Half-Life 2 vs Eve Online: Clear Skies

Clear Skies isn’t anything to do with Stalker. Instead it’s an epic 40-minute piece of Eve Online machinima which uses the Source engine to provide for its voice-acted characters. Eve pilot “John Rouke” is the chap responsible. “[It’s] a mix of Half Life 2 and EVE, an actual plot and acting, all put together for a 40 minute ‘pilot episode’ format film,” says Rouke. “Two years of my hard work culminated in this, I’m very proud of it and I hope you like it.”

For a quick taste you can check out the 26mb trailer. If you like that then the full 450mb episode is available here as a direct download (slowish) or here as a super-fast torrent.


  1. Seniath says:

    Yes, yes and very yes. More of this please.

  2. Anba says:

    wow. Just amazing.

  3. Nuyan says:

    It’s brilliant. :)

  4. zergl says:

    Watched it a couple of days ago when a corpmate pointed me to it.

    Just. Amazing.

    And quite funny, too. :)

  5. Stuk says:

    Wow, it looks great….however I’m having trouble taking a Geordie as a bad guy seriously :)

  6. arqueturus says:


    Do you mean the Raven Pilot? Not the most geordie sounding of Belfast folk I’ve ever heard.

    As for Clear Skies, it’s an interesting project. At first I thought the acting was going to be a wince-a-thon but the writing saved it. The technical side is great and you get a real feeling of substance from the ‘sets’.

    All in all, bloody great stuff! Now all CCP need to do is make missions in Eve actually that exciting.

  7. McTecman says:

    I have to say, I was expecting something a lot worse from something that’s an “HL2/EVE combo machinima”, and was positively surprised.

    The dude playing the Breen character had a voice that didn’t match the model, but other than that it was pretty good. :)

  8. roBurky says:

    Yeh, this is something that you’re not going to care is fan-fiction or machinima once you’re watching it. It’s just a great piece of television.

  9. Xparky says:

    Full list of mirrors at link to myeve.eve-online.com

  10. feffrey says:

    Wow this is pretty awesome, I hope they continue to make a new one.

  11. Naurgul says:

    I really, really liked it. I’ve always loved the EVE universe. Add some humour to the mix and a plot and it’s bound to win anyone’s heart. So, is there anything else out there about a crew of a spaceship that tries to make a living in a hyper-capitalistic world?

    Let’s hope there’s some kind of sequel… :)

  12. roBurky says:

    More of you need to be downloading this. Trust me, you will like it.

  13. Leeks! says:

    It’s possible that this is just a side effect of my North American ethnocentrism leading me to believe that everyone from the UK sounds like a different kind of pirate, but it seemed like it was just one guy doing all the voices (in the trailer). Still, it looks like this guy has gotten both engines to do backflips for him, and I’m interested enough to watch the first ten minutes, at least.

  14. Stick says:

    Holeeee crap. That was – yeah – pretty good television. (Aw, no website. I wanted to make a pointed donation. There should be More.)

    So, is there anything else out there about a crew of a spaceship that tries to make a living in a hyper-capitalistic world?

    @Naurgul: To sort of answer your question, this reminded me a bit of Firefly.

  15. Raptornas says:

    Arse, eve stuff.

    That game stole 3 years of my life, and I want them back. Actually it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a game but it is way too much of a time sink and I just don’t have the time or energy to play any more.

    Maybe one day.

  16. roBurky says:

    I’d actually be interested on hearing Walker’s comments on this, as his blog reveals he’s something of a telly enthusiast.

  17. Leeks! says:

    Now that I’ve watched the whole thing, I’m willing to be the contrarian and say it was “alright,” and “somewhat clever,” if only to balance out all the superlatives here. The ‘big fight’ was fantastic, but there was a lot of extraneous, nerdservice-type dialogue even there. I think that Chisholm’s decision to limit himself with the rules of the EVE universe was the right one, but his insistence on working in phrases like “gatecamp” and an entire conversation that was basically about tracking attrition (I forget the actual EVE-approved word) made a lot of it feel really forced.

    Still excellent when stacked against most machinima, but I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves if we refuse to acknowledge that context. Now that all of the nerdy phrasedrops are out of the way, hopefully the next one (if they do one) won’t feel as obligated to constantly remind us of where its set.

  18. DuBBle says:

    I would have preferred their cargo to have been Quavers.

  19. El Stevo says:

    Worth downloading for a non-Eve player?

  20. Burgerboy says:

    @El Stevo

    I would say yes – never played eve so i’m sure I’ve missed the in-jokes. But it was competently done and stands on it’s own.

  21. smilr says:

    UGH why in the world must they tease me so? The trailer is an MPEG, but the full download is in Windows Media. Great decision there. Will not be watching unless they release it in a more friendly format.

  22. Jickel says:

    smilr: Well, it worked great on my Mac with VLC, but if you’re making a statement about free file formats then I guess you’re out of luck (though you have my support. Heck I just switched from .doc to .rtf for my schoolwork for the same reason).

    Also, Clear Skies was pretty damn good, watched it on a PS3 with some friends last night. Maybe a bit heavy on the geeky namedropping at times, and the sound mixing could have been somewhat better, but otherwise it was by far the best machinima I’ve seen so far!

  23. Morte says:

    That video is:

    a) a fucking monumental achievement

    b) the embodiment of why I do 3 hour round trips on shitty trains to play pen and paper RPGs with real people

    Why can’t I have a computer game like this? The gloss of a Bioware CRPG, the human interaction of an MMO, and the chance for the characters to make it up as they go along instead of following a railroad script.

  24. Xparky says:

    TO smilr
    You can download the .MKV format (91.7 MB) torrent at link to tinyurl.com … only 10 seeds though. The WMV is well worth it, over 150 seeds.

  25. Muzman says:

    That’s cute. I really like the Eve ‘exteriors’ (made me want to intall Freelancer again or grab the Cowboy Beebop disks again). This is an amusing instance where the fako exterior scenes of a sci-fi show look better than the interiors.
    A bit more by play from the support guys might have been nice. Well, from the friendly one anyway. They don’t seem like they’re very good friends. The dialogue in general could do more. There’s quite a lot of it yet often enough it doesn’t carry much more than details about the ship’s systems and probably other insider stuff. Could use more editing (as in cuts), but that might be a process limitation as much as anything. Could also have got it in under 30 I think. But tis a decent amateur effort. I laughed. I hope in later episodes we get a greater sense of the Eve universe and what goes on. As a non-player that would be cool to watch.

    Are there any around who keep up with machinima here? What else is good and how does this one rank, vaguely speaking?

  26. teko says:

    I never played Eve Online, but the machinima vid was pretty well done. I do wish someone would help them create new models and not use HL2 characters.

  27. Niven says:

    Absolutely fabulous!!!

    The best Eve vid I’ve seen- the script is excellent and the quality of the whole thing is superb!

    CCP, hire this man right now!

  28. Neogi_Tek says:

    A very good film. As a trailer it was exciting to see the Eve universe put into a non-pod-life prospective. The only thing I hope happens in the future is he gets different character models. The writing is good and the technicle stuff is well relayed from Eve-Speak to English.

    4 stars!!!!

    And the montauge (spelling?) of gate jumping is basically half of the eve universe for those who don’t play the game. Having the protagonist star blankly out the window for a bunch of jumps and then walking away was exactly what I would do.

  29. Soren Nyrond says:

    Excellent. Also gave the feel of “tramp-steamer” in outer space.
    Now, where do i send the bill, for what it cost to mop the drool off the floor ?

    And can I hav wun of those EW ships plz ?

  30. SurlyBadger says:

    Was OK, the idea was good, and it was entertaining to watch. To many glavanoids though. I am sure if there are more, they will be even better. Don’t get me wrong here, it was still pretty cool, and a great accomplishment.

  31. Adrian Koch says:

    Excellent Machinima with good voice acting!

    Personally I would be happy about a bit less colorful voices, some parts are not easy to listen. This difficulty could easily be corrected by adding Subtitles. If your next release comes in .MKV, you can simply embed the subtitles sgo they don’t have to be “burned in”.

    The theme of “getting another job to pay for the last one” reminds me a lot of the Series “Firefly/Serenity”.

    When i saw the screen shots I was a little disappointed to see the generic Half Life 2 Characters, but then again, the Script and Voice acting manages to make one forget about Barney&Co and accept the Characters as genuine.

    Looking forward to see more of your show!

    *two thumbs up*


  32. DeeKay says:

    Most excellent! Was rooting for JR & Co all the way!

    Great characters, great action with a good soundtrack and music to match.

    “…who tried to blow up my ship, twice!” Haha, good scripting too. Do more, please, this deserves a sequel!

  33. paddytehpyro says:

    Was a superb peice of machinima