PCG: White Gold Preview

The Cuba-style cars are cute. Man, functional caption. I must be drunk.
I suspect I may have missed this one if RPG watch hadn’t noticed C&VG had republished my PC Gamer preview of White Gold online. White Gold is basically, Boiling Point 2. You’ll remember Boiling Point for being a bit buggy on release. Now, looking at the comments thread, they hit an interesting point. That I went on about Boiling Point having a load of bugs. Blimey.

There’s some BP fans who are aggrieved that no game seems to be ridiculed in such a way, and it’s being bullied like this because it’s from a minor publisher and it was all patched after release. Which just makes me shrug. I’m kind of one of the biggest BP apologists around – but to deny the developer has created a somewhat unique Jaguar-soaring rep strikes me as perverse. What a preview of any of any of their future games needs to make clear is… well, whether they were going to do it again. Saying they expanded the team and are aware of their past errors is a key thing, y’know? And if they pull it off this time – and White Gold to be a purer, cleaner take on Boiling Point would make it very attractive – the flying Jaguars will be a gaming trivia answer rather than a mark of eternal shame.

That said, that they did the Boiling Point with thirteen people is a jawdropping concept. Barking.

Anyway – since we’re beneath a cut, here’s a trailer for White Gold they released last year.

Release more videos, Deep Shadows. You’re meant to be releasing this in September.


  1. PleasingFungus says:

    Much of that looked nifty – but the bit where enemies just run up and stand in the open while you kill them? Not so impressive.

    Scenery looked nice, though.

  2. mkreku says:

    This is one of the games I’m looking forward to the most right now. Absolutely loved Boiling Point! And just shoot the damn flying jaguars when you see them, no biggie.

  3. roskelld says:

    I think you were meant to say “Stunning Battles” there PleasingFungus.

    It looks more like Just Cause now than the original Boiling Point.

  4. Phil White says:


    The lack of enemies in Far Cry was concealed by linear paths. No-one needs to copy the barrenness of Just Cause.

    Cool shark, though.

  5. MeestaNob! says:

    Looks fun… FUN!

    Ride Sharks!
    Tow Trailers!
    Fly Helicopters!
    Game With Proper Inventory!

    Just put that on the back of the box and it should sell a few million copies.

  6. Putter says:

    I really gotta find BP. But when I do, do I play it with or without bugs?

  7. Mr. Brand says:

    The bugs are entertaining (floating cars) and frustrating (disappearing cars) at the same time. It also crashes so much you might not see the funny before the frustrating. Patched..hmm..I’ve got to try the proper patched up game sometime! After my Oblivion POOP spree.

    Boiling Point is the real Oblivion with guns :)

  8. Kieron Gillen says:

    Worth stressing the trailer is over a year old.


  9. AbyssUK says:

    This hopefully will rock, and if there is anything good left in this world you’ll be able to ride flying jaguars…

  10. Subject 706 says:

    Well Boiling Point patched to 2.0 actually WORKS. It was a great game, but a LOT of people really gave up on it for its massive amount of bugs.

    Lots of interesting stuff coming out of eastern europe these days…

  11. phuzz says:

    So it’s like FarCry 2, but more islandy?
    Or like Stalker but less drizzle?
    Actually, I like that last one,;
    Stalker, but not so bleak you have to drink vodka just to play it.*

    I approve of the jaunty trailer music, but also decry the rubbish AI (lets hope it’s just because it’s an old build).

    (before I get flamed, I love stalker, it’s just not the happiest game in the world mmkay?)

  12. Jonelo says:

    This is the antecesor of Far Cry 2 ;) . Far Cry 2 is almost a remake of this game , very influenced by this game..

  13. Ubernutz says:


  14. Dante says:

    I for one hope they don’t get it working right at all. If Boiling Point had been fixed it would have been an exceptional open world shooter with a terrible writing and sunk without a trace. As it was it was hilarious, broken fun.

    Why bother patching it? The bugs are what make it unique, in what other game can people swap stories about flying jaguars taking down helicopters?

    No, I hope they mess it up again, because it’s way more fun that way.

  15. Steve says:

    It’s perfectly acceptable to emphasise the buggyness of 1.0 Boiling Point. People who are genuinely interested in a preview are people who buy on release day. They should know if a dev. has a record for releasing unfinished/buggy games. Troika was one, Bohemia Interactive another. A dev.’s commitment to solving problems is something a review should worry about. I read something recently about previews being generally too positive and how Edge isn’t. Now PC Gamer isn’t as well. I’m pleased, keep it up. :-)
    Now I’m tuppence poorer.

  16. 18Rabbit says:

    It reminds me of Just Cause too but more in the scenery than the gameplay. Which isn’t bad, Just Cause was a very pretty game. I never played Boiling Point but being able to ride sharks is both ridiculous and AWESOME at the same time.

  17. PaulMorel says:

    Yeah, this game does look a lot like Just Cause. Don’t get me wrong, Just Cause was beautiful, as long as you were just floating along in your parachute, looking at the scenery. The second you actually tried playing the game .. well, that was a mistake. Hopefully this doesn’t play like Just Cause.

  18. Mr. Brand says:

    Just Cause was a third person freeroamer about taking control points/bases to win. Crackdown was sorta like that. Boiling Point is a first person freeroaming shooty-thing with an end goal (save your daughter) and no specific steps to take between. “Here’s some money, there’s the small town with various factions. Join any or none, get some weapons, figure out how to finish.”

    Plus, Arnold Vosloo.

  19. Kanakotka says:

    A bit buggy? A bit? A supercomputer couldn’t have ran boiling point for more than an hour due to it’s massive memory leak :P It was more resource sucking than crysis ever was.

  20. Jonelo says:

    Actually the game works perfectly with 1.5 GB of memory, hardly consumes more than 1000 mb with Windows XP. The game run very well today in the PCs .

    The problems not are the bugs, the problem is that the programers are two people, lack the 70 % of the programation of the gameplay ;), the missions are quite bads many times.

  21. Bullwinkle says:

    You know, I could have played through BP’s bugs. What I couldn’t play through was BP’s “head bob” which was actually closer to “tilt the screen back and forth like the planet is on the other end of God’s seesaw”. An unbelievably bizarre, unmodifiable choice that fans of the game insisted was one of its most important features.

    Just Cause sucked, too. Hey, look, here’s another platoon of enemies popping out of an empty room I just cleared! Guess I shouldn’t have turned my back, eh? Those crazy dimensional portals.

  22. EyeMessiah says:

    Haha, I love that the “strong RPG” element is ends with him holding a grenade. Certainly the menu system in many an RPG has left me wishing for a grenade.

  23. CitizenLand says:

    Don’t forget the other game they’re doing called “The Precursors”. Its essentially the same open world style game except its a sci-fi title in which you can planet hop, engage in space combat and FPS combat on the planet surface.

    link to deep-shadows.com

  24. Chaz says:

    I loved Boiling Point, so I’m really looking forward to this and Precursors. In my mind Boiling Point was the kind of open free roaming RPG style game that Stalker should have been.

  25. Duoae says:

    “The bugs are entertaining (floating cars) and frustrating (disappearing cars) at the same time. It also crashes so much you might not see the funny before the frustrating. Patched..hmm..I’ve got to try the proper patched up game sometime! ”

    Not to mention you could drive around without using any fuel. That saved a little money… though the patch sorted that problem out.