Jog ‘Em Up: Beijing 2008

We here at RPS do not condone the use of sports by individuals or sovereign states. There is, however, something rather comedic about sports games, especially Beijing 2008 (not pictured, sadly), with its trailer full of tiny, frenzied runners. I post it for mild entertainment value. Look at those tiny apes go! Button bashing, joystick waggling, oh happy, happy memories of terrible games gone by…

The Beijing 2008 Official Game trailer is after the jump.

Honestly, does anyone play sports games aside from a bit of electronic foot-to-ball? (Yes, and Wii Sports, obviously.)


  1. RLacey says:

    Apparently they do, though I’ve never quite understood why.

    Though, come to think of it, I quite like a bit of computer-based cricket. I’ll leave before I embarass myself any further.

  2. James says:

    I still play NBA Jam for SNES…

  3. Quirk says:

    Wii Sports is stupendously popular, and synonymous with the biggest-selling console. I’d say rather a lot of people are playing it.

  4. Pace says:

    Ice Hockey for NES was the ultimate sports game for me, with the selection of the 3 different sized guys. The fast little guy with a weak shot, the big slow guy who could lay out the little guys. Also loved tennis on SNES. Though do I still play sports games? Well, no. Maybe if I had a Wii.. (hmm, Nintendo seems to be a theme here.)

  5. David McBride says:

    Does “Duck Hunt” count? (Or its Wii successor, “Shooting”?)

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    Interesting question. You’d have to count the enormously popular Deer Hunter games too, in that case.

  7. Stella says:

    I play Madden almost every weekend with a few friends. I have also bought more than my fair share of baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer games over the years though I’m not playing any right now. These games have often (sometimes?) been fun, deep, strategic, beautiful creations with amazing multiplayer and replay value. You’d think it would be everything a gamer could hope for. But there’s definitely a disconnect between sports games and their fans and the more hardcore gaming crowd, and I don’t really understand it since games like Madden offer at least as much strategical depth as most FPS and even some RTS games. I know some companies release the same game every year with updated rosters and a couple tacked-on often useless features and expect you to pay full price, but you don’t have to buy it every year.

    It’s gotta be something deeper than “nerds don’t like sports.”

  8. Lucky says:

    I will not acknowledge the existence of any track and field game that isn’t named Gold Medal Challenge ’92 and not made by Capcom.

  9. Stijn says:

    Just how many steps do they take between hurdles? It’s supposed to be 3, but with legs moving so fast it looks more like 21.

  10. Chris R says:

    That’s supposed to look like fun? I’m not seeing it…

    Mythos for me please!

  11. Smn says:

    I’ve throughly enjoyed countless hours of playing the track and field games on the ps2. Though they were boring singleplayer, they were absolutely stupendid when playing 4 at a time. These games were accessible and a fairly new player could within a few attempts challenge a seasoned player – this is probably also the main reason Wii sports is as popular as it is apart from the arm-swinging. Fifa 2-whatever are great fun if you are playing an equal opponent, but getting hammered in any game will put anyone off. Like for instance Tekken which was all about learning special moves.

    Comparing Wii sports to the track and field games, Wii sports as a game has very little to offer. I mean; a tennis game where you cannot contol the movement of your character; a golf game where the sensitivity of the controller is far too weak to register careful movement when putting; and only four disciplines all of which are so horribly underdeveloped.

  12. wikiwikiwildwildwest says:

    Some of my finest gaming memories are of 3 friends, a bucket of KFC, Dr Peppers all round for sugar rush speed, a PS1, a multi-tap and Track and Field.

    The bizarrely fast thumbed but lacking in the technique (i use the term loosely) events one, the consistent one, the not quite so consistent but occasionally world record settingly fast one. oh and the rubbish one who’d give up after 3 fouls in the long jump because there was no chance of a podium.

    Worn out thumbnails and RSI. Great days *wipes tear*.

  13. Cigol says:

    This isn’t getting anywhere near my PS3, £30 for a controller these days isn’t it? Proper PC keyboard and mice don’t come cheap either, in fact they tend to be more expensive if you go down the gaming route.

    …not on your nelly!

  14. terry says:

    Summer Games 2 and Winter Games rocked. I will take anyone in the javelin or hotdog >:OOOOOO

    @quirk: anything other than bowling incites more violence than it prevents in my local

    edit: is “joystick waggling” considered filthy now? :(

  15. capital L says:

    Mario Tennis on N64 was an awful lot of fun. Some friends and I never really stopped playing it well into the Playstation/Xbox era. Eventually we killed a 64, essentially due to playing that game all the goddamn time one particular summer. ALSO WE KNEW A DUDE WHO LOOKED JUST LIKE WALUIGI

  16. Fede says:

    I’ve spent countless hours playing Winter Games, Summer Games and Track and Field with friends and we still play them once or twice a year.

  17. Sucram says:

    I played quite a lot of Deathball.

  18. Phil White says:

    I still don’t understand why button-bashing hasn’t given way to rhythm?

    For example: pressing L1 as your sprinter’s left foot touches down, then R1 for the opposite leg. Button-bashing at the start would be okay; the first 15 metres or so. The closer to perfect your timing, the faster and longer the stride. Surely this has been done somewhere?

    (Nagano ’98. Curling.)

  19. caesarbear says:

    I adored the Epyx games series. I broke a dozen joysticks playing those. The later games did give way to more sensible rhythm play, don’t know why that didn’t stick. Yet I’m not sad they are gone. I’m still a closet fan of sports titles though. I’d rather play a quick round on a good sports game than a quick time wasting on a casual game. The problem is finding a good sports game.

  20. itsallcrap says:

    So… it is still going to be button bashing then? In 2008? In near enough every event? For £40?

    Sports fan or not, anyone who buys this is a fool of the most foolish order.

  21. Irish Al says:

    Unless it has easter eggs like arcade Hyper Sports, I’ll pass.