Carmack: “Quake III was my personal favorite”

Carmack has been interviewed about Quake Zero over on Gamesradar. For an old Quake III creature like me it was pretty satisfying to see the big man say this:

Quake III Arena was always my personal favorite id Software game. It’s such a pure activity kind of game – more of a sport than a movie. And I’m excited to have this opportunity to bring back the pure type of gaming as opposed to the “everything and the kitchen sink” modern design. We have no pretensions about it being the best multiplayer game in all types of things, but for any player looking to test their [deathmatch] skill, I think Quake III Arena is the best there ever was.

He’s not wrong.


  1. qqq3 says:

    best fps ever
    playing it now, for 8 straight years

  2. l0co says:

    I’m playing Q3 for about 10 years and I think it’s the best game ever. There are some voices telling that UTxxx is better. For some people Q3 is better, and for some – UT, no meaning. I’ve played both and I can tell that both games are very good. But Q3 is the game I return to frequently, and UT was only a single adventure. But it is me…

    The thing is that both games were created about 2000 year, and there is nothing better made since. I spent some time on looking for similar game, but all of them sucks! Why? Is the Q3 (or UT) the best such game people can make?