The King of Limbo-oooooh!

The King... of Limbo!
You know, with the mass covering of Limbo of the Lost’s fallout, we knew it’d take something pretty impressive to make us blog about it some more, at least this quickly. Like the whole of Majestic Games’ team turning up at our house and giving an interview. But we were wrong. Picked up from Qt3, I find someone’s uploaded the end video of Limbo of the Lost. It’s quite the thing.

The pianist is possibly the scariest thing I’ve seen in my life.


  1. KBKarma says:

    Oh. Oh dear.

    There are tears in my eyes.

    Admittedly, the NPCs are in perfect harmony! Of course, the fact that they’re all voiced BY THE SAME PERSON might have something to do with that…

  2. Dodobird says:

    What makes this even better is that I’m fairly certain it all takes place in one of the stolen Oblivion rooms. I wonder where they got the piano from?

  3. Captain Briggs says:

    …Is it wrong if I sing along…?

  4. Mooey Poo says:

    Is “limbo” defined as a place where you can only move your head?

  5. Paul S says:

    I’ve watched this four times now.

    I think there’s something wrong with me…

  6. Keeyai says:

    I’ve watched this four times now.

    I think there’s something wrong with me…

    I think so too

  7. PaulMorel says:

    f-ing classic.

    If this was really in the game, the only question I have is this: who played all the way through to find this?

  8. Mr. Brand says:

    Uwe Boll is busy working on the Great Giana Sisters movie right now, but will proceed to his take on Limbo of the Lost once shooting ends.

  9. KindredPhantom says:

    I can’t describe my thoughts after watching that video.
    But i don’t want to watch it again.

  10. sinister agent says:

    Damn you all, I’ve had this bloody song in my head ALL DAY.