The Sunday Papers

I love you, booze, but why do you hurt me so?
Ah, Sunday. As anyone who follows my twitter will know, I’m battling through a hangover. And while for normal men, a Sunday hangover involves bacon, tea and similar, mine also involves compiling a list of interesting semi-cereberal links for you to lead and resist linking to some music thing. Probably. Anyway – Sunday Papers: ACTIVATE!

  • How much do you know about the musician behind Portal megahit Jonathan Coulton? Not enough, I dare say. In which case, I point you in the direction of the AV Club’s recent fun interview. You won’t know much more, but you’ll know some random stuff on his ipod. Go read.
  • New site the Irish Gamers have an interview with Chris Livingstone, the webcomics author of Concerned. I did a screenshot comic once for Gamer. It’s more work than you may think. At least to make any good, which I totally failed.
  • I don’t link to John Harris’ Rogue-variants column at Game Set Watch, @ Play, enough. Let’s sort that out – in this one he’s looking at the absolute roots of the genre, including the Roguelike Restoration Project ‘s attempt to gather these old and almost lost binaries. Also, lots about SuperRogue, which has a splendid name.
  • Gamasutra interviews Nude Maker’s Hifumi Kouno. You may know him best for his involvement with Steel Battalions, Capcom’s XBox robot-game-with-ridiculously-expensive program. What’s he been up to recently? Sex PC Games: “titles. As part of writing scenarios, it’s very important to understand human behavior. You have to address the basics of human feeling and motivation. The sexual urge and sexual motives are absolutely a core part of human behavior and a really primal urge. I think we can’t forget that. I don’t want us to forget that part of ourselves.”
  • Actually, I’m so hungover I can’t do this any more. I’m going to play Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic instead.
  • Sorry.
  • Oh yeah – I found myself in a strange mid-nineties flashback this week, and had to listen to Shining In the Wood by Tiger about forty times. Stereolab meets Bis, they never got any better, but there’s no shame in that



  1. Him says:

    Thanks for those roguelike restoration links; I haven’t touched one since I battled through my nethack addiction, but I think I’m strong enough to pick one up casually now.
    In return, some nice dreampop – ‘Peoria’ by Airiel link to

  2. Nick says:

    ADOM is my favouritist rogue-like ever.

  3. ascagnel says:

    Thank you for the roguelike links!! I just recently bought a new laptop (not for gaming, I have my desktop for that) and as it’s a Mac, nothing I have save games ending in -craft work on it. So I’ve been looking for good roguelikes.

    Also, a warning to all Dwarf Fortress-ers with laptops: don’t even try. It uses the 10-key pad far too much.

  4. Mo says:

    A valiant attempt given your hungover state Kieron, but you missed this … Gamasutra interviews PopCap. It’s a bit good:

    link to

  5. Zuffox says:

    You should update your Twitter portrait. Beard Man.

  6. Servitor says:

    I hear that drinking more (a LOT more) and Twittering about it cures hangovers.

    No, really!

  7. Andy Simpson says:

    Speaking of Mr Coulton, who’s going to see him on his forthcoming UK tour? I’m going to be seeing him in London.

  8. wcaypahwat says:

    Ahh, I should get back into Shadow Magic. Nothing like assaulting an enemy stronghold with an army of demonic penguins.

  9. noggin says:

    my mate Ed played drums on that Tiger track :)

  10. Xagarath says:

    There are few better ways to spend a sunday than Shadow Magic.
    Of course, it also spends the monday. And the tuesday, and indeed, the rest of the following week.

  11. Kieron Gillen says:

    Just finished a game. Ah, bless it. I’ve been meaning to go back to it for about 2 years now.


  12. Himself says:

    Is Chris’s second name really spelled like ‘LivingstonE’?

  13. Alex says:

    Not according to Concerned. But hey, who knows. He might not know how to spell his own name.

  14. terry says:


    Edit: The one constant through the years has been baseball.

    Wasn’t there an article about LOTR: Battlefront here?

  15. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    –“Gamasutra interviews Nude Maker’s Hifumi Kouno.”

    AV King? Sounds familiar. … Oh, my.

  16. Chris Livingston says:

    It’s Livingston. No ‘E’. But thanks for linking the interview!