Limbo Compo Terminato

not the winner, but close!

Entries are closed for the Limbo of the Lost Compo, and a winner is picked! I strongly suggest looking through the gallery of entries, as so many are splendid.

The winner? Look below.

Phil White:

A few people came up with the idea of cramming in as many stolen games into one shot, but Phil’s was the one that did it mostly neatly, and he certainly helped himself with a little hint of Mystery P.I.

Congrats Phil – send us your real life address and we’ll get the Mystery Prize to your house. We promise that this time it won’t be explosive.

Special commendation goes to:

Brendan Davis:

I love the use of the awful windowed close-up thing the game does. The only mistake is that the camera isn’t zoomed in insanely close on his nose.

Daniel Sheppard:

This was the first to make me laugh out loud, purely because he’s a giant.

Gábor Kovacs:

Whose only mistake was to not use a game screen.

Max F:

Smoothly done.


For three splendid entries, especially the Guess Who one.

John Leonard:

This one came SO close to winning. It’s hilarious.

And of course Lacero‘s at the top.

Loads of others were brilliant too, so go see.


  1. Lachlan says:

    It’s the UFO screenshot at the top that makes me laugh – I like to imagine him sitting in the Avenger before takeoff, getting very odd looks from the other troops.

  2. Joe says:

    I love the Zork one, but naturally Monkey Island has my special kudos.

  3. gnome says:

    Absolutely hilarious, and frankly I’d vote for the Zork one too.

  4. Ozzie says:

    I thought the Sam & Max was one of the best, because it uses all the interface features, like the close-up.
    The close-up is also from a totally different Sam & Max game, which makes it even better.
    Captures best what’s so wrong about Limbo of the Lost.

  5. Mike says:

    The text one made me laugh out loud!

    I don’t understand why my entry about crysis wasn’t posted, maybe it didn’t get through…

  6. phuzz says:

    From the gallery, Mark’s picture (here), with pretty much every game evar would make perfect cover art…

  7. Mr Pink says:

    I thought Zork was the funniest myself, but I certainly admire the photoshopping in the winner. Congratulations!

  8. John Walker says:

    Mike – did you change the email title for your entry? It might have been missed because of that. Resend it to john@rock… and I’ll add it.

  9. Tom says:

    Speaking of competitions, who won the SINS one?

  10. Mark says:

    Man, even putting Peggle and Trials 2 cameos in my pic couldn’t sway the judging. Tough crowd! ;)

    Congrats to the winner. Loved the Zork one. :)

  11. Mike says:

    John – No, I looked back in my sent items folder and I hadn’t.

    I’ve sent the image to you – cheers

  12. Pidesco says:

    The Zork one should have won.

    Also, I can’t believe all my hard work didn’t even get a special mention.

  13. The Hammer says:

    “Stop right there, criminal scum!” HAHAHAHAHAA!

    Oh my god, but my money has to go to the Football Manager one, with the excellent header from our protagonist.

  14. Fede says:

    Many nice entries indeed, you should make more of these funny compos!

    Football Manager’s was brilliant, and the Starcraft one was probably the most fearsome :D

  15. terry says:

    Great compo, though Mark’s second entry was definitely my favourite (gamespotting item hunt? surely a winner!)

    There is some inherent comedy in that guys stance -like some terrible scarecrow with a passing resemblance to creepy-spreadeagled richard garriott

  16. The Fanciest Of Pants(Max F) says:

    Yay for honorable mention :D

    Totally agree that the zork one is hilarity. My face hurts.

  17. Ackter says:

    Was so hard to stop at 3, so I didn’t.
    Had to restrain myself from sending all the others in as well.

  18. capital L says:

    The Zork one is so god damn funny! It’s the tops in my book.

  19. Phil White says:

    Thanks people. It was a bit underhanded of me to choose a Broken Sword screen with John at the helm, but another adventure game was the obvious thing.

    You’ll have to excuse the errors as I hadn’t used Photoshop in years. I am quite proud of the Bruce figurine though.

    Well done to everyone else. A few of them are definitely funnier than mine; I guess I won the nod for effort.

  20. Lacero says:

    I like the Zork one most, with the indy one a close second.
    Thanks for running the competition RPS :)

  21. Phil White says:

    Ackter’s FM one was my favourite. It’s the way the ball’s clonking off of his head in the close-up.