First-person shooty: Huxley In-Game Footage

Following on from yesterdays Huxley news we have some actual in-game scenes in a video after the hop. It turns out that it really does look a lot like Unreal Tournament 3… Not that this is a bad thing, of course, but it is going to put some serious emphasis on the rest of its “massively multiplayer” game being something special.

Phwoar, eh readers?



  1. Al3xand3r says:

    Well, I’m sure it can’t play as bad as UT3 so it should be an alright game… It’s about time people tried to redo Planetside in modern age (ha), even if this fails it should at least spark the interest so we can get something more than fantasy WoW clones (God I hate trusting reviews which said it’s so different and new and buying Conan).

  2. Ben Hazell says:

    I was hoping for straight up shooter action… I wasn’t expecting it be be that fast. Clearly going to have some interesting hybrid MMO/FPS dynamics to make it work.

  3. muscrat says:

    Now just imagine with a huge amount of players online.
    Can anyone say cluster f***?

  4. Al3xand3r says:

    I’m sure it’s instanced like Guild Wars or something…
    I’m surprised it’s so deathmatchy though, i expected something more involving like Planetside or at least large scale battlefield… It really does look a LOT like UT3… Meh.

  5. Commando says:

    I put a tenner on it ending up as a UT3 clone with gimmicky RPG persistant stats and some character model customisation.

    Kill a hundred people in deathmatch, add a point to your health! Get to level ten and increase your weapon firing speed by 0.1 seconds! Wonder why the hell you are paying monthly for a FPS!

  6. Ian says:

    Just looks like a big deathmatch. Colour me disappointed.

  7. Joe says:

    I thought this had been released already – colour me uninterested too.

  8. Okami says:

    yawn… next..

  9. Whizzo says:

    UT3 with a monthly fee on top? Hmm, I’m not that keen on the UT3 I bought cheaply last year let alone paying more for it on a regular basis.

  10. Lord_Mordja says:

    Eh, look at it this way. It’ll probably be P2P for a while, flop, then use the cash shop model.

    So a free UT game? Not bad.

    If we’re lucky, it’ll turn out that what they’re showing in this video is just a small part of the game and other sections are a lot more tactical.

  11. Senethro says:

    Huxley has been this way for months, why are people so surprised?

    Also, when did Deathmatch become a dirty word >:(

  12. PaulMorel says:

    I’m probably going to try/buy it on launch day no matter what … just because it COULD be good.

    Still, those graphics are awfully purdy for an MMO. I mean, my PC will run that just fine, but for an MMO to be an MMO, a ton of people have to be able to play it. I hope that the graphics scale well, or else this will just be another FPS.

  13. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Last time I heard about Huxley I was under the impression that it was a giant mech warfare MMOFPS, not a cheap UT3 clone.

  14. RichPowers says:

    When designing an MMOFPS, the first priority should be justifying its existence: why should people pay for it when there are dozens of other free-to-play FPS games?

    PlanetSide at least attempted global combined arms warfare with hundreds of players fighting simultaneously. Huxley looks like a gimmicky MMO with UT instances.

    If your only objective with an MMOFPS is to tie a global meta-game to instanced combat zones that hold 40 people, you might as well use Steam or something. Have participants run servers that choose maps based on the meta-game’s status and then track player stats through Steam. Low cost and low overhead.

    Besides, is there still a large market for Unreal-like deathmatch games anymore?

  15. Al3xand3r says:

    If they’re good, unlike UT3, there’s a market alright.

  16. Frank says:

    Games where jumping side to side is a necessary tactic are never any fun for me. Oy, and that hitbeep could get annoying very quickly. Except for the graphics and the gimmicks, this could be from ten years ago (not that liked Unreal Tournament’s style then, either).

  17. DoomMunky says:

    Yeah, the problem is that the game has got to offer a lot awesome tactical and strategic gameplay that we can’t get somewhere else. Though the graphics are gorgeous and the environments actually look pretty damn cool, it’s not showing gameplay that looks unique in the slightest.

    When the first bunny-hop happened my heart sank a little.

  18. EyeMessiah says:

    Haha, 2 minutes of people missing each other at pointblank range. They suck more than me! Yay!

  19. cHeal says:

    So this is basically Unreal Tournament, but done in the new Unreal engine. Can’t fail I guess…

    Oh wait no.

  20. Optimaximal says:

    I thought this had been released already – colour me uninterested too.

    It has!

  21. Steven Hutton says:

    even if this fails it should at least spark the interest so we can get something more than fantasy WoW clones (God I hate trusting reviews which said it’s so different and new and buying Conan).”

    On the subject of Age of Conan when is the RPS hivemind going to tell me what to think about it? Tell me what to think!

  22. Tom says:

    so… what happened to the Huxley game that looked like fun? the one with the swarms of monsters and all that jazz? This… well… this looks shite

  23. Erlam says:

    My first impression was that I was actually watching UT3. Honestly, if I didn’t see that Huxley name on there, I never would have known. They use the same lightning gun shot/explosives markers/giant health kit for God’s sake.

  24. Gap Gen says:

    Didn’t they know that the lightning gun wasn’t as good as a big ol’ sniper rifle, anyways?

  25. terry says:

    Every time I read “Huxley” I picture a first person butler sim.

    edit: And am constantly disappointed.

  26. Cigol says:

    …are we sure this isn’t EPIC doing a number on us behind the scenes?

  27. Lavitz says:

    i wonder who this game is being marketed to. I don’t think anyone wants a face paced point and click (shoot) game anymore. You need avg running speed, with more gameplay in shooting – iron sights, cover, leaning.I been down on this game since i seen the gamplay vid awhile back.

  28. Legandir says:

    The mute button was invented for this game

  29. Erlam says:

    “i wonder who this game is being marketed to.”

    The Republic of Korea?

    I personally would love a twitchy shooter style MMO myself. But this is so ripping off Unreal gameplay I’m thinking… no. Plus, anyone see the PvE Video? The guy dies to the same four people what, 12, 13 times?

  30. Eschatos says:

    It’s too bad this isn’t a true MMO. If it was in a persistent online world I would happily pay.

  31. Stromko says:

    I thought they might go with a more down-to-earth, maybe tactical system where death actually mattered, and the overall metagame (the whole MMORPG thing) would add weight and tension to it. Instead it looks like pure mindless deathmatch. In my opinion the two modes will not complement eachother, so they’ll just be haphazardly fusing an MMORPG and an FPS together, neither of which by itself achieves anything new or worthwhile.

    The tiniest bit of latency will mean combat makes zero sense at all. When things are that agile and that explosive, not to mention people are bunnyhopping every second, there’s really no way to avoid the feeling that everything important (hit detection) is completely desynced.

  32. FRIENDLYUNIT says:


    Yeah, it looks like they have just added areas you can walk around in to buy your new gun, instead of a UI that does the same thing. Tedious!

    Sorry, but deathmatch IS a dirty word. We’ve already played this game a thousand times.