Red Faction Guerrilla Footage

Destructo-scenery specialists Volition have been talking about their new game, the third Red Faction title, including an explanation of their reasons for pulling the camera into third-person. Apparently it makes seeing all that destruction a little more satisfying. What we know so far is that it’s going to be an “open-world shooter” set on Mars, so there’s a little less linearity to your smashing of glass, shattering of concrete, and other Martian geo-mod guerrilla behaviour.

That footage beyond the click.

But will it actually be a good game this time? Hmm. We should find by “Q1 2009”, apparently.


  1. aldo says:

    Pff. Cater to your early fanbase of Freespace first, please….

    (also – Mercenaries in space. Not a bad idea, but not stunningly original).

    (Mercenaries as in the PS2/Xbox game, of course)

  2. The_B says:

    Was I the only person dissapointed to watch this video and not see robot gorillas?


  3. Okami says:

    “We wanted to show off our character this time.”

    If you really need to show off your character, you could at least try to make him a little bit memorable. The guy looks like every other bland standard action game character..

  4. TychoCelchuuu says:

    Looks butt ugly but lots of fun. Open world + blow stuff up = how can you fail?

  5. Poo Bear says:

    Story sounds like the Red/Green/Blue Mars book trilogy. That’s no bad thing though. Could this be “Stalker on mars”? I hope so :)

  6. Mooey Poo says:

    I remember being hugely excited about the first two, and then reading reviews that made me just cry.
    Soldier of Fortune was good though. When’s that going to get a sequel set on fucking Mars?

  7. indirectx says:

    ugh, does it really have to be open world or am I the only one yearning for a bit of mindless linearity?

  8. Lukasz says:

    Leveling down whole town during an intense fight seems kinda fun in my books. Hope the game delivers what it promises.

  9. Danfishblue says:


    I think Interplay own the rights to Freespace so Volition can’t do anything. I think.

    Something about this game reminds me of Far Cry 2…

  10. Commando says:

    That looks like some damn good destruction.

    Weird that they made a lead character who looks just like a regular background NPC.

  11. Zhal says:

    It certainly looks fun, but what makes me wonder is that why terrain isn’t affected? It certainly was in the original Red Faction.
    Even more weird is that Fracture’s engine only affects the terrain, but buildings/etc are still solid.

    Combine these two games and we’d have even more fun.

  12. Valentin Galea says:

    They changed the perspective to show the destruction more yada yaha

    Yeah right! It’s the money money;)

  13. elle says:

    I remember having tons of fun with Red Faction 1, in that a friend and I would load up infinite life and rockets, jump down pits to where we weren’t supposed to be, and work together to blast out ways to climb out. I remember one especially epic bridge/staircase made by carving up a 50-foot wall with rockets and blasting a fragment of an overhead girder until it fell.

    The game itself… not so good.

  14. Sandwich Tzar says:

    If resi 4, gears, and a host of sucky 3rd person shooters have taught us anything, it’s that you can only get away with making us stare at a dude’s ass for 15 hours if he has gorgeous floppy hair or he’s incredibly butch.
    I don’t see it as being a sell-out move though. Halo and CoD are both first person and made insane amount of money.

  15. X23 says:

    I don’t know about this game. The destruction looks cool, and the open world aspect could be cool, but I also noted how generic the character they wanted you to see was (Although maybe they made his personality enjoyable, and have good writers)

  16. spd from Russia says:

    looks promicing

  17. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    @ Zhal
    I wonder why LucasArts doesn’t use DMM for that.

  18. ZenArcade says:

    I hope it’s as “open” as it says it is. Free form gameplay coupled with destructable terrain could be brill!

  19. Nuyan says:

    “We wanted to show off our character this time.”

    Hah, don’t they mean they want it to be mostly a console friendly game instead? Or isn’t it announced for consoles as well?

  20. Simon says:

    Well, ‘Mercenaries’ on Mars if we’re lucky. It could become ‘Just Cause’ on Mars.

    “Buildings fall down realistically”, like that’s a selling point. “Buildings blow up awesomely”, that’s a selling point. And they don’t need a physics engine as Earth Defence Force/Global Defence Force and such have shown.

  21. Larington says:

    I must admit, I have this sneaking suspicion that the move to third person was partly motivated by either A) Its becoming the ‘done’ thing in games all of a sudden, or more likely:
    B) The executive who decides whether we get a milestone paycheck or not told us to make it third person.

    I feel the need to echo the statement that the character needs to be quite interesting or at least well written if they are going to make this move to third person perspective.

  22. andy says:

    can’t wait, been a huge void in the destructible arena since the first game came out.

  23. Caiman says:

    Volition needs to follow NIN’s approach, break from its publisher, and develop Freespace 3 for its fans! I realise that’s about as likely as Looking Glass reforming and developing Thief 4, but I can dream.

  24. Unspeakable Horror says:

    I’m only posting here to say that I want Freespace III too.
    That is all. Thank you.

  25. Chaz says:

    I didn’t like the previous Red Faction games but this one looks pretty good fun. Although it might loose some of its wow factor once Mercenaries 2 comes out ahead of it. Which promises much the same sort of action and destructible buildings etc.

  26. Heliocentric says:

    They were really desperate to argue in favour of 3rd person werent they? if it was the right thing to do, they could just shut up about it, but no? I think they know they have done wrong to make it more popular.

  27. Kommissar Nicko says:

    I never played Red Faction 2, but I remember that Red Faction 1, while fun, fell into the generic:
    Flunky 1: “Guy whose name starts with a ‘P’! Go out there and take on the entire weight of [insert foeman] by yourself! Here’s a [pistol?]”
    Flunky 2: “Lookout!”
    (Flunkies die. All, exeunt.)

    I just can’t remember in which franchise your guy was named “Patterson,” but I remember Red Faction was “Parker.”

  28. aldo says:

    I think Interplay own the rights to Freespace so Volition can’t do anything. I think.

    Yeah, but on the other hand interplay have about 5p and some lint to rub together nowadays, so I can still dream.

    (actually, someone doing a nice linear FS/Wing commander-alike space shooter replete with huge explosions and huger spaceships – or vice versa – would be enough for me)

  29. Caiman says:

    Yeah, but they could take a leaf from Irrational’s book and call it Biospace or something. We’d all get it.

    Incidentally, the best part of Red Faction was the bit that was left from Descent 4.

  30. jtrain36 says:

    if you read game informer you’ll see that the character in those screen shots of the article have a different looking character. maybe you’ll be able to customize him. idk

  31. direFRAG says:

    God.. After playing demo RF1.. and RF1 since December of 2001, and still playing that tired-old game, THIS looks better than the alternatives. I could give less of a flip about the character or plot.. in multi-player for PC, I just wanna turn it on.. select a server.. and kill things.. cool.

    Now.. the loss of character advantage, such as the skinny chicks and the exteneded armor of the suits for some – that’s good. Hopefully some thought went into limiting weapon capability – like the precision rifle’s abililty to shoot hyper-fast with hardware mods.

    All in all, this is cool.

    -|xR|- direFRAG – Red Faction PC – 7 year veteran