Technical Demonstration: Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 is making my 3D card creak with fear. That, in turn, is making my wallet weep tiny tears of fear and shame. Yes, it’s going to be beautiful, but when my machine choked on the enormity of Crysis, how is it going to get on with all the visual cleverness that is contained in the recent techdemo of Far Cry 2?

Oh, who cares? Far Cry 2 looks technologically extraordimentary, and if it’s half as good as the recent flood of info seems to suggests it’s going to be well worth augmenting my PC with expensive sandwiches of silicon for. After the jump: vegetation in the wind.

Look at that fire propagation!

Alec worries the open world thing might be too enblandened by mainstream development, and therefore lack the charm of, say, Stalker. I think it’s going to be the best game this year. What do you think, reader on the street?


  1. Bobsy says:

    Question: why is a game this achingly beautiful about shooting people?

  2. Butler` says:

    Beyond all the prettyness, I don’t have much confidence in Ubisoft to deliver the quality gameplay required to back it up, particularly with regards to the open world nature of the game.

    Looking at the video though, I really hope they exceed my conservative expectations. I really don’t want another Crysis.

  3. Flint says:

    That single screenshot is making me fap with excitement in itself. Vast beautiful landscapes, a sniper rifle to look through the world with and a perfect spot to use it from…

    The more I see stuff about this, the more I wait for it. Coincidentally, the more I see stuff about this, the more my computer hardware is looking up options for euthanasia.

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    There really should be a game called “Pedestrian: Walk To The Shops” which uses this same game engine.

  5. Paul Moloney says:

    On a tangent, it looks like Haze not coming to the PC is not such a disappointment, with a 57% average so far:

    link to


  6. Optimaximal says:

    I still can’t stop thinking about that stupid 60 second developer video where the guy was running around with a shotgun destroying houses whilst proclaiming how great his game was…

  7. Bobsy says:

    Well, no Jim, but how about something like Angola: Refugee Evacuation? No guns, just a lot of frightened families to smuggle across the border.

    (I’m suddenly acutely aware of how little I know about the conflict in Angola)

  8. Lu-Tze says:

    I mean, i’m not going to deny the game looks good, but the waving of those trees looked really REALLY weird. I hope time was sped up or something.

    The fire would have impressed me a lot more if they had a nice looking fire effect, they cunningly made sure you couldn’t actually SEE anything catching fire, only from a range once it had built up some layers. The closer shots certainly weren’t anything special.

  9. phuzz says:

    Sod walking to the shops, that looks like a (virtual) holiday in africa to me, especially that first shot of the lake with the trees round it, just gorgeous. Made me want to kick back and have a quiet smoke by the waters edge :)

    (mind you, after paying for a new graphics card to play this it’d cost about the same as a plane ticket)

  10. Ging says:

    Bobsy: because shooting people sells more copies of a game than smuggling people across a border does? I mean, it’s great that you want to educate people about third world conflicts – but smuggling across a border just leads you to a sequel, it could be an rts – “Angola: Sim Refugee Camp” – just as bloody boring to play.

  11. Gulag says:

    Oh to be a Pyro in that world!

  12. Cooper says:

    Bobsy: I’ve been complaining about this for ages.

    FPS games – in standard format – are not conducive to encouraging exploration and contemplation. The Xray engine for stalker produces some of the most sumptuous vistas in any game, in amazingly detailed environments. Yet the standard FPS format does not encourage or, in game mechanics, reward exploration or contemplation which actually revels in this. As such, vast swathes of Stalker (and the original FarCry) never get seen. The Lost world mod for Crysis looks like it might be getting this right… If you’ve got it – flaunt it…

  13. Bobsy says:

    Well… okay, wider issue here. But I just wanted to make the point. From a personal point of view, I’ve shot a lot of people in FPS games over the years, and from something so technically brilliant, I guess I want… more.

    Angola sprang to mind at random due to the Africa-ness of the location for FC2, but what I was really thinking was that the gaming equivalent of Schindler’s List is long overdue.

  14. Janek says:

    Pretty icing, but I can’t see the body of the cake being particularly flavoursome.

  15. Kunal says:

    Obviously I have no idea how this game is going to turn out. But I went through these slides made by the ‘narrative designer’ of Far Cry 2, about how they are trying to integrate the story with gameplay and it does look interesting.

    From what I understand, they are trying to maintain the huge possibility space of a GTA-like sandbox game, but at the same time inducing (not forcing) the player to perform actions that drive the story forward.

    Incidentally, I found the link on Clint Hocking’s blog who is the creative director of the game, and previously worked on Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory.

  16. Muzman says:

    Yeah, on that subject; Is there any sort of official thing where they say “You can get through this game without firing a shot” like the Deus Exes anywhere (Or is that the sort of feature they hush up these days)?

    BTW, it looks completely batty (can’t really see the procedural sky with the HDR on though now can we? That’s another thing, when will games use HDR shifts on settings that don’t behave as though humans have consumer video cameras for eyes? Stalker did a good job for the most part. Actually I hope they don’t try and keep up with this on Clear Sky though, for development time and sanity reasons) Now I really want to see how the repercussions are handled for when you burn down someone’s village by mistake.

  17. Ryan says:

    I loved FC1 and can’t wait for 2. Looks like it will be time for a new machine though.

    lessons in brevity:

  18. dhex says:

    i am excited, but hopeful that it doesn’t suck.

    and hopeful my 8800gts will still be up to the task.

  19. Riotpoll says:

    Why oh why can nobody make decent looking shrubs/bushes in games, it saddens me seeing lovely trees, and then boring flat bushes that have looked the same since 1999. Fire effect is rather poor as well, there’s no point having spreading fire if it looks shit; it needs to be terrifying in the “Oh crap! I’m going to burn alive” not look like some fairy lights. /end rant

    I did like the way the sun setted behind the hill, the rain was quite nice too.

  20. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    As long as they allow mods to be made, we should be o.k.
    If they give us the tools, we can always make our own 1080p Peggle Deholyshit.

  21. TychoCelchuuu says:

    I guess I’m the only person on Earth who still thinks Crysis looks better. It doesn’t help that Far Cry 2 appears to have been smeared in brown vaseline. Still, I’m looking forward to it. A free roaming manhunt through beautiful Africa with many many weapons is something I cuold definitely go for.

  22. mrrobsa says:

    Agreed on the cameras for eyes point. Other occasions which jar are when an FPS player exits water (and I think Bioshock was a culprit) and water droplets run down the screen as if on a lens, completely different to if you or I were to emerge from water (apologies if you DO have cameras for eyes).

  23. Deuteronomy says:

    Well Crysis looks quite a bit better, but on the other hand it’s not streaming its environment in the same way. We’ll see how this turns out.

  24. VFIG says:

    When Cooper said “Lost world mod for Crysis” I hugely disappointed to find out it wasn’t Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Lost World” the mod was based on.

  25. James G says:

    Perhaps all FPS characters are copying Gordon Freeman and wear glasses. (Although that would only explain lens flair and water droplets, not OTT HDR.)

  26. Sucram says:

    I’m thinking this would be awesome for a Deer Hunter sequel, right?


  27. itsallcrap says:

    I didn’t love FC1. I was ambling about in the midde of nowhere, wondering where I was supposed to go.

    Same with Operation Flashpoint. Everyone said it was great, but really I don’t like having to walk, hide, run, hide, walk for half an hour in between each fight.

    Perhaps there’s a balance to be struck here, but for me it the sweet spot is pretty close to one particular end of the scale.

    The later levels of DOOM had it about right.

  28. Kismet says:

    Single-player FPSs generally have an hard time grabbing my attention and I had a bit of a prejudice toward Far Cry 2 due to the decision to keep the Far Cry name without Crytek developing the game, but the trailer on uPlay made me add the game to my tracking list.

    Not so much because of the visual appeal (glad they aren’t abusing post-processing effects though), or hints of a detailed world but the short appearance of a link to an in-character blog makes me hope that the background story may be a bit more interesting than the average FPS: while I haven’t yet had the time to read more than a couple of entries it would probably be a bit too much effort for a game simply following the just-shoot-the-generic-bad-guy template (though talking of the bad guy, they could be a bit less lazy when picking the name, eh).

    If they get the open world gameplay and the sandbox approach right, the game could be ace.

  29. El Stevo says:

    When I look up at the sky it’s usually blue.

  30. AbyssUK says:

    Lets all have bets on the stupid last minute ‘plot twist’ which always gets thrown into these games. I vote for lost land of the dinosaurs with aliens.

  31. Janto says:

    Zombies! In Africa!

  32. sigma83 says:

    My culturally related comment: Dunia means world in Malay, so their engine is called the World Engine.

  33. vishwas says:

    i came across this additional screenshots for farcry 2

    link to

  34. Mark-P says:

    Thanks for the link to those slides Kunal. I’m now very much interested in seeing how much of that makes it into the final game.

  35. ron says:

    if this game is half as bad as crysis it will suck ass nothing but graphics on btw conan is 304934 times better looking than them both

  36. Mike says:

    This appears to have become uglier since the last video I saw? Grass is a bit less detailed, the light seems less impressive, and the fire passes through some foliage entities before hitting the ground?

    They do love their fire though, don’t they?

  37. Erlam says:

    “Lets all have bets on the stupid last minute ‘plot twist’ which always gets thrown into these games. I vote for lost land of the dinosaurs with aliens.”

    I dunno, it’d be tough to top Crysis’ octopus alien.. things.

  38. Johnny Law says:

    The Crysis alien thing wasn’t last-minute or much of an unexpected twist… I’ll give you that it was “plot” though. :-)

  39. Super90 says:

    A number of the responses on this thread point to a common ailment across the gaming spectrum: How to improve the stories and create emotional exigencies in video games. Ubisoft, IMHO, is especially bad at it. The only good ones I’ve played in the last year are MOD4 and Bioshock. When will they learn (and how?)

  40. Jonathan says:

    Oh goody.
    A brown shooter. I throw my disappointment in with Bobsy

    Oh goody.
    Another developer measuring their worth in system specs.

    I’m not too sure about the flame thrower either, it looks less exciting than the pyro’s and it doesn’t seem to spread in dry long grass.