Devil May Cry: PC Gamers May Download Demo

Fucking dogs
Because – much like big girls – PC Gamers don’t cry. Anyway – due to being confused and drunk a lot – in fact, I’m drunk right now – we didn’t post it earlier this week. We make our amends by posting this RIGHT NOW. Martin Lee was the first to mention that there’s a demo available for Devil May Cry 4. There’s two versions there, one just under 500Mb and one just under 900Mb. But I have no idea what each one does, due to the site being written in exciting foreign. Well – I do now, as Gamershell makes it clear that the smaller one is a benchmark and the other is the actual demo. Hell, with 300Mb difference, download the bloody demo already. Devil May Cry is a videogame and Leigh Alexander likes it and not just because it features bosoms.



  1. brog says:

    hm. 500 300 = 900.

    edit: oh i see. “just under 900” is closer to 800.

    edit2: whatever happened to peggles?

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    We decided the Peggles joke was played out, basically. Running jokes must be stomped into the ground, then left to whimper and bleed while we set forth to find more things to hammer into the turf of games blogging.


  3. brog says:

    Fair enough. More importantly: whatever happened to the in my post? Could have sworn it was there, and editing to put it back is fail! (As in “Saving Comment Failed”. I think, good sirs, you have a bug!)

  4. kuddles says:

    I’ve heard this game has DX10 support. As a dual-booter, I’ld be interested to see if it’s the kind of support that has some nice enhancements, or the kind where it looks exactly the same but runs much worse.

  5. The_B says:

    Really dunk?

  6. guidonet says:

    I wasn’t all that impressed with the ps3 version, don’t know why i would bother with this one. I’m all for mindless entertainment, but this game was beyond mindless. And not mindless in the fun zombie way.

  7. Deutoronomy says:

    Is this the new Witcher expansion?

  8. Lavitz says:

    downloading now, typing with left hand while eating breakfast, omelet and toast .

  9. Sören Höglund says:

    You’re not properly drunk unless you’re DUNK! Mr Gillen. You know this. This is known to you.

  10. Turin Turambar says:

    500MB => Benchmark
    800MB => Demo (+ benchmark?)

  11. azwipe says:

    it looks, performs and plays wonderfully. a quality port!
    also, good to have a hack n’ slash to add some variety to the platform, imo. i will buy.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Reply to azwipe

    Coming from Capcom I was expecting a Resi 4 style butchering.

    Leigh Alexander is really tying himself in knots trying to justify how Devil May Cry objectifies women. He deserves praise for Perseverance if not actual content.

  13. azwipe says:

    hah. resi4 pc was a masterpiece compared to dmc3. btw, not that it necessarily makes a difference, but leigh alexander is a woman. or a really elaborate fake persona.

  14. Rook says:

    The Dx10 version is the kind that runs the same and looks the same.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Reply to Rook
    Actually Dx10 seemed to run slightly better on mine. By about 1.4fps according to the bench mark.

    Reply to azwipe

    I thought dmc3 was meant to be a fairly good port. My biggest complaint of what s/he said was the double standard in pretty much all media. A standard that can be summarized as “Lesbians hot, gay men not. ” I mean just look at The Wire, the new Sopranos, the gay male couple in the first series was handled incredibly carefully whilst the lesbian couple had a protracted sex scene full of close ups and panting.

  16. Pemptus says:

    I just got my ass handed to me for the third time by that huge fire demon and I gotta say, it’s pretty damn slashy and fun. And a good port to boot. Good thing I bought a gamepad, it’s kinda unplayable without one.

  17. Cradok says:

    That’s… an awful of Basilisks…

  18. Leigh says:

    Herself, Jonathan. Herself.

  19. Pace says:

    My biggest complaint of what s/he said was the double standard in pretty much all media.

    American media maybe. Ever seen Torchwood? Cripes there’s a lot o’ guy on guy action.

  20. GiGinge says:

    Ah I love Leigh’s blog, she’s actually a really knowledgeable games writer…she certainly approaches some subjects from…a different angle, whilst not always agreeing she still makes some valid points

    Oh the demo is pretty damn sweet as well, thank god for gamepads though

  21. sherwinpg says:

    Very fun demo and its probably best looking game now on my computer

  22. Pidesco says:

    Now that both this and SF2 are coming to the PC, I’m just left waiting for PC versions of Ninja Gaiden and Dead Rising.

  23. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    and Crackdown!

  24. Jonathan says:

    Reply to Pidesco

    Given how well the 360 controller is said to work and how close the 360 hardware is to a PC I’m looking forward to some more mindless action games. Really I think the only thing holding Gaiden 2 and Dead Rising 2 back from a PC port is Tecmo’s fear of money.

  25. Pidesco says:

    Dead Rising is a Capcom game isn’t it?

    Anyway, good PC gamepads are so cheap these days that there really is no reason to not publish your typical console action games on the PC. God of War would be another excellent candidate for conversion to PC.

    And how about Shadow of the Colossus and Okami on the PC? The possibilities are endless. RPS should write an article about the consoles games that should be converted to the PC.

  26. Jonathan says:

    Reply to Pidesco

    Yeah my bad, but I still think it’s just fear of money stopping a decent port. I’m not sure but I think PS3 is quite different from a PC and more importantly Sony don’t own a PC operating system. So really them allowing us lot to play their precious exclusives is pretty slim especially seeing as how much they depend on them. I reckon we’ll see a Zelda port before we ever see a God of War port. Okami is a possibility though I think publishers will assume no one likes Shadow of the Colossus anymore.

  27. Jives says:

    I’ve already bought this for 360, but after seeing the performance test, I want to buy it again, along with a 360 controller adaptor… grr

  28. Robin says:

    Looks pretty and I’m glad to see Capcom have started putting some effort into their PC ports.

    Sadly it doesn’t seem to want to know about my Joytech joypad, and I’m not coughing up 25 quid for an Xbox 360 pad purely because Capcom can’t be arsed to support existing standards.

  29. subedii says:

    First off, there’s no point in downloading both the demo and the benchmark, the demo contains the benchmark anyway so you can just download that.

    Tried the demo and was VERY impressed with it. They’ve really done a good job here, solid framerates, good visuals, and the control works just fine (yes I’m using a gamepad. I might try keyboard controls later just for the sake of it, but realistically this game needs a gamepad in the same way a flight sim needs a joystick).

    Aside from bumping up the visuals a little (shadows on Very High appear to look a lot better than on high, which it looks like the PS3 / 360 version was using), the added bonus of more monsters on-screen in Dark Knight mode really shows that this isn’t just a simple port and that they’re actually trying to make good use of the strengths of the platform.

    I’ve been disappointed with Capcom’s ports in the past, but I have no complaints here. Looking forward to it.

  30. Alarik says:

    subedii: Yes, exactly! Especially the game UI is brilliant, even controller setup (albeit Xbox 360 based) can be tuned to other gamepads (Rumblepad II) with ease. I am feeling an urge to buy at least three copies just to support future CAPCOM PC work :-)))

    So I am looking forward to other CAPCOM ports now – especially Resident Evil 5 :-P