Eurogamer: Mythos

Definitely not a Gnome. No.

Half the planet might be getting its knickers of skeleton slaying +1 in a twist about whether or not Blizzard will announce Diablo 3 this weekend, but it’s worth remembering we won’t be left starving of slick, hacky-slashy action-RPG treats if it isn’t. I’ve been tooling around in the Mythos beta lately, and Eurogamer have given me enough jelly beans to coax a preview out of me.

Mythos is a fascinating wee thing – as well as it quite clearly chasing both the Diablo and WoW audience, Flagship Studio’s reputation fair hangs on it after Hellgate went a bit awry. Plus, it’s one of them free to play affairs. There’s quite the chance it’ll absolutely massive. Find out a bit more about it, and how it’s changed dramatically in the last few weeks, over yonder.


  1. The Hammer says:

    Twas a nice preview, Alec, and piqued my interest. Like I said on my comment on the actual piece, hopefully the interface complaints I had about Hellgate are gone here. From what I can tell from the screens, it does seem to be, so hurray!

    Definitely looking forward to it.

  2. Xagarath says:

    Consider me interested.
    If they’ll let me into the beta, anyhow.

  3. Ian says:

    This actually looks like fun, and when it’s free there’s no good reason not to give it a shot.

    Especially given that they at least make you feel powerful from the start, which is something I like in games.

  4. Al3xand3r says:

    You mention Fate is free there. It’s actually 20 euros.
    link to
    Tis fun though.

  5. Thomas says:

    Drawn by the ovewhelming positive reaction to this little game, I managed to get into the closed beta right in time for the open world update. I was really surprised by how boring, tedious and unsocial the game was. Seriously, at least at early levels, everybody plays this game solo. The gameplay is really monotonous.
    Maybe I’m just not an rpg player, others seem to be enjoying themselves.
    If anyone wants an account, give me your email and I’ll send you the password.

  6. Alexandros says:

    I wouldn’t call this an RPG but [your opinion is different to mine]. By the way, people spend their time mostly solo even in WoW up until maybe lvl 20.

    But I doubt this grows to be so social anyway, anyone who’s played Diablo (not an RPG either) knows what to expect from this.

  7. Thomas says:

    Well, I played through a bunch of (admittedly single-player) RPGs when I was 14-16 actually, but stupid grinding is a problem that most of them have, and as I got older, the being-bored part got bigger than the yay-new-level-and-loot part. The strategic part was always the best, and the Baldurs Gate series has that as well as a great story, I just still don’t understand what’s great about diablo.

  8. Alexandros says:

    What kind of RPGs are we talking about? I never felt the need to grind in any of the true classics (Ultima series, Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, etc), as you usually got buffed enough for the challenges ahead on your way through, unless we’re talking some kind of lightweight final fantasy linear adventure esque non RPG stuff here (edit, I guess we aren’t then since you mention BG).

    But really, I fail to see how you’d make the connection between Diablo clones and RPGs regardless of what type you actually played all those very many years ago when you were 14-16. Diablo was just glorified roguelike lacking (majorly) in gameplay and gaining in graphics (at the time, and still, since most good roguelikes are ascii based).

    Off topic… I’d love for Diablo 3 to be an actual multiplayer roguelike now that I mentioned that… Imagine Nethack inspired kind of depth and variety with great 3D graphics and a modern interface (and I guess toned down difficulty and loads more gear and classes than D1 & 2 & clones put together) and real time (duh) but still very tactical combat… *(non RPG) drool*

  9. Jim Rossignol says:

    This is why people use the “action” prefix when talking about these kinds of games. Action-RPG.

    We accept that they are different from Ultima, Fallout and so on.

  10. Alexandros says:

    And that is why I only argue when they don’t use the “action” prefix or similar. Also, why was my post before the previous edited again? I edited it in a pretty civil manner just stating my own personal opinion and not generalising anybody’s overall worth to society or the world, and such edit is uncalled for considering the kind of insults I’ve seen thrown around here at various times, even though I can understand why it was edited the first time and I would have edited it myself anyway.

  11. Thomas says:

    Diablo clones call themselves Action RPGs, so that’s the term I used, tragically without the A. I can understad how it upsets you when I say that Mythos’s problems are typical for all rpgs, but honestly, If you don’t think that the BG and FO series had stupid fetchquests that made the good parts too rare, you are beeing nostalgic, not realistic.

  12. Alexandros says:

    All games have filler content that can extend the experience if one is willing to, and often times when one’s not willing to either, but I wouldn’t use the term grinding as it indicates an overall gameplay style. Besides, if it annoyed you that much you could skip a lot of it (ok, not all of it) by not doing any side quests. Not that Bioware’s RPGs are my favorite, Planescape: Torment and Fallout were far superior for example. Not to mention there’s absolutely NO game, RPG or otherwise, that couldn’t do with being at least a little bit shorter and keeping fun at higher levels throughout because of ditching un needed parts. But I wouldn’t call all games grind fests. Maybe you would, okay then, we can agree to disagree.

  13. Thomas says:

    I shouldn’t answer to you, since you try to make me and what I say look dumb instead of arguing normally, but hey, let’s end this in style: Stupid filler content bugs me in all games, bit it’s most aparrent to me in (A)RPGS, and that’s why I don’t play much of them anymore. that’s all I’m saying, sorry if feelings were hurt.

  14. Chris R says:

    Man, I spent 2-4 years on Diablo 2, just farming for better items with my friends (gotta find that Vex rune to make my Runeword, etc, etc), so Mythos is something I’ve been keeping an eye on for the last year. I signed up for the beta last year but haven’t gotten in yet. :(

    Still, this sounds like amazing fun! Can’t wait to run around with a group of 3 or so friends, causing havoc with the pyromancer (mage types FTW!).

  15. EyeMessiah says:

    Looks good, let us know when its ready to play.

  16. KingMob says:

    I tried out Dungeon Runners the other day and was very disappointed. Here’s hoping Mythos is vastly superior.

  17. neoanderthal says:

    mythos was a lot more interesting before they started off on the ‘overworld’ concept.
    before, it was a nice fast-paced hack-n-slash that happened to feature good grouping, and a few shared areas to meet up with people from all over the world and run instanced dungeons. my girlfriend and i have beta accounts, and we spent a lot of time playing – simple hack and slash, but without your mates trying to steal your loot ;)
    now it’s a typical MMO slog through the wilderness, watching other people online wade through mobs of monsters and hoping to get clear of that area before the critters respawn and tie you up en route to whatever instanced dungeon you’re off to. it’s horribly boring in the ‘overworld’, and seeing as that is the direction that flagship intends to take Mythos, we aren’t really interested in playing now. neither of us have logged on in a month, where we used to play 3 or 4 days a week. it was a diablo 2 plus game – beatiful graphics, some cool concepts, and simple fast-paced gameplay. with the overworld, it’s boring and frustrating.

  18. Jacques says:

    Dear god I can’t stand the art direction of that game. Played for an hour and I’d had enough.

  19. Chris R says:

    Neoanderthal: Can’t you by-pass the overworld and head directly for an instanced dungeon (either solo or with a group of friends)? And when I say “by-pass” I mean “run by all the monsters.”

  20. bleeps says:

    I agree with neoanderthal, the addition of the overworld made Mythos a lot more generic and a lot less fun.

  21. neoanderthal says:

    well, navigating the Overworld can be tricky. The ‘map’ doesn’t show you the locations of sites with any particular granularity, so you end up making wrong turns and running around in circles. I understand that there’s been some work done on the map, but I haven’t seen it – it’s possible it’s not as bad as it was.
    An example – my girlfriend and I were playing in a dungeon we happened upon while wandering around. it was a few levels higher than either of us, but we thought it would be a decent challenge. I ended up getting killed in there, and it literally took me 15 minutes to figure out where I had been when I died, and get back there. No grave marker, nothing on the map to indicate the point I’d died, and no way to get back there, except the long way. No way to ‘party-portal’ to her – just a long run back from town through the aforementioned mobs of creatures. Not my idea of fun at all…

  22. The Discordian says:

    I’m the above-mentioned g/f to neo’s post. I was in love with Mythos, and now just I’m bored. Imagine Pre-NGE SWG (the magnitude of change rather than a statement on actual gameplay & UI), and you’ve about got it. It was great to party up with the two of us. Now, it’s just slogging through mobs that respawn in thirty seconds or less (great for farming the named mobs that pop in same exact spot over and over again) to get to instance maps that show me as somewhere off the top left corner of the map when I’m inside them. A mediocre WoW clone at best. I think we’re sticking to HG:L for as long as it lasts.

  23. Chris R says:

    I’m sure they’re working on a fix for the problems you described then (grave markers, better map, party portals, etc)… Those issues seem way to annoying to be left the way it currently is. even HG:L has party portals and grave markers, etc, etc, I’m sure Flagship will eventually implement those basic things into Mythos… right? Right? :(

  24. Alec Meer says:

    Spoke to one of the devs today. It’s early days for the Overworld, by the sound of it. I’d probably agree it’s currently a less distinctive approach than before, but I suspect we’ll see a fair bit of change from it yet.

  25. neoanderthal says:

    @Alec: It is very early in the Overworld development, as the devs continue to assure us on the forums. I simply don’t understand the need to move from the fast-paced, click-to-kill, quirky-race-selection game it was to what they’re trying to turn it into. The devs state, per forums, that they’re doing what players wanted. I hadn’t realized so many people who played it wanted to turn it into Yet Another MMO In The Successful WoW Vein. There are guilds and crafting and all sorts of stuff on the ‘Olde Beta’ game (which is actually what is running on their “production” servers (not sure what else to call them – it’s a beta test, but it’s not their test-center server, as it’s running overworld)) The Overworld just extends a neo-hippie-socialize-while-traipsing-through-the-evil-forest mentality from instanced towns into everywhere but dungeons.
    Hopefully it will roll in some of the fun stuff that is present in what is now termed ‘old beta’ by the overworld fans.

    @chris – i’m sure they’ll address those things. right now they’re working a lot on making the tiles they used to ‘paint’ the overworld seamless, and fixing glitches with character race/class, stuff like that. As Alec mentioned, it’s very early yet, though further development on the ‘Olde Beta’ has been abandoned, I believe.

  26. James says:

    THOMAS – if you are still giving out your account I’d love to give this game a shot. Frescogear@[NoSpam)