Compo Of The Lost

We love memes. And we’d be stupid not to encourage this one. We want as many mocked up screenshots for other levels that might have appeared in Limbo of the Lost.

By James

This is one from RPS reader James, nabbed from his site here. Send us your work to this this address, and we’ll pull out some sort of excellent prize for the one that makes us laugh the most. All the submissions will go in a post next week before the meme runs out. Usual rules here.

See the current entries here!


  1. Aubrey says:

    Someone at work immediately did one on our unannounced title. And then 3 or four souls went out to try to buy the game before it got shelved. So, um. We’re there with you in spirit.

  2. Phil White says:

    When’s the PCG review, John?

  3. Tesahli says:

    MGS Style

  4. James G says:

    Best. Compo. Ever. (Hey, one good meme deserves another)

    Of course, if you can get hold of a copy of the game itself it would certainly make for an ‘interesting’ prize.

  5. Mr. Brand says:

    If the game is the prize, the only way to win is by not participating.

  6. FredrikFtw says:

    Oh my.. Brb.

  7. Benjamin Barker says:

    If you’d like to spread this meme across the Atlantic it would help incrementally if you didn’t say “compo”. It takes a second to figure out what that means. Could you please learn to speak soulless Americanized broadcast English? Thanks.

  8. Crushed says:

    LIMBO OF THE FIT! link to

  9. major says:

    Hmm.. I’ll figure something out :)

  10. John Walker says:

    Don’t forget to email entries peeps, or they won’t get counted.

    Benjamin – it is now your duty to take “compo” – a word that’s been used in UK games mags since they began, and we proudly carry forward – to the Americans and teach them of its ways.

  11. eV says:

    When this inevitably turns into the next tediously overused the-chuck-norris-is-a-lie meme you guys are going to be so embarassed you helped birth this monster. Think about it, do you really want the first comment for every post with new screens for Puzzle Quest 2 or Red Alert 3 to be “Wow, that Limbo of the Lost sequel is looking good.”

  12. major says:

    :) Limbo of the Lost :Portal
    link to

  13. Sarah says:

    Actually eV, “Wow, that Limbo of the Lost sequel is looking good,” is an ACE line. In-joke acquisition, activate!

  14. malphigian says:

    It’s taken 15 long years, and a good bit of foresight to predict the creation of Flash, but I can now present my wholly original work “Limbo of the Misguided”:
    link to

    It’s a web game more inspired by literature and, uh, vaudeville than by any other games.

    Hope you enjoy!

  15. Jon says:

    Limbo of the Misguided, well what can I say except this….GENIUS!

  16. Rath says:

    “I don’t know why they call it Hoth. They should call it… Coldth.”

    link to

    Seriously, I can’t imagine what was going through the creators’ minds, I mean… Did they honestly think nobody was going to notice what they’d done?

  17. Azihe says:

    link to

    Yes, you are the dog. And yes, it is even more overpowered than the soldier.

  18. Ben Abraham says:

    It’s taken 15 long years, and a good bit of foresight to predict the creation of Flash, but I can now present my wholly original work “Limbo of the Misguided”:

    That’s worth a prize for 1/2 arsed effort good sir!

  19. Zeno says:

    This took up entirely too much of my time.

    link to

  20. Thater says:

    Sam and Max style.

    link to

  21. Not-A-Bot says:

    I’m dissapointed by the lack of Realtime Shadows in these pics. Now I just need to make my own…

  22. Duncan says:

    That is fucking awesome work there fella – it’s just had my office pissing themselves!

    My vote for winnar!

    Link to malphigian’s entry for the lazy: link to

  23. Ian says:

    I’d have been pleased with my entry using FIFA 97 had somebody else not already done something similar.

    And his involves the protagonist being a GIANT! :(

  24. Nick says:

    Loving ‘The Hobbit’ one in particular.

  25. The Fanciest Of Pants says:

    link to

    couldn’t resist.

  26. Watcher95 says:

    Love the chicken with the pulley in the middle

  27. Fede says:

    Is the address needed? The post says nothing about it ^^

  28. Brainysmurf says:

    What, no Fallout 2 screens yet?
    I’d do one but I’m stuck at work.
    Maybe later if no one beats me to it.

  29. Donald Duck says:

    Hahaha SWOS one wins. :)

  30. Phil White says:

    I’m not sure if my e-mail got through:

    link to


  31. Mack says:

    One of a few ideas I’m throwing around.

    link to

  32. Mr Pink says:

    I think the Zork one should win. That’s just genius.

  33. Brainysmurf says:

    They’re all good, but the Dos Zork I text game tickled me the most. Genius!

  34. Diego Conto Del Pizarro says:

    Here’s one of a selection.

    link to

    I <3 Limbo.

  35. Rythmic says:

    I swear I’ve never seen this before.

    link to