!

    lessons in brevity

  16. noom says:

    The one game, more than any other, that frequently has me salivating at the prospect of sequelage, is Midwinter from back in ’89 or thereabouts.

    Although I suppose games like Boiling Point have come close… maybe it’s just too ambitious.

  17. Albides says:


    King’s Quest but not Quest for Glory? Boo. Hiss.

    They should just remake the mid to early 90s. In 3D.

  18. Rosti says:

    Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate. Would absolutely adore a proper sequel to that (which is to say that Syndicate Wars felt very different, even if multiplayer + nuclear grenades = fun).

    I’ve been convincing myself lately that Battalion Wars is, in fact, a 3D sequel to Cannon Fodder. I certainly play it that way, which is good enough for me.

  19. K says:

    Bloodnet, please.

  20. GiGinge says:

    Speaking of Space Sims…WING COMMANDER 6!!! WING COMMANDER 6!!!!

  21. D says:

    I quite like Crimsonland for that SmashTV kind of carnage. It’s from 2003 so probably not much played today. Holds up well (because honestly, 2D ftw).

    It would be on my list if they weren’t already making a sequel.

  22. cannon fodder says:

    I’d like a sequel to Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines please. One that has everything working. Pretty please.

  23. PleasingFungus says:

    Albides: I suppose you mean a new Zork/Longest Journey sequel? They both already have sequels… though I’m not really the biggest Dreamfall fan. (I played it with my brother and father, and we all agreed after finishing it that it wasn’t so much an adventure game as a movie that occasionally had you walk around a little, maybe punch things a bit. Sort of like Indigo Prophecy – which was the last adventure game we’d played – but not advertised as such.)

    But I digress.

    Things there should be sequels to.. Homeworld, yes. Arcanum, double yes. (Despite the bugs. Or because of them!)

  24. Al3xand3r says:

    Larva Mortus is another new game of the same style D (but with some RPG elements like a story and chosing what “quests” to go after and stuff – it’s still a simple room clearing based affair though). I enjoyed the demo and will probably buy the full thing sometime in the near future.

    As for wanted sequels… I dunno, I play a lot of indie games nobody will know, and they’re still either enjoyable enough or actively updated or relatively new as to not really need a sequel so badly… Wouldn’t say no to the likes of Fallout or Panzer Dragoon Saga though.

    Freelancer was so overrated though. Boring game (with some good mods) with a useless freedom aspect as all the missions were the same between 3 types… All they were good for was to level up some more before advancing the shallow main storyline. Co-op was nice for a bit, but I’d still replace that entry with Elite.

  25. Gulag says:

    Anachronox. It’s about time.

    Paradroid 2 would be the shiznit.

    Half-Life 3. It’s time to finish the fight.

  26. Albides says:

    Pleasing Fungus:

    Albides: I suppose you mean a new Zork/Longest Journey sequel?

    Of course, that goes without saying. I’m scratching my head because even Alec’s list wasn’t limited to games that don’t already have sequels. Or are you referring to the fact that the Longest Journey already has a sequel/episode in production? Zork, as far as I’m aware is dead, though.

  27. arqueturus says:

    Terra Nova.

  28. Chris A says:

    I’ll take any of those, and most of the names mentioned so far in the comments.

    Personally, I’d really love to see someone revisit Mail Order Monsters.

  29. malkav11 says:

    Dune 2’s already had two sequels, more or less – Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle for Dune. Neither were quite as good, I don’t think. Although Emperor has its charms.

  30. Nelson says:

    Death Worm or Burn the Rope.

  31. Ben Abraham says:


    Edit: Alpha Centauri also gets my vote (but maybe not for a MMO..)

  32. Lh'owon says:

    Sequel to the Marathon Trilogy with the intriguing storyline, themes and brutal combat that was missing from Halo.

    A proper follow-up to Age of Empires 2.

    Fallout 3 (Even if this was coming out tomorrow, I’d still prefer it today thankyouverymuch.)

    The next Elder Scrolls, actually. I’m not really a big fan of the lore, or the setting, or even the presentation at times, and Bethesda made quite a few serious errors with Oblivion, but I can’t shake the feeling there’s a faint template of my Perfect Game in the series.

    …and many more, naturally.

  33. Matu says:

    SimAnt? I can imagine that it would look rather stunning in 3d. Also derivatives of the format, like SimFly or even SimMosquito, just so that Jack Thompson could whine about it being too bloody. On a side note, hive-games like SimAnt would benefit greatly from the multiple cores of current and future CPUs.

    Apparently a group of Russian devs have felt my urgent need for a new Death Track game. Kudos to them, but I’m not too enthusiastic about its chances to win my heart. It’s pretty according to the screenshots, and I really hope that at least some fun can be extracted from it. They’ve already released as a Russian version, but the demo for it didn’t run on my computer. I guess I’ll have to for an English translation and/or a working version.

    Remakes or serious updates of the games that new technology or Microsoft has killed would also be greatly appreciated. Longbow 2, USAF… even Crimson Skies is broken. X-Wing Alliance has already been mentioned.

  34. Trousers says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions for games that remind them of Syndicate? The only thing I’ve played in the last 5 years or so that had a similar appeal was Shadowgrounds Survivor

  35. Flint says:

    Outcast 2. NOW.

    Or at least a re-release of the original that works well on modern PCs.

  36. sane says:

    dungeon keeper 3 or dungeon hack 2

  37. Trousers says:

    any links available? :hopeful:

    or do I have to ebay these guys

  38. Matt says:

    Freelancer 2 pretty please.

  39. MindBrain says:

    Descent 4

  40. DigitalSignalX says:

    Did someone say Homeworld?… We wait patiently.
    A modern x-wing/tie would be delicious as well.

    Neither one likely to happen given the state of their IP+developers.

  41. TychoCelchuuu says:

    A good list, and many good comments, but I’m with DigitalSignal: a TIE Fighter for today’s machines would make me cry with delight. I would buy a copy, then I would buy it for friends, then I would buy extra copies to have on h and to give out, then I would sneak into my friends’ houses at night and snap their discs in twain in order to force them to buy extra copies.

  42. PhysicalEd says:

    Populous II!!

    But reading the list, I also have to second Albides for Crusader No Regret. I forget which was first, No Remorse or No Regret, loved those games!

  43. Negman says:

    If you’re not wanting to find your Planescape Torment discs, the last time I fired up Gametap it was available there.

  44. Rustkill says:

    I just stated playing Torment again… in 1680×1050 widescreen. There’s a patch I found that does wonders for the otherwise cramped ui. It’s worth it. You know it.

  45. dishwasherlove says:

    Rustkill: I’ll take a link for your magical resolution changer if you don’t mind.

    DigitalSignalX: Relic bought back the Homeworld licence as far as I know.

  46. The Fanciest Of Pants says:

    I’d kill a man for Die By the Sword 2.

    Abuse me all you want, but I’m still totally giddy about it’s control system. No where else is the simple act of blocking so satisfying.

  47. MaxNormal says:

    It’ll really never happen I know but no game felt quite so alive and immersive as it. Obscure as hell but you can download it pretty easily via captian zedo’s site.

  48. Nimic says:

    Die By the Sword was awesome, if only because you could kill your friends limb by limb. Nothing quite like chopping both arms off someone and watch them run around like a chicken.

    Also, Homeworld, Alpha Centauri, (proper) Dune 2, Freelancer.

  49. James says:

    I actually restarted Planescape a few days ago, and am now busily trying to fight my way back to where my old save corrupted itself. I’m not normally one to replay games, but what’s struck me is just how easy it is to sink back into the story and the world, even when you’ve seen a lot of it before.

    @ Rustkill:
    Ooh. Thanks for the patch reference, I’m downloading it now. Looks like it should be pretty helpful.

    @ Dishwasherlove:
    I think this is the one he means: link to gibberlings3.net . Hope it helps.

  50. BonSequitur says:

    Second Cannon Fodder on a sequel to Vampire: Bloodlines.

    Better yet, more Source-engine goodness in the new WoD. “Mage: The Awakening: Leylines: Too many titles?”