Space Siege Violentosity Trailer


Last time we posted a trailer of Gas Powered Games’ forthcoming game, Space Siege, the RPS comments threads seemed distinctly unimpressed. Is that all you’ve got, Mr Space Siege? A new, a distinctly more impressive trailer, suggests not. It’s lurking beneath the cut, along with a second-by-second breakdown.

0:07: I’ll never quite get over that SEGA logo on PC Games.
0:08: Space with ships of the Space in it.
00:13: I have a robot hand and a robot eye and stuff explodes me. Fear and love me.
00:15: More space, to make sure we all know that the game is set in Space. Sieges will be forthcoming, presumably.
0:23: Camera spins around lead character with bits of robot cybernetics slamming into him. It’s showing that whole human/robot dichotomy the game’s about. And sieging, in space, obv.
0:29: And some violence.
0:32: And he leaps in the air and TWATS SOMEONE.
0:36: Fires some kind of R-type-esque powered up laser into an enemy who goes flying across the screen. That’s the way to do it.
0:38: A robot looks around, worriedly. And you would too.
0:41: Facing off against some kind of robot droid of the non-humanoid sort, the character appears to kick him in the balls and then impale him on some kind of spinning-whirring-thing. No wonder that robot looked so nervous at 0:38.
0:46: Fast-cuts between your guy kicking and making stuff explode. Random close up of a lady. And then a red robot.
0:47: And we’re back in Space, in case you’ve forgot that Gas Powered Games’ Space Siege is, indeed, set in space.
0:49: What appears to be a fight with some kind of fast moving ninja-style lady creature with big metallic horns sticking out the side of her noggin. Which looks pretty neat actually.
0:51: An enormous dude leaps high and crashes down threateningly just in front of the camera.
0:54: An AI. Bet it turns out to be a traitor.
0:55: More hitting and more space, interspersed swiftly.
1:08: The Space Siege logo for this is Space Siege the electronic videogame, and it’ll be terrible that if this information is failed to be imparted to you, the consumer. Imagine going into a shop and buying Dogz because you thought it may be that robot testicular-combat-game you saw on RPS. That’d be terrible.
1:10: And then the Games for Windows. From this, we can ascertain it will be a Games for Windows. Hurrah.

In short: Actually, looks quite exciting there, I think.


  1. Jochen Scheisse says:

    That generic testosterone-impregnated voice isn’t doing it for me. Where’s the SEEEE-GAAAAA choir?

  2. Noc says:

    It’s also called Space Siege.

    I just want to point that out again.

  3. Nick says:

    Where’s it set?

  4. phuzz says:

    Where’s it set?

    Basingstoke I think…

  5. K says:

    Oooh, trailer for Robot Dogz: Basingstoke Siege. I’ve been waiting for this.

  6. Feet says:

    That looked quite good I thought. Though I may be being influenced by the dramatic music and swift cuts rather than the actual game.

  7. Kareem says:

    The reason it now looks quite good is that it seems to be morphing into a Marvel Ultimate Alliance clone, which is a good thing.

  8. KindredPhantom says:

    Looks pretty fun.
    It still reminds me of the game C-12 Final Resistance. But that isn’t a bad thing.

  9. Riotpoll says:

    @Jochen Scheisse; I thought that too.

    It’s a rather exciting trailer though! (Whether the game will be I’ve no idea).

  10. Steam Report says:

    This trailer is so much better than the last one it’s not even funny.

  11. James says:

    That guy seems really into kicking things. And hilariously-impractical-yet-awesome laser swords, but I’m fairly sure I could learn to deal with that.

    It looks interesting enough, but only if the combat animations are that much fun to watch in-game. Anything that moves away from the “I hit you with a sword. Stop. You hit me with a sword. Stop” pattern is good in my book. The cynical side of me suggests that they won’t be, though.

  12. Okami says:

    Space Siege the Space Siege in Space!

  13. Albides says:

    James, the best game ever to have achieved that was Revenant, released in 1999; a mighty fun game that no one ever played, had brilliant combat animations and which I enjoyed even more than Diablo.

    As for Space Siege, I didn’t think the other trailer was completely terrible, seeing as the game is supposed to be a mindless clicker. But this one puts it to shame. Looks like it will be a nice timesink, if nothing else.

  14. Schmung says:

    It looks like Marvel Ultimate Alliance to me, but with a bit more shooty-ness and only one bloke instead of four. Still, arcadey highjinks are all good once in a while.

  15. Bobsy says:

    They must have been pretty pissed off when they found that “Star Siege” was taken.

    Sigh. It’s an exciting trailer, but I don’t see there being much beyond it. But then again, I was never really into Diablo, so what do I know?

  16. Dinger says:

    Nice screenshot too. But why use energy weapons on ’em when they’re much tastier plopped into a vat of boiling water. Serve those babies with lemon juice and butter, and a big bottle of space-Meursault. Maybe siege livin’ isn’t so bad.

    I assume the name Space Siege comes from an enemy camped outside your planet for a couple of millennia hoping to starve you out, while you try to keep your population alive by running the blockade with freighters full of space lobster?

  17. Frosty840 says:

    When I see reviews for this game, I’m really hoping to see you lot saying good things about the plot.
    The Diablos were enjoyable for at least one playthrough for me because they did at least engage the “Ooh, I wonder what’s going to happen next” parts of my brain.
    The recent successors in the genre, Titan Quest and the Dungeon Sieges, mostly, have simply been laboured “Go here. Fight that. LOOK! SHINY NEW TOYS!” grinds. I can only deal with that if there’s some compelling reason to go through it, and it certainly isn’t the gameplay of these things that does it for me.

    I’m interested if it’s an RPG. If it’s yet another chance to experience the monotony of recoloured enemies, randomly generated loot and poorly implemented skills progression, I’ll pass.

  18. Rook says:

    If it has something like 4 player co-op then it’d be awesome. But yeah, that trailer is so much better, it kinda makes you wonder why they’ll release horrible trailers early on.

  19. JamesC says:

    Ooo some of the ships looked like the mothership from Homeworld. Sadly that was the only thing that excited me, otherwise it looks like one of those button-mashy type games where I never get the combos right.

  20. FredrikFtw says:

    A siege game set in space! Awesome.

  21. Grandstone says:

    Hey Dinger, what did you mean by a bottle of Meursault? Isn’t that the main character of The Stranger?

    On topic: Cool trailer, but probably not my kind of game.

  22. Rosti says:

    Bah, I can get all my siege requirements from playing Stronghold… in space!!11!

  23. Dinger says:

    The Côte d’Or wine and not the philosophical reference (‘Cos I ain’t no flossafer). It goes great with boiled space-crab. If you’re gonna flash-grill one (as they are in the screenshot), you might want to look at a light red (I’m thinking Chinon here). On the other hand, about 3/4 of the way through the new and improved trailer (:46), you might be tempted by the fried breast of red-fish-chick (A SpaceDanish specialty, known as rotkvindvisk in the barbaric speak of New Møn), in which case I’d go with a Sancerre.

  24. Tommyboy says:

    Is anybody else incredibly tired of generic sci-fi settings? Its possible to have a fantastic setting without adhering to over-used stereotypes. Just look at Bioshock.

  25. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    This gets a post and the gorgeous new PoP (which now has an interview with a dev man saying ‘PC’ and everything) doesn’t? My faith in the all-devouring RPS hivemind has been irreparably shattered.

  26. DuBBle says:

    This SS trailer and the previous one seem to be promoting entirely different games. Do we suppose that the combat animations – which appeared to be making physical contact and knocking chunks off the baddies – were filmed from scripted moments?

    Physicality in combat is practically unheard of in RPGs, and I wouldn’t have expected a Siege game to warp from the trend. Should I correct my expectations?

  27. runningwthszzors says:

    @ Tommyboy
    Space sci-fi does get boring, but honestly, any game benefits from energy swords or lightsabers. Cyborg ninjas are a plus too.

  28. Arnulf says:

    Where’s the siege?

    By the way, the mule from Dungeon Siege is probably now that yellow robot side-kick.

  29. PleasingFungus says:

    Same siege as Dungeon Siege, I presume. (There wasn’t really.)

  30. Gurrah says:

    Is anyone else having trouble viewing videos? Usually I can stream them quite nicely but lately I am grinding along with 250kbit/s which isn’t really what I would call fast…

  31. Ryan says:

    Good screenshot, and thanks for the play by play. Four player co-op please!

    lessons in brevity:

  32. Leeks! says:

    Oh man, do I ever hope that kick move makes it in the final version. Wicked.

  33. eyemessiah says:

    Coop will be the make-or-break for me. I wouldn’t touch a * Siege game for SP, but I have had some excellent one-shot-marathon-coop-hack-and-slash sessions with the 2 Dungeon sieges.

    I never finish them or go back to them after I have put them down, but there is something special about going completely golden axe with some friends for about 9 hours solid.


  34. suibhne says:

    Will this be another screensaver like Dungeon Siege?

  35. Trousers says:

    Three cheers for smooth framrates?

    After the last trailer I thought the game looked great but the awful framrate had me worried. Hopefully now this is pure thumbs up material.

  36. Pantsman says:

    As skeptical as I am about this game, I must admit that that trailer is quite cool.

  37. LukeE says:

    Yes, this trailer is significantly better made than the last – but I can’t help but feeling that I’ve just been watching a series of pre-scripted actions after the ‘meh’ness of the last trailer. That, and the obvious amount of fmv type sequences just makes me even more sceptical tbh.

  38. JayeRandom says:

    I believe I see Gordon Freeman getting knocked aside by an exploding door at 0:20. (Load the Quicktime version to catch it.)

  39. Donkey says:

    Anyone see the bit where it looks like Serenity outside? Maybe the space fleet fight scene….just a little?

  40. The Shed says:

    Looks like a mix between Alien Swarm and Lost In Space (the Le Blanc movie), with the worst parts of Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid thrown in.

    I agree with Puffin on the PoP thing (nice one one the interview also), it’s looking truly originaltastic.

    C-12 Final Resistance! Good call man, good call. I don’t think they’re too similar though.

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