As You Wish

Just one more thing.

The demo of casual-me-do incarnation of The Princess Bride is available for your trialing pleasure. Worldwide Biggies‘ release is a kids’ game, and being casual, of course it’s all very familiar. By some sort of miracle there’s no match-3, but the other two staples are present and correct. It does, however, feature some original cast members. Details below.

I swear his riddles in the film were better than anagrams.

The misery of Diner Dash appears as a series of chore-completing games with Westley rushing around after the Princess. Which means you’re doing chores, rather than playing a game, and sigh, etc. Battle Of The Wits is a standard quiz game on all manner of subjects. Aimed at kids, they’re too easy to be fun for the grown ups, but ideally pitched at the target audience. The Fire Swamp is a very primitive platform game, where you control Westley and the Princess individually, crossing through swampy scenes that slowly elaborate in difficulty.

Purple and yellow make purpleyellow.

Miracle Max, the game they’ve been pushing the most, is a Mystery PI sort of thing, and thus immediately wins me over because I’m clinically insane and can’t resist these things. It takes it a stage further by asking you to mix coloured potions in a cauldron. Finally, Storming The Castle is a slightly more confusing game that involves clicking on items in the intro and outro scenes of the other games, and putting them into some sort of Rube Goldberg device.

Showing up for voice work duties are the Princess herself, Robin Wright Penn, the always excellent Mandy Patinkin (hands up who’s seen Elmo’s Adventures In Grouchland, eh?) as Inigo Montoya, and in a move that means I can tell a bunch of cynical RPS readers to stuff off, Wallace Shawn as Vizzini. See! I TOLD you that the “Inconceivable!” was spot on. Because it was him. And you’re all stupid now. Go and sit in the stupid corner. (Also, if it’s not Cary Elwes as Westley, then it’s an astonishingly fine impression).

The happiest day of her life.

The demo lasts approximately six seconds, so if you want to get a taste of each game type, don’t stick with them for too long. If you want the full thing, you can get it here.

Oh, and whatever unearthly horror “Clique Girlz” might be, their song, Incredible, appears at the start.


  1. KBKarma says:

    This fills me with foreboding. Also, hindboding, eightboding, and illboding. Sounds like they’re planning on a remake of the film. Hope not.

    Sounds… interesting, to say the least. Except for that “Clique Girls”… thing.

    I would do some lamb-basting, but I need sleep before work.

  2. wyrmsine says:

    You know, I might get this on the strength of Patinkin’s performance in “Elmo’s…” alone. Wicked supervillainy.

  3. Phil says:

    Game seems meh, but let’s all buy 17 copies of this each, maybe it’ll cause the developers to get proactive, kidnap William Goldman and force him at knife point to finish Buttercup’s Baby, which they can then adapt into a sequel while we all get to read the book.

  4. Rementoire says:

    Tsk. Stephen King, shurely?

  5. Phil says:


    The fact Stephen King STILL gets long, occasionally aggressive begging letters to release the rights is one of my favourite features of contemporary literature.

  6. Rementoire says:

    Last time I checked, he even includes an explanation in the FAQ on his official website. Though I suspect 90% of those doing the asking do know and just think they’re being really bloody funny.

  7. Ubernutz says:

    The Princess Bride was the sweetest movie ever. The game had no chance, it could never compare.

  8. cyrenic says:

    As one of those cynical RPS readers, I’ll go sit in the corner now :D. I think I’m just scarred from the voice acting from the terrible mini-game that was on the newest Princess Bride DVD release.

  9. Ian Dorsch says:

    “Clique Girlz”

    Angels and ministers of grace defend us.

  10. Zeus says:

    Do they not understand that their target audience is pushing 30?

    This is a game based on a beloved 80s fantasy movie. Not “based on” as in “completely reimagined for a new generation” — these characters look exactly like they did in the film. Since the minigames probably aren’t all that compelling on their own, the main reason to buy this thing is that you grew up screaming INCONCEIVABLE!

    It’s fine to have a kiddy mode to play with your daughter or something, but “too easy to be fun for the grown ups”?


    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go download and probably register a copy. o_o

  11. pharoutboy says:

    i was skeptical, but i actually like this game! the animation is the best i’ve ever seen in a game and the games are fun. miracle max’s lair is trippy and cool to watch, my daughter and i played for what seemed like forever. then i played by myself and had a great time. needless to say i did download it…