The Long, Winding Road To Hell

A soldier. Yes.

Not nearly as exciting as the much more important news above but Ubidays has produced a couple of new trailers, this time for Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway.

The BiA series has somewhat slipped under my radar, despite many proclaiming them better than Call of Duty, and I really ought to catch up, but I have this whole thing about squads and not wanting the AI bothering me about my peculiar behaviour. But doesn’t it seem like Hell’s Highway has been due to come out for the last 17 years? Anyway, it’s apparently due August and the new vids are below.


  1. Matt says:

    I remember playing the first Brothers in Arms it was quite fun and the team/squad ordering thing worked nicely most of the time. I just find it hard to care about world war games,(they grate on me a bit sometimes, what with them exploiting history for entertainment) the first trailer is very cinematic though, if a little cliched. The game play looks pretty much the same as it was on the previous games not necessarily a bad thing.

    If it was really good and maybe had online co-op I’d try it.

  2. Optimaximal says:

    Road to Hill 30 was good, if a little artificially difficult towards the end (you vs loads of tanks sorta goes against a) realism and b) the game mechanics, as it just couldn’t offer a fair fight, what with it being Unreal-based). Also, once I finished, I wasn’t in the mood for much more, meaning I skipped Earned in Blood until it was £5 (and I still haven’t played it), despite it tidying up a good deal of the problems of Hill 30 (namely the enemies who just sat there, waiting for you to attack them).

    Hells Highway just seems to be the previous game(s), dipped in Unreal 3 paint with Rainbow 6 cover mechanics tacked on.

    I mean, whats the point in them using full-body awareness for realism in cutscenes and stuff when they make camera pulls back to third-person for cover dynamics? I mean, where’s the intensity from Saving Private Ryan (the benchmark against which all other WW2-experiences are… benched? marked?) where characters who poke their heads around corners nearly get their noses shaved off by a passing bullet?

  3. Chris A says:

    I think I’m in that minority that is still excited by the concept of a great WWII game, and Optimaximal is right in his comment above; I don’t want the Michael Bay version of WWII, I want to be scared shitless. Preferably, while playing co-op.

  4. Ryan says:

    NO you’re not. I’m always game for a WWII if it’s done right. I would however like to see more spoof’s like ‘No One Lives Forever’. I loved that series.

    lessons in brevity:

  5. Sum0 says:

    I enjoyed the first BIA, but I still haven’t got round to playing Earned in Blood. I find the whole fireteam tactics and use of covering fire really appealing, and it grates that no other FPS I can think of has used such a fundamental concept such as covering fire. It basically played like Close Combat: The FPS, which can only be a good thing.

    Likewise, I haven’t played a good WW2 FPS in ages, and gunning down Nazis in French villages never gets old. Well, it does, but I’m still up for a bit of it.

  6. Sucram says:

    I wish they would put numbers in the titles of BiA games. I can never figure out if they’ve released a new one or not.

    How am I supposed to figure out if ‘BiA: Earned on Highway to Hill 30’ is the ‘new one’?

  7. Pod says:

    I personally can’t wait for Band of Heroes in a Companies’ Medal of Brother’s Honour: Final Front Attack: 3 – The Big Red One.

  8. axed says:

    Was it just me or was the original band of brothers ridiculously simple. The game was honestly vomit inducing in that all I had to do was duck, order my guys to cover fire then run around and shoot the enemy from their flank. This was fun for about 5 min. I don’t think I finished the game but I did give it a good amount of time and it was simply what I described above repeated 10,000 times.

    I have strong suspicions the games that followed weren’t too far in their expected execution. No?

  9. UncleLou says:

    I pretty much agree, axed. It was more of a puzzle game than a shooter, and while there’s nothing wrong with that per se, it suffered from a terrible lack of variation. Once you figured out the basics, it was like doing the same puzzle again and again with different background graphics. Too formulaic.

  10. Yhancik says:

    @Sucram : Brothers in Arm 2008

  11. muscrat says:

    Well that trailer sucked, what the hell its Turning Point quality ‘super awesome patriotism’. Horrors of war my ass. Worse than the usual crappy summer holiday trailers.

    “ill be sending the rest of your friends your way reaaaal sooon” – while strangling the German soldier then throwing him off the building. LoL.

    Seriously the trailer is like somthing out of a 1940s Boys Own comic. God I hope the game isnt like it.

    If anything the trailer put me off the game… that i was looking foward to (played the first and second)

  12. araczynski says:

    this is the only upcoming pc game that i’m really looking forward to. even more so than starcraft. the first two were decent, but something about this one has me hooked.

    i personally cannot get enough of quality ww2 games. much more enjoyable (to me) than pig faced slobs snorting bugs.