Va-va-Vroom: French Street Racing

Do you like France? Are you crazy-excited by Streets? And does the idea of racing send you a-shiver? Well, it’s safe to say, that today is going to be the most exciting day for you since that time you ran down a seedy rue in paris, naked, screaming, glad to be alive, just glad. Team6 have released a demo of their self-explanatory French Street Racing. It’s about the streetracing champions of Nice, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse and Lyon getting together and racing. In streets. And you have to beat them. In a Race. A Street Race. 230Mb. You can get it from here. And some grabs beneath the cut to illustrate the game’s Gallic charms.

Click to make bigger.

So. Street-racing in France, it seems.


  1. rob says:

    So not a story about Starcraft, then?

  2. Frans Coehoorn says:

    How funny: they are from my home town of Assen, The Netherlands! Never thought they would end up at RPS! ;)

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    There was something weird going on with the Starcraft 2 post. No idea why. I’ve expunged it.

  4. PsyW says:

    Expunged is an excellent word.

    So… it’s a bit of an uninspiring name, to be honest… They need to put more points into their ‘marketing’ skill.

  5. Inglorion says:

    I can still read the SC2 story on Google Reader, but was there a video somewhere?

  6. qp says:

    there were two sc2 videos from gametrailers, but they were non-functional for me. also, gt does not (no longer?) have any recent sc2 videos. maybe that was an expungement on blizzard’s behalf? :)

    er… and those cars look nice

  7. liam says:

    sweet man itis not a streetcar store