RPS Asks: Are You Playing An MMO?

Regular readers will probably have figured out that there’s quite a bit of Killing Beasts going on behind the scenes here at RPS, even if we’re not heavy MMO heads. I’m currently juggling Age Of Conan with my usual Eve habits, and worrying about what will happen if Jumpgate Evolution is any good. Alec is probably considering playing World Of Warcraft for another three years, and Kieron has been playing a free Korean MMO, which I’ll be joining him so that we can talk about it a bit later in the week. It’s only John that isn’t virtual’d up at the moment. He’s probably waiting for his reprise as the world’s greatest healer class player in Champions Online, or something.

But that’s enough about us. We want to know about you. Are you playing an MMO? If so which one? (Is anyone playing Horizons, pictured above? Because that frog thing looks ace, even though the game was definitely terrible.) Are you in a guild? Do play endgame stuff? And most importantly of all: which upcoming MMO are you most excited about, and why? (We need to know, so we can pester the right people, you see…)

Speak your brains!


  1. MCHN says:


  2. The Sombrero Kid says:

    i’m playing the mmo where i goto work every day and grind from 9 till 5 and then go home and sleep, it’s rubbish and i’d rather play wow but i can’t afford the money or the time + my girlfriend wont let me :(

  3. davidAlpha says:

    game: EVE online

    Guild: Firmus Ixion alliance – FIX

    Alliance warfare / 0.0 warfare can be seen as “endgame” stuff but I think its more than that.

    Most excited about: eh, … is the dwarven fortress mmorpg coming along anytime soon? No? Ok ill stick with EVE then.

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    The Real Life MMO is too expensive, and bugged.

  5. Ian says:

    Well I’m only about 6 weeks into the first MMO I’ve ever played, World of Warcraft. I’ve yet to touch Burning Crusade and obviously Wrath of the Lich King is coming too so I should be getting my MMO fix for ages yet.

    Especially given that with two mid-level characters (a level 40 Dwarf and level 37 Orc) I’m still still tempted to start more so I can try different classes for different gameplay, even if much of the grinding will be the same.

  6. surprise says:

    No, not playing any at the moment.

    The problem is that more often than not the CORE-Mechanism is just unfun. The seperation to the character to apparent.

    I hope that APB with its racing and gunning can pull me in.
    And maybe I should give Tabula Rasa another try.

  7. fluffy bunny says:

    Not unless you count Guild Wars, which I am soon going to uninstall anyway.

  8. Joe says:

    No. I hate the idea that I have to pay such obscene amounts for a game. I’ve spent hundreds of hours with Baldur’s Gate II and picked that up for £25 and MMOs can’t rival that.

    It is a lose-lose situation for the consumer. Example:

    I buy Age of Conan for £30 and get a month free. I either enjoy it and oblige myself into paying £10 (or whatever) monthly in order to carry on enjoying something I’ve already bought (coming to £120 a year, which is enough for me to buy a new GPU and enjoy games that would actually use the damn thing instead of looking like arse).


    I hate it, don’t renew my subscription and end up paying £30 for a game I can ONLY play for a month. Great.

    It’s horrible because it divides me. What happens if I buy a game for £30, play it and don’t enjoy but then later decide to come back to it? By this point the game world is dead more often than not as the life expectancy of MMOs is so short.

    Or what if I like it, but then cancel for a bit and then decide to come back at a later date? I’ve lost all my progress and am therefore forced to play constantly or not at all.

    Personally, I’ll stick with subscription free games that I can pick up, play, put down and pick up again as and when I wish.

    On the other hand, Twilight Heroes is fun, free and indie:

    link to twilightheroes.com

  9. Dan says:

    I’m still addicted to WoW. Have been for almost 3 years now. I’m leader of a raiding guild, raiding 3 evenings per week, and are currently half way through Black Temple and have cleared Mount Hyjal. That said, it is getting a little boring these days, and I never log on unless it’s a raid night. The grind really is a grind now.

    I’ve been playing a bit of LotRO too when I get the chance. Slowly leveling a character and enjoying the story, especially how they’ve weaved the player’s journey with the Fellowship’s. I don’t think I’ll go for the end game there, though, one guild is more than enough work.

    As for future stuff, I’m obviously really interested in what’s coming in the Lich King expansion for WoW. I’m also looking forward to seeing what BioWare can do with their MMO, and what Turbine are going to do with their wads of cash from Time Warner (although it better not be the rumoured Harry Potter MMO, which sounds horrible).

  10. Radiant says:

    Where do people find the time?

  11. Butler` says:

    Currently AoC whilst I (and the rest of the world) waits for WOTLK.

    You can’t call yourself a PC gamer and not play an MMO these days :\

  12. nakke says:

    Nope, I want to have time to IRC and play other games too.

  13. Fat says:

    I play WoW again, after getting to 56 in AoC and being disappointed in the lack of content at that point of the game.

    @Joe, that’s not really the case. MMOs live on for many years, look… sure some fluctuate, but WoW is almost 4 years old now, Lineage 2 is over 4 (by my count), SWG… i don’t even know, but OLD. Some older ones are around and probably have bigger sub numbers than the latter 2, but i L2 was my first MMO so i haven’t played many that were pre-2004.

    Sure i can see your point though, i have played Jagged Alliance 2 on and off for 9 years now. It was probably the only game i played at all for the first 2 years i had it i think. Cost me about £25.

    But there is a lot more of a feel of progression (imo) in an MMO, even if it realy just a disguised treadmill effect. The social aspect (so many people to play with/fight) adds a lot for me. I value fighting people over AI, which is why i like PvP in any MMO i play.

    But yeah, AoC… i bought it after playing the Closed Beta for quite a few months, had tested many classes and thought it was a pretty good release client. Sadly i never got to 55 in beta, so when i did in release i discovered there was f**k all quests. :/ … so yeah, £25 for 2 weeks play. Though there’s always the option of coming back later, which i may.

    WoW on the other hand has kept me busy in 90% of my gaming time for the past 3.5 years. I compare this to other games (especially offliners) which cost upwards fo £30 in some cases and i complete in a week or 2 anyway. This is one of the reasons i got rid of my 360, i didn’t find much replayability in the games i kept getting for it and thought the online Live stuff was pretty cack… totally not worth the extra money you have to pay to even play a game you already bought, online.

    Anyway, short version : I see your point, but if you’re into the genre and have kept up to date with the progress of the MMO you’re looking at, then you generally won’t be disappointed when it’s released. AoC aside of course. :P

    Edit – Sorry for ramble/walls of text.

  14. Alarik says:

    You can’t call yourself a PC gamer and not play an MMO these days :\
    Why not?

    I don’t play any and don’t plan to play any.

  15. Nick says:

    Still play WoW on occasion. It’s incredibly dull, now, but then I’ve poured hundreds upon hundreds of hours into it, so I can’t really fault it.

    Looking forward to APB!

  16. JoeFreakinRussell says:

    Nope, don’t play any really. If I did, I would go for the ones that look the most fun – City of Heroes/Villains would be the best bet for me. I’ve contemplated buying it many a time, but I could really do with a free trial before I take the plunge. Unfortunately, due to the age of the thing, there doesn’t seem to be any trials around. Anybody please correct me if I’m wrong!

  17. Jim Rossignol says:

    Everyone who isn’t playing an MMO should play MMORPG Tycoon.

  18. Ian says:

    @Radiant: I can’t speak for the people who play the insane amounts of hours, but it’s surprising how fast you can level in WoW just playing an hour or two a day.

  19. Strelok says:

    so why play MMOS?
    aren’t we hardcore enough to do with the real thing – non-graphical interfaced chats like forums and comment threads?

  20. Ben Abraham says:

    I played wow for about 18 months until I stopped to write this little thing called a thesis. Plus I couldn’t seem to find an even half-decent guild, so the timing seemed right to give it up.

    That was about 2 months ago, and I’ve been clean ever since. My name is Ben, and I’m a wow-aholic. =P

    (Not really but I couldn’t resist making the joke.)

    @JR – MMORPG Tycoon is excellent stuff.

  21. roryok says:

    Nope. Hardly get time to game, and when I do it’s to escape the world, not to go meet everyone in it again in elf form.

    That said, I read something last year about a zombie MMO, where all the players were survivors and zombies were AI controlled. THAT would be something I’d play.

    So in closing, maybe I’ve just not so into the orcs and elves thing.

  22. ape says:

    I briefly played Everquest for a little under an hour several years ago. I haven’t played any since and do not plan to. With a myriad of games I should play and the fact that I never finnish them I really don’t see how it could spend time killing virtual monsters and talking in abreviations for hours on end. Besides I played Bioshock and have had my fill of pointless grinding letdowns.

    Edit: EVE looks great by the way.

  23. Gap Gen says:

    Last MMO I played was Planetarion (NationStates doesn’t really count). It was pretty good fun, even when my galaxy erupted into a Germans-vs-Americans civil war and I got to be galactic commander by virtue of being neither American nor German.

  24. 18Rabbit says:

    Since EQ came out I was always in an MMO of some sort but over the last few years that has changed. Maybe I’m just getting old. I would like to try AoC (which I have to upgrade my PC for, but it’s past time for that anyway) but I couldn’t care less about WoW. I think I got to level 47 or so in WoW and it just never really grabbed me.

    I think you guys should largely ignore MMO’s here even though they are PC games. There are hundreds of other sites that cover MMO’s to death. I come here to learn about upcoming PC titles and great PC games that I might have missed and I think that’s what you guys should stick with because you do a great job of it.

  25. ape says:

    I second that 18Rabbit.

  26. MisterBritish says:

    Nope. Looking forward to The Secret World though, since that nice Mr Tornquist is behind it.

    Actually slightly dissapointed that it’s an MMO and not a quality singleplayer adventure. Still, contemporary Lovecraftian setting and ARG stuff in and outside the game should be fun.

  27. Albides says:

    Nope. I don’t do MMOs. I’m not a very social person, and when the social element is removed from an online game, you don’t usually have much left other than grinding and walking around and stuff, which isn’t cool.

    Also, I am a cheapskate and would not pay monthly for the continued enjoyment of a game, no matter how good. Unless it gives me sex.

    I’m actually quite shocked at the low-level of MMO players in this thread. I thought I was some sort of deviant gamer for not playing them.

  28. Mooey Poo says:


  29. PetitPiteux says:

    Playing eve for a couple of month, about to begin pvp (perhaps in FW if my current corp is not up to it), waiting for World of Darkness (yeah, i am not in a hurry), and curious about the upcoming surnatural one from funcom…

    About subscription: it was bothering me before i got into eve, now its ok ^^… There really is a lot of difference from single player (which i still love) and mmo, and having a stable source of income is kind of a necessity for the company. You just have to choose wisely who you give your money to (aka for eve: free client and expansion and a company which you know is not a major there for the money).

    And even $30 for a month is not that bad given the number of single player game you finish in a week end and never touch again

  30. Mooey Poo says:

    I hate games that don’t have a solid conclusion. I well-plotted, tight storytelling where you feel like you’re achieving something, usually against aliens and with a gun. But at least you feel like you’re achieving something.

  31. Mike says:

    I don’t have the time at the moment. I would love to play LOTOR though and may try it this summer when I have more free time.

  32. Jon says:

    I’ve returned to Eve after taking a 3 month break to focus on Uni work + exams. I always intended to come back but especially now that Faction Warfare has come out I’m very happy to be back.

  33. Jonas says:

    I dabbled in Guild Wars a few weeks ago, but other things happened and I kinda lost interest. Now I’ve decided to be excited about Jumpgate for some reason, so we’ll see if that’s any good.

  34. Sanir says:

    I resubscribed to EVE about three months ago, after having played for three months a year ago.

    Not sure I’m going to renew my subscription. I haven’t logged in in the past few weeks except to change skills. I mean, I like the game, but one of the common jokes about EVE is its slow pace. It doesn’t bother me, but I feel that I could be doing other things (playing other games) instead – so I cancel my sub. A year later I’m bored with every “normal” game again because they lack persistence. I don’t want the results of my efforts to disappear when I finish the game, damn it!

    I’ve considered getting into WoW, but I had a Guild Wars stint that lasted about a week last October and I was coming up to an area where I should be at level 20, yet I had barely gotten to 16 – and I just didn’t feel like doing all the quests needed for the XP; they just felt terribly repetitive and boring. I guess I don’t like the fantasy theme.

  35. Saul says:

    I played WoW once at a LAN for about four hours. That pretty much put me off the whole concept. I started playing single-player games while the other guys WoWed the night away.

  36. bowl of snakes says:

    I’ve played EQ, WoW to raiding level and it just became do damn inconvenient to play a game I can’t pause! when friends visit, phones ring, dogs bark, trees grow, shit flies, you either have to be a douche bag to your real friends, or be a douche bag to your imaginary friends in some deep dark cave that are depending on your ass to keep going.

    You have to voluntarily become a shut-in to progress in the end game. People in a nursing home have more vibrant social lives! but, yeah, if i ever end up alone in a nursing home, I might just pick up WoW again. Right now there are still places i want to go, people i want to see, sleep i need to get.

  37. matchday2 says:

    Football Manager Live count as MMO? Because that’s the one I’m waiting to start on MMO’s.

  38. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Nope, none of the MMOGs on offer have grabbed me as yet. Subscription fees are probably the big turn-off, but the fact that sword and sorcery settings don’t do much for me probably doesn’t help either.

    That said, I’m interested in Bioware’s effort and The Secret World (Funcom’s next MMOG) has piqued my interest.

  39. Sam says:

    Having quit Wow, i get my mmo kicks from a dabble in LOTRO being such a fan of the lore. I gave conan a try but i’m though with that now(may go back when they’ve finished it). I wish I hadn’t randomly come across this so i’m actually toying with the idea of giving Vanguard another shot after loving the promise of the beta.

  40. Andthensobecause says:

    Was off WoW for 6 months. Resubscribed for 1. Got some purples. Realized if I wanted to play the game in any kind of progress oriented capacity, I would have to join a guild and start raiding. Couldn’t commit to 15-20hrs of week of set game time when it’s so pretty outside. Unsubscribed.

    Waiting on Love.

  41. Ian says:

    “But at least you feel like you’re achieving something.”

    That’s the one thing that I still don’t like about WoW (and I suspect MMOs as a whole) even though I’m very much enjoying it.

    Me: Yeah, so I just completed this quest where I had to kill a giant! I almost died when I tried it alone so I waited for my friend and we just about did it!

    Other person: Haha, yeah, I remember when I first did that.

    It helps to pretend you really are the first person to have played through some of the stuff, rather than the eight millionth person to have saved/revived a character or killed/stopped a hideous world-ruining beastie.

    But then, similar can happen with single-player games. “Yeah I just ______ “(insert some awesome, cleverly-played way of killing something or doing an objective.)

    Friend: “Really? I just shot it with my pistol.”


  42. Kelduum says:

    Eve Online.

    I’m the Diplomatic Director for Eve University (Ivy League Alliance), so I’m one of the few who get to post on the Official-Shouty-Forums and annoy our enemies with reasoned arguments and better understanding of the mechanics than them.

    For the last 4 years, we’ve trained the new people, and helped them on their way out into Lawless 0.0, Industry friendly Empire space, and now the new Faction Warfare stuff (which is starting to look rather fun), but the 1,000 active Corp members make Eve more of a social thing than anything else.

    I think its safe to say that Eve isn’t like the typical MMO – with around 40,000 people playing it at once, in the same 5,000 or so star-systems, theres a good chance that anything you do (or don’t do) will have a reaction of some kind, even if its not immediately obvious.

    I’ve played Anarchy Online, PlanetSide, City Of Heroes, Starwars Galaxies, WoW, Age of Conan and god knows what else, but not one of them (excluding PlanetSide until they broke it) has managed to keep me this interested.

    I’m coming up to my 2nd year in Eve, and I’m still finding new stuff.

  43. Citizen Parker says:

    I’ve never much cared for MMOs (City of Heroes flirtations aside), but there’s so many now in development I’m looking forward to:
    – The Agency
    – Champions Online
    – CCP World of Darkness (I don’t care for the license – I’ve just heard so many great things about EVE but find myself unable to comprehend it)

  44. Archduke Goose says:

    I play WoW and Eve, currently WoW more than eve, though mainly so I can actually -get- to outland and not be still sitting in the 0-60 areas when Wrath comes out. I don’t really have a preference, though I did drift away from WoW a bit when it got too repetitive, but my penchant for starting 12 characters almost simultaneously didn’t really help with that since there are only so many starting areas. I don’t really bother with PvP and haven’t got to the end-game to have an opinion around its content, but I think I’ll probably drift away from the game once I’ve maxed out levels on the characters I want to, because raids sound a bit too hectic for me.

    As for Eve, I like it a lot, but the occasionally outright hostile community can be a bit much, and I’ve suffered because of its ‘learning cliff’ because asking for any advice on how to actually equip your ship out of the thousands of items available usually just warrants ‘lol l2p’ as a response. How are you supposed to know whether you want a shield relay over a passive resist buff over a regenerator? Also quite miffed to see that I hadn’t grinded enough faction rep to even participate in the expansion content yet, which stings like it stung to find out I couldn’t get my troll to ride a chocobo because silvermoon didn’t like me enough :( That said, I far prefer the sense of scale in Eve, and I really like that you can fly the bigger ships, and oddly in contrast to WoW, one of the reasons I wanted to play Eve in the first place (except the wholly natural urge to charge ones lasers and pew pew all over the enemy) was to get involved in the 0.0 pvp warfare and scheming.

  45. cyrenic says:

    Not playing any MMO’s right now. (I quit WoW about a year ago after I realized they weren’t going anywhere with the new expansions.)

    Greatly looking forward to Warhammer Online.

  46. cliffski says:

    all MMos have become tedious cynical level grinds.
    I don’t see the appeal of MMos where the only thing that matters is ‘leveling up’.
    When people pay other people to play the game for them, you know something is wrong.

  47. Matthew Gallant says:

    Played FFXI for two years, and got way too into it. HNMs, Dynamis, Sea, Sky, all of it. It ended up eating away way too much of my life, said good riddance and quit cold.

    I doubt I’d ever play another MMORPG, but if I ever succumb to a new one I’d at least have the good sense to take it very casually.

  48. Matt says:

    Another Evewhore here, for which I’m blaming you and your coverage of Trinity last year, JR.

    I played a bit of GW back in the day but never got into it ‘properly’ – joining a guild of strangers and PvPing etc. – it was closer to just sitting on my sofa with friends and playing co-op. In that sense, EVE is the first MMO I’ve really played, possibly because I find the general crowd more likeable. Yes, I’m a snob.

    MMOs are more enjoyable because of the sense of achievement – you’re achieving where others can see it, not just in your own sealed off world – but that’s the same reason why they suck up so much time. I sometimes find it difficult to relax in front of my 360 when I think of all the ISK I could be making instead…

    bowl of snakes: agreed. It’s always annoying to have to back away from a PvP fight to answer the phone, and then I hate myself for feeling annoyed at real friends for interrupting a game.

  49. Matt N says:

    No. I’ve never really found them appealing, too much grinding, not enough… everything else. I played WoW for a couple of months and EVE for a 2 week trial, but neither really hooked me.

  50. Sal says:


    Real Life…sucks
    DDO…no guild
    AoC….No guild