Your Afternoon Ninja


It’s impossible to resist a ninja. It’s all part of their cleverness. So this afternoon’s distraction from work is Bowja The Ninja 2.

It’s cutesycute ninja point-n-clicking from Pencil Kids, in a Mateusz Skutnik/Jakub Dvorsky style, where you’re tasked with recovering a rocket and escaping a base, mostly by finding the clickable objects, and a couple of simple puzzles. Brief, but sweet. (Via IndieGames)


  1. matt says:

    That was cute, i particularily like the sound effects; also, i like the point and click style it features, makes it quite a relaxing game to play. Good find !

  2. hungSolo says:

    Did anyone else get pushed back into the previous room after spelling out “machine” (in the underwater section)? And then get stuck there because the hatch leading forward wouldn’t reopen?

    I might have hit a bug, or I might be retarded.

  3. Radiant says:

    Spelling out machine?
    I know the underwater section you’re talking about but I don’t remember a spelling task.

    When you get pushed back to the other bit of the sewer[?], you see that globe type thing on the right?
    Click it and then you get shot back into the other bit with the ‘globe’ in that section missing so you can jump through [after raising the water level high enough]

  4. monkeymonster says:

    LOL – i did have a problem but was over complicating – plus ignoring the bright red arrow on the left of screen…..

  5. Radiant says:

    My main issue with these ‘pixel hunt’ type of games is that they look so fantastic but the puzzles aren’t really puzzles.
    They’re more like tasks or sets of sequences.

    The problem is that they never set up they’re own logic ecosystem so there is nothing for you to tune into.
    That’s why the grappling hook section doesn’t work logically. There’s nothing set up that gives the impression that you climb to a higher platform with it or that you need to climb to that higher platform.

    Maybe I’ve just been ruined by Monkey Island’s banana metronome hypnotised monkey wrench.

  6. hungSolo says:


    Should I put SPOILER ALERT on a free Flash game? Oh, well — SPOILER ALERT: I did raise the water level in the sewer and went through the hole (previously blocked by a door with a globe-like picture on it) at the top of that room once. In the next room, there’s a device near the bottom of the screen, as I recall, with the word ‘machine’ written on it and “m=5”, “a=2”, “c=3”, etc., scrawled on it. I clicked on the buttons in the correct order (I think) to spell ‘machine’ and was shot back into the previous room. Now I can’t get the ‘globe’ door to open again for some reason.

    Whew … I’m not really chomping at the bit to finish this game; it just struck me as peculiar. But now we’ve had a fun exercise in describing game structure, so not a total loss.

  7. Radiant says:

    I just brute forced it to work out the sequence that opened the locks :|
    To solve your bit [after you spell machine :| ] just return the hatches to their start position and then…and this is the puzzle bit… click the big red arrow that appears when you move your mouse over to the left entrance. Then do the same in the other room but upwards to return you to the shark section.

  8. hungSolo says:

    @monkeymonster: Red arrow. Word.

    @Radiant: I’ve made worse mistakes. See above.

  9. John Walker says:

    I swear the spelling for MACHINE was wrong though.

  10. Optimaximal says:

    We killed the site…

  11. Heliocentric says:

    ugh… interactive animation, not a game.

    got stuck in the sewer, watched a walkthrough http://www

    and still think it is daft… nice design though.