Spore Creature Creator Leaked

My first Spore child, made before I realised how to actually scale creatures’ flesh. Anyway – as the title will have strongly hinted – the Spore Creature creator is online. Apparently it appeared on EA’s site briefly before being taken down (There’s a placeholder file there now), but people have nabbed it and it’s available on major torrent sites. Such as this one. First impressions? Even with only a quarter of the complete Spore content, it’s an incredible piece of software. More of my first creatures beneath the cut…

Oh – and the immaturity is kicking off gloriously. We applaud things like this, found in QT3’s Spore thread…


Oh – everyone feel free to link videos and images of your Spore-creatures in the thread. Let’s see what’s out there.


  1. K says:

    I agree that it should be free, as everybody using it is creating content for the game. And without that content, it’s a pretty barren universe. I guess they hope to make a bit of extra cash from the few who buy the creature creator without purchasing the full Spore; I know it would keep my niece entertained on its own, where the full scope of the game may be too daunting.

  2. Zygorator says:

    Oh dear: link to youtube.com


  3. caesarbear says:

    Well I guess we know what every half-wit will be posting pictures of from now on.

  4. darkripper says:

    Al3xand3r: you must understand games industry don’t follow the other entertainment industries. They have a business plan similar to drug dealers, treating their buyers more like addicts than customers. They alternate between weak and strong products occasionally leaving the market clean so that the monkey starts to scream.
    After so many years of hype, they are gonna release the creature creator (the weak product) and people are gonna buy it. Later, they are going to release the strong product.

    All I know about videogame industry I learned from The Wire.

  5. McCool says:

    I have no idea why this thing should be free. They’ve spent who knows how many years making this amazing technology, the most impressive bit of all they are letting us all sample while they polish off the rest. What is wrong with this at all? It’s not like we are being ripped off, they are simply offering another product. That is discounted in price off the full game.
    Take off your tin-foil hat and enjoy the cool toy they are letting us play with for approcimately the price of a portion of fish and chips.

  6. XC says:

    Well, that was cool, but I’m bored of it already.

    The Spore-porn (sporn?) video linked by MisterBritish is amazing though.

  7. McCool says:

    It doesn’t work for me. I get a “Could not create the Graphics Device. Direct X is unavailable. [1002]” error whenever I try to run it.
    I’ve downloaded it three different times, updated my graphics drivers and my Direct X, three times, to no avail.

    Any kind, clever soul know what might be afoot? This would rank up with the most horribly frustrating days of computer-related troubles ever >,<.

  8. Stromko says:

    Zygorator : Ugh, give a warning before posting Goatse! Oh wait, that was from Spore. The ESRB is going to have a banner year!

    McCool : I have no idea what that could be, if other games are working then I would think it HAS to be the software, even though you’ve downloaded it three times. Different sources and different torrents I would presume? Someone cleverer than I might also need to know your graphics card, chipset, motherboard, and if you’re using Vista or XP Service Pack 3, to figure out exactly what’s wrong if that isn’t it.

  9. Satsuz says:

    This is loads of fun. Looking forward to the final release more than ever. Here are two of my creations:

    Formica Erectus, an anthropomorphic ant creature.Pic
    Handstander, a creature that walks around on it’s hands. Pic

  10. Pod says:

    This is a brilliant thread. Those sexing humans had me in stitches. Also; some of your giant monster cocks are brill. ;)

  11. matt says:

    is this Windows only?

  12. CPY says:

    This thread is so funny, imagine what sick stuff you could create with full version :)

  13. Sucram says:

    The rider K did is very clever, more clever than me. I just tried to add limbs to see if my one legged cactus could fall over.

  14. Duncan says:

    Fast direct download link I found after a quick google:
    link to fragland.net

    Came down in under 2 minutes here ;-)

  15. Mallika says:

    is this Windows only?

    Nope, for Macs too!

  16. Kieron Gillen says:

    The Mac demo isn’t out yet though?


  17. Crispy says:

    This thread is pure win! My appetite for Spore has been re-awakened.

  18. Leelad says:

    Mind blowing.

    To think this is only a small part of the whole game.

  19. CPY says:

    Not to mention it is even only small part of editor only. Imagine the whole game omg we musssst has it! My preciousssss!

  20. Albides says:

    We really need some sort of cock-comparing competition.

  21. Bob Arctor says:


    link to img84.imageshack.us

    The Princess Margaret:

    link to img382.imageshack.us

  22. alphaxion says:

    anyone with vista got it working?
    Just installed it on my work pc only to be informed that I don’t have a compatable DX version.
    Not investigated yet.

    edit: aha.. if you’re packing a base install of vista business then you’ll need to download and install the DX redist.
    Seems spore is DX9 only. Well, the creature creator is anyway.

  23. Lopius says:

    When god was hangover he created this link to youtube.com

  24. Dan says:

    Some of these really need to be stamped NSFW…

  25. alphaxion says:

    I’d say that some of them need to be upgraded to “NSFHV” (not safe for human viewing) ;)

    Meet Dublavay link to pissheadnerds.com :D

  26. Arnulf says:


    If Will Wright would have known beforehand that all sorts of phallic creatures would emerge from his creation, would he still have continued?

    Addendum: I know that’s probably not possible, but I would like to know the statistical breakdown of how high the percentage of phallic creatures come from the U.S., the UK, continental Europe, Australia, and Korea/Japan.

    Would be very interesting, no?

  27. datter says:

    You can lengthen the spine and move it around but I’ve missed a way to fatten up portions of a creatures body. Can you do that?

  28. darkripper says:

    The scaling (of bodyparts and spine) is done via the scrollwheel.

  29. El Stevo says:

    Datter: Use the scroll wheel. Take a look at the Spore Guide (‘?’ at the bottom left.) It also tells you how to attach limbs to the ends of other limbs, which I couldn’t work out at first.

  30. Noc says:

    I think I have a mission.

    I’m going to make the entire cast of Sacrifice.

  31. Razor says:

    The number of penis creatures on Youtube is staggering. I predict in one year 50% of Youtube content will be Spore creatures that are a) giant wangs or b) have giant wangs. Surprised I haven’t seen a vagina one yet =P

  32. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Oh god.

    At one point, Spore was going to randomly use other player’s creations to populate your worlds. Are we all going to be up to our elbows in cock monsters?

    I mean, I imagine Maxis will have someone trying to go through and remove inappropriate ones, but a) yikes, there’s a terrible job and b) the sheer weight of the cock-hungry masses seems insurmountable at this point.

  33. alphaxion says:

    One thing I don’t like… it uses your windows username as your identity and you can’t seem to change it.

    Bad maxis, bad!

  34. K says:

    Ahhh, finally get to explore the universe, only to realise it’s full of cocks. Like a metaphor for life.

  35. K says:

    Would they also censor the hidden message of This Majestic Beast?

    Okay, I’m evidently having too much fun with this.
    Now, chaos demons or tyranids…

  36. alphaxion says:

    you know, the creation engine reminds me of how zbrush functions.

  37. El Stevo says:

    Lucy Monster
    Recognise this guy?
    This guy’s penis is one of those spitting attachments. Can’t wait to get him in the full game – urination attack!

  38. datter says:

    Darkripper & El Stevo > Thanks, will try that tonight. I figured it was something simple I was overlooking.

  39. Snarky says:

    Thomas Lawrence: So far as I’ve heard and can figure based on peeking at Maxis’ pre-made creatures, one can ban creatures made by others on a per-case basis. Chances are that you might be able to filter out creatures with certain tags, too.

  40. caesarbear says:

    I’m hoping there’s a way to turn off the content from the mouth breathing masses altogether. Woe is the snooty hardcore gamer.

  41. Pod says:

    When I downloaded this yesterday I couldn’t register. I still can’t.

    Can anyone else? Or have they disabled it until the “proper” release of the demo? I wanna upload my giraffeOCute :(

  42. K says:

    Okay, fine. (Not Work Safe)

    I can’t register either. I’m guessing it’s disabled.

  43. alphaxion says:

    I’ve put my 3 creations so far up for downloading from my site if anyone wants them :)

  44. matt says:

    its not disabled as you dont need to register. just close the register window and you will have two options presented to you.

  45. Pod says:

    Matt: We ment in terms of the Sporepedia. Lots of people have already registered and uploaded stuff (just search for “lljk” on the sporepedia to find all the something awful goons work, for instance). They must have stopped it until tomorrow or whenever the proper release is.

    I’m uploading a snuggly sporified version of my avatar to youtube as I type this. Woop.

  46. alphaxion says:

    well, it appears that google is clearing up the mess of the cock monster invasion.
    Someone told me that the goatse monster video I had on my site is no longer available.
    It’s amazing how fantasy creatures get taken down but brain cell killers such as chris cr*cker remain.

  47. alphaxion says:

    the worlds nightmare made manifest… link to youtube.com