Turok – PC Gamer Review

Offering a dinosaur a cuddle always catches them off-guard.

The new PC Gamer is well worth a look. Especially for a mighty feature offering details of 365 free games. It’s one of those ideas that sounds good, right up until you sit down to try and write it. Poor old Graham Smith nearly died trying, and Craig Pearson blushed red and fainted at the size of the task, at which point Jim and I were enlisted. Like mighty heroes we strode into the office, rested our broadswords against the filing cabinet, and joined Graham and Craig quivering in front of the thing. The result is pretty great, and if you enjoy the links we put to free games, get hold of it.

Meanwhile, the same edition also contains my review of Turok, which PCG have put on their website for utter free. Key words include: “Turok isn’t dreadful. Its fits in that far less entertaining position of mediocre. It makes some ghastly mistakes, but at the same time has giant dinosaurs you can kill with a bow and arrow.


  1. Spacew00t says:

    Pfff, Dinosaurs with their nubby little arms, they barely put up any fight at all.

  2. malkav11 says:

    If only that feature had been in the US PC Gamer, to which I subscribe.

  3. feffrey says:

    I got my last PCG this week.
    Been a subscriber (US) for about 5 years now and depended on those cds for demos and mods until dsl finally made it into town. (56K ftl)
    Sadly now being in college = less money, and while I still like PCG I get most of my games news and reviews online.
    I’ll still buy an issue every now and then from the book store but for now, so long and thanks for all the Fish!.

  4. wcaypahwat says:

    Well, your foreign magazines cost entirely too much here so I just buy our local rag, PC Powerplay. Its rather decent.

    As to the game, it looked mediocre on xbox, though I was thinking I might pick it up just to check it out. But a 15 gig install? No thanks. that’s like….. a gigapeggle.

  5. spd from Russia says:

    That a very fair review mr Walker

  6. Optimaximal says:

    Wait, disc swapping? Are we talking 2 CDs or 2 DVDs? What form of retardo compression are they using if they need 15GB of space for the PC yet the Xbox version runs off of 1 DVD…

  7. malkav11 says:

    Two DVDs, must be. You couldn’t possibly get 15 gigs of install onto two CDs. Actually, maybe three. But why so enormous compared to the 360 version? Like with Stranglehold, we may never know.