Grimm Episodes Info And Trailers

Following on from the trailer released earlier this year, American McGee and online publishers GameTap have released some footage of the individual half-hour episodes that Grimm is made up of. There’s also a schedule for their release. I’m tentatively interested in this, especially with that Katamari Okami-of-evil thing it’s going on in the trailers… A series of super-short games – if they can offer interesting challenges – could also be a good thing for everyone in this time-hungry world. No word on those prices yet, however.

Check out the trailer and dates after the jump.


* July 31: A Boy Learns What Fear Is
* August 7: Little Red Riding Hood
* August 14: The Fisherman and His Wife
* August 21: Puss in Boots
* August 28: The Girl Without Hands
* September 4: Godfather Death
* September 11: The Devil and His Three Golden Hairs
* September 18: Beauty and the Beast


  1. Okami says:

    Looks like some kind of anti-Okami…

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    Heh, I actually meant that, not Katamari. Duh.

  3. malkav11 says:

    Huh. So they’re basically episodizing an episode of a traditional episodic game. Whee.

  4. Steve says:

    Looks weird and not really that challenging.

  5. Masked Dave says:

    Um, it looks really dull.

    Have they just not added the enemies yet? Or any other game play element?

    Also, I swear that’s the voice actor from Overlord.

  6. Jae Armstrong says:

    American McGee. The man who did the emo Alice game is now doing Brothers Grimm stuff? Are we absolutely sure the world won’t implode from concentrated angst?

    *hasn’t actually watched the videos yet*

    EDIT: Okay, it appears to be doing the complete opposite.

  7. Valentin Galea says:

    Give the man (one more:P) chance to redeem himself!

    Also he will remain in my memory for working on Quake 1 – screw the other stuff!

  8. K says:

    30 minutes of game?
    I just spent that creating a Spore creature.

  9. Okami says:

    This is really stupid. I didn’t spend months running around, painting circles over cherry trees to bring back life to a dead world to have some stupid gome-thing who does butt-stomps destroy everything in thirty minutes.

    Note to self: Get back my copy of Okami from whoever I gave it to and play through it again.

  10. Radiant says:

    American McGee; that name on a game and the opening bars of Fresh Prince of Bel Air are the two things guaranteed to fill me with dread.

  11. Dave says:

    what where who? is the creature creator out already? i thought it was coming june 17th.

    ok back to topic. i liked the alice game by McGee. After that his games just werent that good.
    Somehow i dont know if this game will be too good either. I was hoping for a darker atmosphere and not quite so childish cartoonish. Oh well we shall see…

  12. Saul says:

    I’m curious, at the least. Any word on a release outside Gametap?

  13. MeestaNob! says:

    Definitely a wait and see game this… I fail to see how walking around almost obsessive/compulsively ‘killing’ all the scenery could possibly be fun.

    Maybe its about something else… still hard to tell from those short videos.

  14. Stromko says:

    I believe American McGee is still feeling out the wonderful world of using lowest-bidder foreign programmers to put his games together. He’s working with a different group than the one he used on Bad Day L.A., but.. You know I think the real problem may be he just has bad ideas or no concept of what makes a good game or isn’t a good producer? I’m also very amazed it’s taken him this long to develop it, the effects, graphics, gameplay appear to be incredibly simple, nothing revolutionary. I can download Overlord on the same service(Gametap), why would I play Grimm? It’ll take less megs?

    I seriously don’t like how it kept stopping the action, the camera swinging away from the player to tell them what to do. It looks like Katamari Damacy a little, the act of ‘corrupting’ everything is similiar to sucking it up, but Katamari Damacy just dropped you into the world and let you do what you wanted without constant interruptions. It would not have worked if it kept stopping you and telling you what to scoop up.

  15. Alex says:

    I thought the idea was that you’d have to play each game a couple of times, each time revealing another “layer”, something like that.

    That said, Bad Day L.A. was just so shockingly bad and I’m not even talking about the awful gameplay or broken graphics engine, but just the writing itself – oh dear.

  16. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Dave: It got leaked to the cove of the corsairs, and is now pretty much everywhere. It’s why Sporepedia has had an explosion of new entries.

    It doesn’t look like there is much more to this game than wandering and occasionally ‘butt-stomping’. I’m usually forgiving of games with gameplay deficits if they put present a good narrative, but with American ‘Scrapland’ McGee in charge I’m not all that hopeful.

  17. Ninja Dodo says:

    “Alice” was a good game.

  18. K says:

    Ahhh, I didn’t realise I wasn’t even supposed to have the Spore creature creator. Sorry to be off topic.

    Incidentally, a trojan was detected on my PC. I’m not certain it was from that, but I downloaded little else. But it serves me right. I got it from filefront.

  19. James T says:

    I hope they do a sequel called ‘Grimmm’.

  20. Zac North says:

    American’s gone downhill.

    Looks horrible.