Prototype Co-op Not Dead?

Videogaming247 have scooped a chat with Prototype bossman Tim Bennison, and he revealed that the supposedly canned multiplayer mode might still find its way into the game.

“We’re trying to create the best possible single player experience. It’s an origin story and if we are successful, we’re hoping it’s the start of a franchise. But to do this, you’ve got to establish a great core single player experience. Having said that, we are still evaluating multiplayer to see if we can make it work in our development schedule.”

Prototype was due to be out for Christmas, but now sits in May 2009. As we’ve previously mentioned, we’re fairly excited about this game and co-op could potentially be icing on some kind of special cake.


  1. DuBBle says:

    I wish them the luck of the freakish

  2. Kareem says:

    I don’t know, I hope they don’t sacrifice development time for making the SP experience really polished in favor of having some rudimentary co-op. Remember when Levine lamented how the MP co-op mode in System Shock 2 distracted the team from spending more effort on the SP portion.

  3. Zed says:

    I don’t remember, has multiplayer ever been added as (part of) an expansion pack? Cause that’s one possibility.

  4. Andthensobecause says:

    Have to agree with Kareem.

    I dislike single player experiences that feel like they are missing something and multiplayer experiences that feel a bit drunk, disinterested, and just kind of there.

  5. Heliocentricity says:

    I need to say though, the co-op in SS2 is pretty damn good, when the desperation of limited ammo becomes a social experience its great.

    I could almost say screw the single player game, i have loads of single player games, get me sum co-op.

    Look at SWAT 4, that game would not have anywhere near the feeling it did without friends, and imagine oblivion co-op? (morrowind enchanting ftw though) the ability to create ambushes or cover each other with magic and healing, but following along story threads.

  6. sana says:

    Concentrating on the single-player and releasing the co-op mode in some future patch would be the best way to go, wouldn’t it?

  7. JAKE says:

    i agree with sana. release the game first THEN add multiplayer in a patch or in downloadable content. just like the incredible hulk (even though it sucked lol)

  8. Nubnub says:

    Bull to you all saying working on single player…. single player in our days is getting pretty boring….. this game would shoot of the shelves if it had co-op straight off….. i mean deep down every one wants a game likes this thats open, destructive and epic that you are able to play with your friend…. co-op + prototype = amazing LOL-Factor

  9. JOSH! says:

    I agree with what they are doing. If they focus on the co-op the single player experience will not be as riveting as it will be without the co-op

  10. PROTOTYPE! says:

    i say its best to focus on single player for now, but really co-op would be fucking amazing, and yea i agree oblivion with co-op or fallout with co-op woulda been the best thing that ever happened so i say they just go with the flow, make a co-op but make sure it doesnt suck :D

  11. Vorty says:

    Pretty easy to make co-op, just double players and enemies. :(

  12. Typhus says:

    I want Co-op.. but i’d rather see a great single player game without it than a bad game throughout.

    Plus if the game lacks multiplayer and is good enough to start a franshise on the level of Halo or God of War then when [PROTOTYPE]2 comes out they just need to say ‘Now with Multiplayer!’ and everyone will love it before hearing anything else.

  13. omfg says:

    ok so i bought this game and it says in the fucking manuel its online and you can play with friends…but guess what you cant fucking invite anyone to your game….WTF!

  14. Serondal says:

    OMFG indeed

  15. LiQkuid says:

    Well they said co-op whould be out but it wasn´t I got some proof that they said co-op if it interests you