Spore Creature Creator Leaked

My first Spore child, made before I realised how to actually scale creatures’ flesh. Anyway – as the title will have strongly hinted – the Spore Creature creator is online. Apparently it appeared on EA’s site briefly before being taken down (There’s a placeholder file there now), but people have nabbed it and it’s available on major torrent sites. Such as this one. First impressions? Even with only a quarter of the complete Spore content, it’s an incredible piece of software. More of my first creatures beneath the cut…

Oh – and the immaturity is kicking off gloriously. We applaud things like this, found in QT3’s Spore thread…


Oh – everyone feel free to link videos and images of your Spore-creatures in the thread. Let’s see what’s out there.


  1. biebu says:

    why is that torrent link the same as ea’s store?

  2. Gap Gen says:

    Aww. I love the little FUCK creature.

  3. Kieron Gillen says:

    biebu: Fixed.


  4. darkripper says:

    These are my first three: Beetledog, Cucumbersome, Bufosaurus.

  5. Thingus says:

    Noo! It’s not there… It’s due to come out officially before too long, anyway.

    -Edit; Ah, it is now. Ty :D

  6. MisterBritish says:

    Spore off! The Horned Wrangler and the Ghillewock.

  7. Tim says:

    Woo! This is great fun.

    Schlongie (yes)

  8. Homunculus says:

    Pro tip: The .png image file saved in My Documents\My Spore Creations\Creatures contains metadata that allows the creature itself to be recreated in someone else’s copy of the creature creator, provided they copy it to their creatures folder and then open it under the “everything” category within the program.

    I’ve been whiling away this afternoon recreating Star Control 2 races within it. So far got an Umgar, Spathi and Yehat together.

  9. darkripper says:

    Oh my god, I think I’ve just made the great cthulhu.

    Protip: deleting the foot from the legs allows you to do all kinds of appendages.

  10. Seniath says:

    WTB: network that doesn’t block the use of torrents.

    Failing that, I’ll acquire it tonight whilst at my girlfriends.

  11. Cooper says:

    Ditto here Seniath.

    Kotaku (edit:) found it on megaupload here:
    link to megaupload.com

    Also at rapidshare:
    link to rapidshare.com
    link to rapidshare.com

    Don’t kill me if it kills your computer.

  12. green says:

    “Kill… me…”

  13. MisterBritish says:

    I claim no responsiblity for this. Imagine an entire planet full of them…

  14. Cooper says:

    That fuck creature; Vermicious Knid, anyone?

  15. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Fear the might of the Interrobangnicorn.

  16. Riotpoll says:

    The FUCK slug is very cute! And good god that interesting monster you linked to MisterBritish made me laugh very hard. I downloaded the one off of megaupload yesterday, seems to be clean :-).

  17. Theory says:

    Gogojiak, not mine unfortunately.

  18. Kareem says:

    Balut over at QT3 created an awesome banana man:

    link to quartertothree.com

  19. Theory says:

    I think some time should be put aside to praise Spore for a few of it’s more mundane facets:

    – Very fast loading times
    – Alt-tab compatibility
    – Small filesize

    Maxis, you’ve done a wonderful job.

  20. Calabi says:

    That cracked me up MisterBritish. The game hasnt even been released yet and theirs going to be an outcry to ban this filth.

    A few of mine link to img264.imageshack.us

    link to img174.imageshack.us

    link to img370.imageshack.us

  21. Servitor says:

    That FUCK creature’s dance makes it cute enough to send to Cute Overload. Sadly, I don’t think they’d post it. :'(

  22. K says:

    More Spore Creatures! It’s pretty versatile already. I predict much of my time wasted.

  23. nille says:


    I almost always end up with something cute..

  24. Gap Gen says:

    Why are these creatures not just humanoids with silly foreheads or big ears? Everyone knows that this is the only possible type of alien.

  25. Cyberpope says:

    link to i5.photobucket.com

    and something i found in my bath
    link to i5.photobucket.com

  26. Cigol says:

    How do you scale the flesh. FFS. Trust you to leave out the good stuff for a Eurogamer expose.

  27. waterchip says:

    Check out my one-eyed monster:

  28. Lucky says:

    Weren’t we PC gamers meant to be more mature than console gamers?

  29. The Hammer says:


    Yes please.

  30. Zed says:

    I am now hyped for this game.
    Needsmorpointee, the Abominet

    Because social interaction is for creatures who don’t have fangs.

  31. Al3xand3r says:

    Isn’t this illegal, seeing as they seem to plan to actually SELL this demo software for 10 bucks? Or did I get this all wrong?

  32. Kieron Gillen says:

    The demo is free, with 1/4 of the options. The full creature creator costs $10.


  33. McCool says:

    to Al3xand3r

    No, this is a demo to what they are releasing on tuesday for $10. It’s free.

  34. Stuk says:

    Hah, waterchip, that’s fantastic. The physics on….”it”…are quite impressive :P

    And the FUCK alien is brilliant too. And the striders. This thing is versatile.

  35. Al3xand3r says:

    Ah okay, I see now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I still find it stupid they want to sell a small part of the full Spore game as a stand alone product… I hope not many people buy it to show them that’s the wrong way to do things but I guess I have too much faith in consumers… If the creature creator is worth 10 bucks then what would the whole game be worth? 100? Also, are they gimpimg the full game by only allowing the creature creator to use that “creature tube” like website or will spore users also be able to make use of that? I hope the latter… Still… Selling demos is just wrong. Creature creator should just be a technology demo of their game, not a sold product… Especially when I have the feeling they’ll milk spore for all its worth anyway, with creature parts expansions and planet types expansions, perhaps even AI behaviour expansions… Bleh… End rant.

  36. Riotpoll says:

    Fist of Armathon, imagine being punched by this chap:
    link to img67.imageshack.us

  37. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Gap Gen: Humanoid, you say?

  38. Gap Gen says:


  39. Down Rodeo says:

    Wow, those are all brilliant. Spore is looking to be rather special, even just to see all these things interacting.

  40. Jahkaivah says:



  41. biebu says:

    a body builder lol

    link to i36.photobucket.com

  42. Leeks! says:

    I want to drill a porthole into my skull, so everyone can see the joy inside.

  43. Nimic says:

    That is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever done. I can’t wait for the game, though I won’t pay for the whole creature creator.

  44. K says:

    Oh, he has reason to look smug.

    It says the price of the creature creator will be rebated from the full product for those who purchase it, so I assume it is part of the whole Spore too.

  45. Cyberpope says:

    headcrabs anyone?
    link to i5.photobucket.com

  46. Lambo says:

    Here are my first 2. My third isn’t uploaded yet.

    these are both kinda explained in the videos

    link to ie.youtube.com

    Tree Faker
    link to ie.youtube.com

  47. Al3xand3r says:

    Well that makes it all better K. But given that, what’s the point of selling it in the first place? Why not give it out for free? There must be something for them to make out of the whole thing… Perhaps just market research… Otherwise I see no point in having people fiddle with all this multiple part payment stuff for their game… Unless they hope many people won’t bother figuring out the discounts and so they can make some extra cash? Or what? I just don’t get it.. I’m okay with it since people who want the full game won’t be losing money (I’m waiting for reviews, I have my doubts) but I still just don’t get it…