Cryostasis Trailer

Cryostasis is one of the most promising Russian games currently in development, and publishers 1c know it. They were allowing hands-on play of the opening level at this year’s KRI (Russian’s GDC) in Moscow last month. Needless to say, I was there and… well, I’m going to preview this in some more depth in a the coming weeks, along with an interview from developers Action Forms. So let’s just take a look at that trailer for now. The Bioshock influence is strong here…

Definitely a first person shooter videogame, but the total lack of dialogue and heavy atmosphere of weirdness to seem to send it scuttling in the right direction.

There’s quite a lot of footage we’ve already seen here, and it’s a shame that Action Forms haven’t shown much of the flashback sequences. The fact that we’ve seen much the same material several times now might be cause for concern: it could be too short? Too repetitive? Action Forms impressed me with the creativity of what they demonstrated at KRI, so perhaps they can keep it up for a full-length game. I guess we’ll find out in October.


  1. H says:

    Are we sure it’s not just a Bioshock mod? It does look rather similar, doesn’t it?

  2. Ubernutz says:

    If that wasn’t Bioshock 2, I will eat my own hands.

  3. H says:


  4. Phil says:

    Its good to see the game will finally settle the old ‘Fire axes vs. Pickaxes as melee weapons’ debate.

    Looks like it could be interesting though the enemies seem a little samey, and well, brown.

  5. Jonas says:

    Of course the enemies are brown. There is no colour in Russia.

  6. Larington says:

    In mother russia – Brown drinks all the other colours.

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Was quite impressed by the trailer though.

  7. muscrat says:

    Looks like Bioshock crossed with Condemned crossed with Cold Fear.

  8. Valentin Galea says:

    Russian take on Art Deco? With a twist of Totalitarism? Count me in!!

  9. Jonathan says:

    Goddamn guns, I thought this was going to be a horror adventure game from the early previews. Also what the heck was going on with that guy stuck in the window? I mean did they just showcase a bug?

  10. Jim Rossignol says:

    I thought he was reaching in through the window for some reason.

  11. Ben Abraham says:

    Why does it sound like another of the (now dime-a-dozen) future Crysis titles? Fight your way out of cold storage in the new game: Cryostasis!

    Edit: More games that ‘scuttle’ please!

  12. MacBeth says:

    Looks like he’s trying to open the locked door by reaching through with a cutting torch to me. Anyway looks like some fairly creepy fun. Though mysterious frozen ships = Episode 3 surely.

  13. Dood says:

    Well, could be good, could be Doom 3. We’ll see…

    But I like the fact that you can see the protagonists hand when they do something. I hope you’ll also be able to see your feet. I find that a lot more immersive for some reason.

  14. Urre says:

    The guy in the window was very clearly using his blowtorch to try and open the door.

    Anyhow, it almost saddens me how similar it is to Bioshock, I mean god why? Are marketing people really this retarded, “ooh, that game went well, let’s make our own take on it”. Then again, given how long it takes to actually make a game, they might’ve begun working on this way before they could make such a decision. Unless ofcourse, which is quite possible, they changed the direction of the game after Bioshocks success.

    The game though, looks far more interesting than Bioshock did, which is a nice surprise.

  15. Slappeh says:

    Is that based during WW2?

  16. Turin Turambar says:

    Goddamn, if i read another time the “omg, it’s a Bioshock ripoff!”, “a copy of Bioshock” , “Bioshock inspired” or variations, i am going to kill someone. :P It is not this site, i read the same thing in other forums and sites.

    Inform yourselves a bit before speak (or type), this game was in development for years, i remember a trailer at least 2 years ago, before the Bioshock’s fame, and obviously the game had to be in development well before the release of a in-game trailer.

  17. Nick says:

    Not to mention Bioshock was a watered (punny!) down SS / SS2.

    Let’s not start that again actually. Sorry.

  18. Mooey Poo says:

    I reckon that game will get 72%.

    What’s up with the lighting as well? When people say a game’s dark, they don’t mean literally dark. You have to actually be able to see things.

  19. AndrewC says:

    omg, it’s a Bioshock ripoff!

  20. H says:

    I was being sarky about it looking like Bioshock, but you have to admit, it really does. Mind you, are there any original ideas left in games any more?

    (Not being a git, just putting the question out there.)

  21. fluffy bunny says:

    This looks quite good, Bioshock-ripoff or not.

    Jim Rossignol: Did you happen to catch a glimpse of Rig’n’Roll while you were there? It sounds lame, but I loved the last trucking game from the same devs. It was like Elite, sort of, but with trucks.

  22. brog says:

    H: There exist ideas that haven’t been used yet in games. They are just out there waiting for someone to find them. Don’t expect them to be used by large companies; they will stick to established genres. Of course, a lot of them are not good ideas; expect to sift through a lot of crap to find something good. Also, be prepared to play horribly unpolished games which might have a great idea in there somewhere.

  23. AndrewC says:

    It looks like a lot of games, to be honest. The ones mentioned above, Penumbra, lots more i’m sure. I think the approach of making an atmospheric fp game rather than a Doom style blaster will lead to very similar results. The trailer is very, very Bioshock however.

    But doesn’t it feel like a shooter from 5 years ago? The movement looks very clunky. And did they actually show a ‘Big Daddy’ type mosnter getting stuck in some scenery?

  24. Jim Rossignol says:

    Fluffy: I didn’t see Rig ‘N’ Roll, no.

  25. Mark says:

    Did you go there on your own dime Jim? Or was that an RPS expense :)

  26. Malagate says:

    AndrewC: Penumbra was what I thought of too, if it has some of the cooler penumbra elements then I’ll happily snap up this.

    Also clunky movements could I suppose be a part of the feel, smooth cat-like grace could be a bit incongruous in this setting, although that wouldn’t excuse glitches/poor animation.

  27. CrashT says:

    Reminds me of Dark Corners of The Earth, which isn’t a bad thing.

  28. Yhancik says:

    Umh I don’t really see in what it reminds you of Penumbra, uh, aside from the fact that it’s a first person view and a dark, rather creepy place… It just applies to so many games.
    And there wasn’t so much fighting in Penumbra..
    (But seeing the video, I wish it took the Penumbra route instead of the Bioshock one.. bah..)

  29. AndrewC says:

    That’s what i meant. It’s FP and going for the creepy – this makes it look exactly like a dozen other games in the creepy fp sub-genre that Bioshock happens to be a part of.

  30. Al3xand3r says:

    I really don’t see how people find this similar to Bioshock in any way… There’s no art deco from what I see as it takes place on a regular ship, there are no hideously deformed mutants or plasmids, and it’s basically a dark creepy fps. Bioshock did not invent the tommy gun. Is that enough to warrant the copy cat comments? If so, Bioshock sure is a shameless copy cat itself then.

  31. Yhancik says:

    But, Bioshock is a shameless copy cat itself, isn’t it ? ;p

    *kidding kidding kindding*

  32. AndrewC says:

    Part of that may be down to us gamers being conditioned to recognise tiny distinctions between games, as most of them really do look a lot alike. Partly due to limitations of presentation and quite a lot due to trend chasing and a lack of imagination.

  33. Thiefsie says:

    looks liek penumbra crossed with bioshock to me!

  34. Yhancik says:

    It should be scientifically quantizable :p
    A very common element (barrels, dark metallic corridors, ww2) get a low distinctive score, when something more rare (like a tommy gun or a lot of water) get a higher score. A game set in a jungle is less “different” than a game set in the 60s because there are more “jungle games” (Far Cry, Crysis, Just Cause, those russian games, …) than 60s games (NOLF, Evil Genius). And at the same time, of course, 2 games with a rare similarity (portals for example) will be very closely associated. Then put that in an N-dimensional database and we might have an interesting map of videogames creativity :p

  35. Jonelo says:

    No, this game is not the BioShock Russian. It seems as if the previews are done with the trailer, without playing the game, or without knowing anything about it. There are many videos on Youtube of gameplay and also some information in English. To think that may be more a mixture of Condemned, the Thing, Second Shigh .. . If Jim Rossignol is not able to tell us anything more than ” BioShock Russian ” I short my veins XD

    This information was placed on the website of the game a few days, is the translation of information on the web Russian.

    link to;

    Videos – gameplay –

    link to

    Old video of the 2006 – August – . Is Cryostasis ;) .


    And Cryostasis not is a “Crytek name” .

    link to

    And the name in russian is “Anabiosis”

    link to

  36. H says:

    Okay, what I’m trying to say is, why release a demo movie or trailer for your game when it just looks like every other game or, more importantly, a big game from recent months? Why not do something a bit different to at least get the punters hooked?

    I’m not so narrow-minded I won’t play a game that looks like something else. I’ll try anything. But I just expect more from a game these days than something that looks like everything else.

  37. Muzman says:

    Ok, water, aquariums, old music aaaannnnd… what else was like Bioshock? The ice?

  38. AndrewC says:

    People saying this looks nothing like Bioshock are being very willful at the moment. Also – games are not made in a vacuum – a trailer that emphasises many elements from one of the most distinctive and succesful FPS’s of last year is not just a coincidence

  39. Muzman says:

    It looks like a shooter trailer (from what doesn’t seem to be a shooter) . They had those before Bioshock.
    Seriously, it doesn’t make me think of Bioshock. Not in design, nor tone. *shrug* What can I say.

  40. Malagate says:

    Reading the translated website with more information about this game, it does sound quite impressive and not much at all like Bioshock (other than it being dark with nasty enemies).
    Actually set in the 60’s on board an old nuclear ice breaker that’s been trapped in the flows for years, featuring a thermodynamic system where you have to keep your character warm (I’m a sucker for survival elements in a game) and the “Mental Echo” ability certainly looks a very interesting addition to this kind of game.
    In some ways it sounds like it could hold my interest for longer than Bioshock has!

  41. Jim Rossignol says:

    “what else was like Bioshock?”

    The great big, slow-moving shooting, baddy?

  42. Novotny says:

    Jim – please tell me you know something about SOW BOB. People are going insane on the 1C forums. I am too!

  43. J.A. says:

    Doesn’t remind you of Bioshock at all? Really? Claustrophobic environment with lots of water, the faint crackling of an old radio with a 50’s score in the distance, intense one-on-one combat, tommy gun, heavy emphasis on creepy, silent atmosphere and a protagonist with “magical” abilities. Warrants at least “reminds me of” if you ask me.

  44. Jim Rossignol says:

    Novotny: Oleg mentioned that was what he was working on, but he had nothing to show when I was out there.

  45. Novotny says:

    Ah, he’s so secretive! I’m going to be senile by the time it comes out. Thanks.

  46. 18Rabbit says:

    It reminded me of BioShock. Underwater, check. Creepy zombies, check. Old phonograph music playing in the background, check. Creepy and dark, check. Big daddies, check. FPS, check. Reaching out to suck the soul out of something, check. It looked like BioShock with little brothers instead of little sisters and no super powers. If it is nothing like BioShock then they shouldn’t make it feel like it in their trailer and show what is new and different.

  47. Verdugo says:

    I’m going to laugh if this game ends up kicking BioShock’s ass.

    Anyways, this looks pretty cool. I may try it out sometime.

  48. Kommissar Nicko says:

    Tommy gun? Philistines! That right there, friends, is a PPSh-41, not a Tommy gun. Since it’s the trendy thing to do, I would decry a lack of research on the part of the internet, but I go against the grain. In case you were wondering, also, the rifle is a Mosin-Nagant M91/30, though to be honest, the 1944 Carbine would’ve made more sense.

    By the way: I’ll say it’s “reminiscent of Bioshock.”

  49. Jonelo says:

    Old video- August 2006 – , the name not is Cryostasis , but is Cryostasis ;) .

    link to

    Two scenes, a combat and a travel with the mental hechoe to the past . And well , the old music remember a bit Bioshock .

  50. Dracko says:

    These sorts of ill-informed comments are pretty much why I want Ken Levine dead at this point.

    What? Aquatic environments and mid-20th century setting are Irrational exclusives now?

    Hey guys! Half-LifeĀ² is a shameless rip-off of Sin! That game had warehouses and buildings too! And it was in the future!