The Staring Eyes of Spore

The Eyes have it and I have the eyes. Well, I don’t, but Kel Lind of Buttonbasher does. He’s had the full Spore Creator since Friday and has painstakingly provided grabs of all the bits and bobs in the full version. “I figured that your readers might want to check it out, if they’re on the fence on whether to purchase or stick with the demo,” says Kel, figuring correctly. Initial RPS response to them: a tad disappointed by the legs, but bar that, win!


  1. datter says:

    All in favor say…

  2. Chris Evans says:

    The arms and legs are the only things that I feel let the it down. Some of those hands and mouths are awesome though :D

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the full version of this bad boy!

  3. KLind says:

    I’m a bit disappointed with the painting options as well. I wish you could paint individual parts not just pick a paint skin. I want my Max to have a pink nose!
    link to

  4. Cargo Cult says:

    Don’t forget you can resize joints (and often muscles) on the existing legs!

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    Cargo: That’s the problem. You may as well have given one leg, as you can turn all legs into all other legs by tweaking. None of the legs are “different”.


  6. Vasara says:

    To me, some of the legs look like they have multiple joints. Most of them appear very similar though, unless the shape changes radically when scaled.

    Some of those mouths look flippin’ sweet though.

  7. Matu says:

    It seems to me that some of those legs have more joints though.

  8. El Stevo says:

    They are slightly different, just not very noticeably so. The hind leg ones might come in useful.

  9. Noc says:

    I’m liking the lamprey mouths. And it’ll be cool to get some proper wings.

  10. Matt says:

    Acquiring the full Spore creator will mean using EA’s digital download service I assume? I think I will wait for the game if that is the case.

  11. Cigol says:

    Can someone confirm when this will be available exactly? Today?

  12. Pod says:

    KG & co:
    If you mousewheel over the FLESH rather than the JOINT of a leg, it bluks up the muscle. Compare thundercalf in the demo to the other ones. Notice that when bulked up it looks like a calf muscle, whereas the others still look like blobs?

    Still, it’s not that radical a different I suppose.

  13. BonSequitur says:

    You can make limbs with a near-limitless number of joints. Just hold control while holding a limb, and it’ll attach to the joints of any other limb.

    My biggest gripe is that real tentacles are not available, which makes baby Cthulhu angry.

    And I think it comes out at midnight, June 17th CST. But don’t quote me on that.

  14. Pod says:

    link to
    I saw that in the SA thread. It’s a trainer that allows you not to max out on complexity. If it deletes your computer or something, don’t blame me.


  15. Zed says:

    No tentacles, no squid/octopus beak. :o/ Sign me next to the grumpy people.

  16. Dan says:

    “Acquiring the full Spore creator will mean using EA’s digital download service I assume? I think I will wait for the game if that is the case.”

    You can buy the Creature Creator in the shops on Friday. Game are advertising it on their website for £5, same as on the EA site.

  17. K says:

    I think most people are going to reach a point where they want more control over individual parts; bigger teeth within a mouth, claw length, more flexible painting, turning off symmetry, and, of course, the moans they make when they’re acting like bonobos. (NSFW)

    I didn’t notice hair, did they have hair?

  18. Donald Duck says:

    Buttonbasher on RPS? Where IS the world coming to!
    See you on Zog you buttonbasher you.

  19. Cigol says:

    Hah, that’ll teach me to buy anything from EA directly. Other places have already gotten the game legally but EA are delaying theirs until tonight… which ends up being Tomorrow for us in the UK.

    Brilliant service.

  20. Malagate says:

    Dooh silly EA, I wanted to buy the full creator creator tonight but looks like a little longer to wait, le sigh.

    I can at least spend the time making more creatures, or looking at the galaxy on the Spore beginning screen and spinning it really fast so that the face of God appears…
    (click on the middle part and try it).

  21. Yargh says:

    The muscles on the different legs show quite a big variation when you start bulking them up.

    Brawnysaurus remains a simple tube, Phatella seems more like a chicken drumstick while Thundercalf grows to juicing body-builder shapes.

    For a good example build a long horizontal body, place one set of each leg, grow the hip joint a lot and expand the muscles.

    A brief look at the arms shows similar variations. Not to mention that you can pull the hands off arms and add feet to turn them into legs as well. And the arms don’t have the same muscle distribution as the legs.

  22. Ian says:

    link to

    That’s my favourite effort of mine so far.

    I had scoffed at the idea of buying the full version but I can see the limited options of the free demo not sating my Dr. Frankenstein needs. :(

  23. Thomas Lawrence says:

    I decided on impulse (more fool me) to buy the full version of this via EA’s download store. Thus far, it crashes every time I try to run it. Updating graphics drivers didn’t help. Surveying EA’s troubleshooting site reveal that the game can conflict with…. EA’s own Download Manager.

    So not only does this program sit on my computer ensuring I have correct DRM authorisation to run the game I bought, it actually prevents said game from working while it is installed. EA love finding new ways to plumb the depths of suck.

    Apparently I can uninstall the EA Download Manager. I’ll let you know if that works.

  24. Thomas Lawrence says:

    It did.