Duke Nukem Forever Footage

Yeah, capturing don't work too well.

When I saw the thread over at Qt3, I presumed I was about to be Rick-rolled. But no. Really. Footage. Hence the blurry grab of the footage of the game that is known as Duke Nukem Forever in the autoplaying footage which you can see beneath the cut.

The end time is nigh.

It’s part of the Jace Hall show. There’s interview with the 3D realm guys, which… well, you’re going to skip it and go to the footage. Start 4:10 in…

First impressions: Duke Nukem Forever is a First-person shooter video-game.

Mr Hall also asks ’em why it’s taking so long (3:30, for skipping around fans). Hookers and Cocaine is blamed, which we understand. Also other things. This quote is lovely:

George Broussard: “There’s a lot of mistakes and lessons we had to learn. But most of all, there’s also been a lot of World of Warcraft”
Scott Miller: “We want our Duke… but we also want our level 70 character”

Life is hard.


  1. Larington says:

    Heh, the video gave me the impression the DNF dev team consists of less than 10 people – Mostly from seeing this one tiny cluttered little room through the door from that boardroom.

    And that World of Warcraft has a lot to answer for… Kaaaaahhhhhhn!

  2. Slappeh says:

    Well least as some have said it doesn’t look totally bollocks. At least its against creative monsters and not just your standard space marines or zombies.. well, I hope not.

    Still, I don’t think its worth the wait in anything but name.

  3. phuzz says:

    Sod Duke Nukem, what about The Duke Spirit?
    link to dukespirit.com

  4. Valentin Galea says:

    Jace Hall kinda wants to be Larry David here…

  5. Ok says:

    That’s totally Prey 2

  6. Alex says:

    First, that the game hasn’t been in development for 12 years. It’s been 4/5 years. The difference between DNF and Daikatana is that Daikatana never had a reboot. The DNF we know (and love) now is not the same game that was announced 12 years ago. Heck it isn’t even the same game that was shown at E3 2001. Therefore the game isn’t going to be “aged” tech-wise or gameplay-wise (except where intentional for the latter).

    You mean like Prey which got rebooted and rebooted.. and rebooted.. and ended up being a decidely mediocre game, at best?

  7. wien says:

    The original Prey was effectively cancelled. The Prey that actually made it to market is a different game from a different developer (Human Head). 3DRealms only “oversaw” Prey development, unlike DNF. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing though.

  8. Mo says:

    ended up being a decidely mediocre game, at best?

    The critics didn’t seem to think so. 80%+ from a couple of respectable publications is pretty great, actually.

  9. Chaz says:

    For those like me who couldn’t get that video to play, some one has posted the gameplay bit up on YouTube, hurrah!!

  10. Jack Monahan says:

    “I think we’re known most for games your mother wouldn’t want you to play,”

    “when we started making games, we were already 30+ year old game developers. We wanted mature games for ourselves, we’re making the kind of games we wanted to see ourselves; we always catered to the adult gamer–because that’s what we are.”

  11. Irish Al says:

    Prey is 83 in Metacritic.

  12. GothikX says:

    So, taking into account that after a game is announced, we typically get unofficial first-glimpse footage say… one third into development, on average, we can expect DNF to release sometime in 2030?

    Disclaimer: the ‘one third on average’ bit was totally came up with on the spot.

    edit: got some errors too when submitting comment, something about the email regex; I shamefully admit I’m a developer and still I didn’t copy it… sorry!

  13. nexus says:

    looks like “Vampuka”, bit funny… budget scores few coins гг
    mannered PR.

    screening product*zie

  14. Duncan says:

    While none of that footage looked that promising I think 3drealms are just giving us enough to know that the game is indeed being made. I predict a real trailer will be coming out in the next few months where they will unveil, hopefully, an action spectacular on par with those old E3 trailers.
    I have faith that they can pull this off.

  15. solarkis says:

    Wow Jace is showing signs of age. He looks tired the whole time. Welcome to the WB, jace. :P
    Duke Nukem is pants always has been.