Age Of Conan Griefing Frivolity

For people keeping score. Griefing: very funny. Benny Hill theme: makes me want to die.

Thanks attack: Martin.


  1. Lu-Tze says:

    One person does start attacking him, and then makes the woeful mistake of running around behind the horse anyway. Likewise later on you can see arrows thunking into his head as he kicks people.

    It seems in general though that Funcom are using the CCP philosophy of “sort it out yourself” particularly for things like this where they aren’t actually doing anything WRONG in the game. You don’t like it? Group up and kill the smeg.

    Blocking up doorways in non PvP areas though? THAT’S Griefing.

  2. Ginger Yellow says:

    Given that this “griefing”, and I’m not even sure it really qualifies as such, can easily be circumvented by a) not being an idiot and following everyone else behind the horse, or b) killing him, the haters on here seem to be suffering a serious sense of humour malfunction. From comments on other forums, there are multiple ways to avoid even encountering the guy, and besides, if you did fall victim to him, you’ve made thousands of people around the world laugh. That’s pretty cool.

  3. Crispy says:

    Griefing: only funny when you are a juvenile, or think like one. It’s done by those too disinterested in the actual game and with little care for real gamesmanship. You never see griefing in any kind of dedicated activity only when the participants are trying to waste their otherwise useless time. It’s not creative, it’s asinine copycat antagonism.

    Contrary to what you believe, it takes a lot of imagination to come up with an exploit like that – arguably more imagination than the people who are paid to come up with exploits like that (i.e. the testers). You also say it’s a lack of interest in the game, griefers are typically the people who play the game the most and discover where the weakpoints in the rules of the game are. They are perhaps the most interested in the game.

    Please read Raph Koster’s “A Theory of Fun (In Games)” and you’ll get part of why people grief in games. It’s basically because humans are predilected towards taking the shortest route to victory. He talks about how people derive enjoyment from games, and a lot of the forms of enjoyment involve one-upmanship of some sort. Victory doesn’t only exist in the designer’s goals, but players can make their own goals as well. This person is still playing the game, it’s simply a failure of the game to protect against this sort of behaviour.

    Yes it’s immoral, but, as Koster points out, so is throwing sand in an opponant’s face or forcing their army to walk through mud so you can cut them down easily with your archers.

  4. Pinky says:

    It’s interesting to see comments talking about the morality and the childishness of playing a game. It’s a game. Simple as that. The world isn’t going to end if the grouping of pixels you control on your screen can’t make it across a bridge because of a grouping of pixels controlled by someone else prevents you from it. There’s a simple solution to the problem: find a way around it or pack it up, at the end of the day, it’s just a game, just like solitaire is a game.
    Too many people want the easy way out when they’re playing through games. Game producers are creating cheats and hacks purposely because “it’s too hard” or “I just wanna win”. It’s a game with a challenge. It’s your goal as a player to overcome that challenge. So someone is making it harder for you…they’ve just created a new challenge to overcome.
    Just because someone makes the game harder for you doesn’t mean that person is “griefing”. It just means that they are enjoying the game in their own particular way. If you can’t find a way to have fun around and/or apart from that…then put it away, find something else to do, and get a life. There are a lot more worthwhile things to do than dump money to play puppetmaster with a cartoon character on a screen.

  5. kapowaz says:

    Way to go with the pop psychology, Pinky! You’re talking utter garbage though. Take that crap to livejournal where it belongs, please.

  6. zmortis says:

    Griefing on a computer is by default deriving entertainment at the expense of someone else’s aggravation. What’s funny is that most “physics griefers” are in return extremely thin skinned when someone griefs them by making accurate observations of their lack of social skills and hatefull nature. When someone verbally griefs them in return, they find being griefed isn’t so funny any more.

    What many people fail to understand is that griefing takes many forms. It’s either ok for you to grief me, and me to grief you back, or it isn’t ok for anyone to grief. It just happens that I prefer to grief in forums where I exercise a verbal advantage over the typical video game griefing troglodyte. I also take advantage of the “game system” and grief to spoil your fun by complaining to the Game Administrators when it happens. I personally find it very funny to cause another griefer to have their account banned for asinine behavior.

    The problem with all of this bickering grief – counter grief behavior is that eventually everyone goes away unhappy. Many people quit playing the games altogether, because they just are not fun to play anymore. With less people to grief, even the griefer eventually leaves. The game then dies. The next game doesn’t get made, because it’s presumed by the publishers that all of the griefers are driving away their other paying customers.

    The answer is to not grief in games where the majority of players expect a cooperative attitude from the players. This doesn’t have to be enforced through draconian rules, or unrealistic game mechanisms. It’s as simple as having a majority of people playing a game agree that griefers will be dealt with immediately on a social level. They get banned from guilds, they get put on everyone’s ignore list, they get left out of groups, etc.. This happens until they leave. If they don’t like it, they can modify their behavior. Otherwise they should understand they are just being beat at their own game, everyone is just greifing them back.

    This doesn’t mean the griefer can’t have a game to enjoy, or can’t play anything. There are plenty of games like Halo, WoW, or Age of Conan where players called 5W33ta55 can let their inner jackass free to have fun. I steer clear of these griefer heavy titles because being continually griefed isn’t fun for me. Just steer clear of where I want to play, or expect a severe verbal beatdown.
    I hope this helps.

  7. Khann says:

    dont stand behind a horse, it kicks you!

  8. Bunyip says:

    Yet another reason to avoid this MMO.

    Griefers deserve every ounce of pain that can possibly be inflicted upon them. Which is very little, which is also why this statement is true.

  9. Ian says:

    “If the griefers weren’t such wimps, they’d do the same thing in real life and start griefing during Super Bowl games.”

    I want to see somebody try to “grief” the Jaguars defensive line. :D

  10. Alien8 says:

    I quit MMOs years ago because I didn’t like the company. They grief for the same reason they use public toilets and don’t flush.

  11. Bearfoot says:

    And this is why I do PVE only guys.

    Come on, you expect this junk from PVP servers.. don’t ya?

  12. Mighty Pea says:

    Jesus Zmortis. In love with your self, much? A verbal advantage?
    Don’t mistake griefing with personal attacks. And certainly not this type, which has the distinct advantage of making people laugh. Likely a few of the kicked players were grinning on their way down, if they weren’t too devoid of humour.
    “expect a severe verbal beatdown.”
    So you’re the juvenile type who gets all shouty and personal when someone does something you don’t like. That’s nice.
    “I hope this helps”. How would it? Your opinion isn’t suddenly going to ‘make things better’, although you seem to believe it.