Eve Online: The Empyrean Age

The latest evolutionary expansion of the Eve universe should be arriving next week, and it bears the title “The Empyrean Age“. As ever the title is a kind of clue as the contents, this time it means “age of fire” or somesuch Latinate cleverness. This is presumably a reference to the way that the expansion includes faction warfare, or the extension of PvP inwards to mission-running section of the game. Whereas missions were previously based around shooting computer-controlled drones, or delivering wine to far off space stations, they’re now going to be about having space-fights with other players. It could be a genuinely clever move for the game, as it could both bridge the safe starter-space realm and the hostile PvP-focused galactic periphery. It also provides some new challenges for old hands at the space-murder game, with a potential for less heavily committed play on a mission-by-mission basis.

After the jump: the trailer and some Eve videos by an RPS reader.

Rather enjoyable trailer done as a news-bulletin about the impending crisis.

And this is a fairly good juncture to post RPS-reader RoBurky’s Eve video effort, Outgunned. I love the use of actual Teamspeak comms.

And here’s Rob’s first, rather more upbeat effort:


  1. Nakkila says:

    I just wet my pants. Epic gloomy ambience & eve blobfights. THIS I LOVE.

    Also, gonna try the new missionsystem. Got bored in missionrunning and just idling atm. Maybe the pvp-promise will hold and spice up the solo gameplay?

  2. pauleyc says:

    I’m not a fan of blobbing myself but I do hope the factional warfare will introduce more people to a gentler (at the beginning at least) version of PVP. It looks like it’s supposed to sanction in a way the recent Red vs Blue initiative but more embedded in the game mechanics than a normal alliance war.

    As for the fiction side, I like very much the backstory build-up to the expansion, with daily reports on the growing tension and incidents that will eventually lead to open war.

  3. Malibu Stacey says:

    Haha nice content tag (and no they weren’t).

    I get that CCP are trying to get more people into PvP with factional warfare but I’d be worried that it will create a middle tier of PvP (the upper tier being zero sec & the lower tier being empire wars/ganks) & people will happily stick themselves in one of those until the end of time.

    For all the hype though it’s still a compromise between the relative safety of empire & the brutal frontier of zero sec as factional warfare is 100% opt-in. You will be able to happily farm level 4 missions or mine veld all day long in empire as before with no more risk what so ever (not saying that is bad or good FYI just that’s how it is).

    Doubt I’ll give it much of a look, plenty of PvP action in zero sec as it is.

  4. Brant says:

    Been following this for a while on the EVE dev blog, and it looks interesting. I’ve tried EVE twice over the last few years and never managed to break out of empire space to the “fun stuff” in null-sec. There I sat, grinding third-level missions all by my lonesome since I couldn’t find a steady group of folks to fly with. :(

    Granted, factional warfare probably wouldn’t help with that particular problem, but it’s nice to see a long-promised new game system finally make it out the door.

  5. Meat Circus says:



    Sounds good.

  6. PaulMorel says:


    I think Eve just crossed a barrier for me. Damnit, with the improved graphics and refined PvP, I think that I have to try it.

    … I hope I don’t get sucked in … especially since my fiancee will be out of town for 6 weeks … f@%#

  7. batolemaeus says:

    Basically what Malibu Stacey said.
    What i find a bit strange is, how ingame propaganda spreads into at least half serious rps. C’mon..

  8. Meat Circus says:

    My corp will be joining the Serpentis faction.

    There will be much asplodings.

  9. Nuyan says:

    Some decent vids there.

    My corporation is going to sign up for the Amarr Empire. I’m looking forward to it. I’m actually also looking forward to the novel with the background story behind this expansion.

    “What i find a bit strange is, how ingame propaganda spreads into at least half serious rps. C’mon..”

    I think that’s one of the the beauties of EVE. Because actions have real consequences (unlike pretty much anyother MMO), it’s directly makes a more immersive ‘RP’ game. Even while you miss walking around as your actual character (all you see is space-ships until they’ll finish the Ambulation project), EVE is rather awesome for roleplaying and is quite established.

  10. Slappeh says:

    Not enough people play the PVP game as much as they could and tend to stick into high sec, this will promote PVP and hopefully get more peeps into low sec =)

  11. batolemaeus says:

    While i agree on the beauty of Eves political game, Nuyan, i feel a little disturbed how the biggest smacktalkers of eve (only outclassed by bob and goon) get a platform to promote themselves on rps.
    Just goes a little too far in my opinion. I wouldn’t like to see ->this< -, or ->this< - without context, either.

  12. muteh says:

    no platform for smacktalkers! even in sarcastic tags!

    Everybody takes the piss out of WoW players, but don’t you think eve players sometimes…take things a bit too seriously…?

  13. batolemaeus says:

    It’s internet spaceships, duh.

    But other than that, i don’t like to see one-sided ingame politics spreading themselves into, well, the outer regions of the internets. Imo, that goes too far for a game.

    (What would be fun, though, would be a rps feature-site of Eve: Politics. A collection of the finest propaganda from all Alliances and Corps in New Eden. I always thought of collecting all that stuff (just think of Tortuga: Lacrimosa and the like). That would draw a few more people into Eve i guess)

  14. Janek says:

    Absolutely, Muteh. I think the fact that losses do hurt, and there is so much at stake (particularly at the alliance level), is Eve’s biggest blessing and also its biggest curse.

    I mean, on the one hand you get all the ridiculous smacktalk and spies and exploits and blobbing from people who just want to win (or avoid losing) at any cost. But on the other hand, with no risk, victory means nothing. It’s why Eve so wildly veers between sublime and exasperating.

    As for faction warfare, well. I can’t see it really attracting many new players into PVP, it’s just another avenue for those who already want it to, well, get it. Which isn’t a bad thing of course, but we’ll have to see just how it plays out. Personally I foresee the majority of it being tedious gate/station camps on major highways and chokepoints.

  15. Nuyan says:

    “I mean, on the one hand you get all the ridiculous smacktalk and spies and exploits and blobbing from people who just want to win (or avoid losing) at any cost. But on the other hand, with no risk, victory means nothing. It’s why Eve so wildly veers between sublime and exasperating.”

    The avarage fps has probably even more smacktalk, including other MMO’s like WoW. But yeah, the metagame goes pretty far. Stuff as DDOS’ing the enemies TeamSpeak server a minute before an engament and forum-hacking happens frequently for as far as I know. But it’s mostly the 0.0 warfare that is taken – that – serious. For obvious reasons, since there’s quite a lot at stake.

  16. PleasingFungus says:

    @batolemaeus: Without context, that first poster-thing was totally awesome.

  17. Ben Hazell says:

    I think this thread has even more jargon than the 40k thread.

    Which is excellent as it shows a higher level of though and starts to suck me in. Does anyone have a dictionary?

  18. roBurky says:

    On those saying they would like some extra RPS coverage of Eve politics, videos and related stuff to balance things out: I agree, that would be awesome.

    That first video (Outgunned) was mainly intended to depict the incredible tension of that evening (felt by pilots on both sides, I imagine). Sitting on a gate, with the enemy on the other side of it, knowing that there’s going to be a massive world-shattering fight about to occur at any moment, is one of Eve’s unique thrills.

    The movie did turn out very propaganda-ish, I guess. It was originally just going to be the opening chapter of a longer movie about the whole war (which we lost). That ending shot of the Titan was my quick attempt to balance it out by trying to show things weren’t always going to go that well.

  19. Kelduum says:

    Couple of things… Well, one thing and a shameless plug.

    – Eve seems to be 1/3rd off this weekend on Steam for a new account, plus the Steam trial is 21 days rather than the normal 14.

    – If some of you do end up trying Eve and get a little lost (it is scarily deep), look up Eve University in-game – we help new people get their bearings, and have been around for over 4 years now.

  20. Jon says:

    I love Eve, I’m about to get back into Eve after a revision/exam induced break. I love the huge variety of things you can do in the game, I’ve done missions, I’ve done exploration [which I agree with Jim which really didn’t meet expectations], I’ve dabbled with invention, I’ve even been one of those dastardly spies [which was probably one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in any game] and I even ran an investment fund most recently.

    The investment fund was the thing which showed me how truely different Eve is to any other game. People I’ve never met were willing to give me their ISK to the tune of around 7 billion or just under half a mothership, this is a game where loss is permanent and constant vigilance is needed and yet people were willing to trust me, I was really impressed with everyone.

  21. James T says:

    What in the fuck is ‘blobbing’, anyway? The only definition I know for it has… very little to do with gaming.

  22. RichPowers says:

    For us non-EVE players, can you explain how an investment fund works in the game? Players give you credits, you intelligently invest credits in various enterprises, and investors trust you to give them a share of the pie?

  23. Zuba says:

    That’s how it’s supposed to work, but it’s not unheard of for the investees to run off with their funds and leave the investors hanging in the space-wind.

  24. batolemaeus says:

    “What in the fuck is ‘blobbing’, anyway?”

    A blob is a large fleet, basically. All the icons on the screen form a ball when warping on a specific point, as everyone lands in close proximity to each other.

    Additionally, it’s abused to describe massively outnumbering the opponent. It’s kinda used as an insult to the party that brought more numbers.

  25. busana muslim says:

    Been following this for a while on the EVE dev blog, and it looks interesting.