Death Track: Resurrection Trailer

This was one of the many games I got to fiddle with when I was in Moscow recently, and I rather enjoyed myself. Death Track: Resurrection firmly plants its thematic key in the ignition slot of science fiction cars-with-guns racing. These cars are all quite firmly planted on the tarmac (except when they’re flying through the air) and it reminded me of a cross between Megarace and Bandits: Phoenix Rising, rather than good ‘ol Wipeout. Developers Sky Fallen, incidentally, have magnetic business cards that double up as miniature notepads. Awesome. The trailer is after the jump.

Destructible scenery looks like it might be new. It sure is purdy.

The game should be out in October.


  1. Feet says:

    Death Track is an awesome name. Game looks alright.

  2. Larington says:

    Perhaps one of the RPS folks can comment more reliably on this – Is it my imagination or is russian games development really starting to find its feet now? Or is it just that I’ve stumbled upon a website willing to cover non uk/us/far-east games development?

  3. muscrat says:

    …looks like a more zany version of Full Auto.

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    Larington: Yes, see the next issue of PC Gamer UK for a detailed feature on the subject.

  5. bob says:

    will that article be in the US version?
    if not can you coerce them to put it in?

    Looks like a racing version of twisted metal.

  6. Albides says:

    I was excited because I thought this was a remake of a 3D Realms game of the same name until I realised that was Death Rally not Death Track. Still, nostalgic appeal aside, it doesn’t make much difference, as it’s still cars with guns. Which is always a pleasure.

  7. Corion says:

    There was an old racing game called “Rollcage”. It was also known as “Death Track Racing”.

    The game’s main … features or gimmicks, depending on how much you liked the game … was the ability to drive up/on walls and ceilings depending on how fast you were going, and the ability to drive on both sides (top and bottom) of your car, since the wheels were larger than the body.
    I doubt you’ll be able to do either in this game, based on the trailer.

    There were also quirky weapons in the game, but they didn’t play as much of a role as they apparently will in this game, judging by the trailer.

  8. Shalkis says:

    Rollcage also had destructible environments. The terrain wasn’t deformable, but you could make buildings collapse on your opponents.

  9. Valentin Galea says:

    This looks like a Russian Interstate ’76!

  10. moa says:

    there was game called deathtrack. cars, guns, career mode, lots of fun.

  11. Albides says:

    Cool. Because the other thing I was thinking of was the Death Race movie 2000, which has a remake in production and a monochrome game inspired by it.

    …and traffic is murder…

  12. Sucram says:

    I was thinking of Carmageddon: The Death Race 2000.

    (What happened to Carmageddon 4 anyway?)

  13. Freyajack says:

    Actually, I remember playing a “cars with guns” game on the PC in the early 90s called Death Track. They’re probably playing a tribute to it with a subtitle of Resurrection.

  14. kenok says:

    DeathTrack… the game made by Sierra/Dynamix back in the late 80’s or 90’s?

  15. fluffy bunny says:

    Any racing title where you can demolish large buildigs is okay in my book.

  16. Lucky Main Street says:

    Anyone remember a game called Redline? It started out being a furturistic cars-with-guns game that touted destructable envrionments . I remember one designer saying you could destroy a chunk of highway to eliminate a competitors escape path. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as well; they tacked on a shitty FPS component and the tech simply wasn’t up to speed with the scope (it came out in the late 90’s). Rollcage was kinda the same, the “destructable environments” amounted to a couple prop buildings that could fall if it hit the right part, but it never meshed with the gameplay. It was always easier, and smarter, to just race.

    Has there ever been a game where destructable environments have worked out well? I remember an FPS in development years ago that was going to be based around it, but I don’t remember whatever happened to it.

  17. Tom says:

    Bring on Carmageddon 4!!
    Anything else, including this ‘Death Track’ nonsense is just Mario Kart for lame people …

  18. Drakkheim says:

    Ooh a Death Track remake. The original was released by Activision waayy back when this newfangled vga thing was rearing its ugly head… I finally threw out the box a year ago.
    I spent a lot of time with this puppy. Skateboards with rocket engines and warheads launched from a moving vehicle, landmines and machine guns… what’s not to love.

    Looks like its scattered about the web as abandonware now.

  19. Deuteronomy says:

    Yeah I remember this one. Deathtrack was awesome fun back in the day, but I don’t think I’ll be getting the remake. Times move on.

  20. Ferrous Buller says:

    Man, I’ve been hoping for a Deathtrack sequel / remake for ages. Merry effin’ Christmas to me!

  21. Shai Khulud says:

    Game has been released in Russia. RU version have a few issues with gamepad and video card drivers, but all of them solved in 1.2 patch. Game is great, by the way. Better than Full Auto 2 and much more exiting. Hope you’ll get EU and US release sooner, guys.