1. Lh'owon says:

    I haven’t played Crysis for awhile, but it seems to me there isn’t a whole lot new in there save for that jumpy buggy thing in the snow. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed this was a standalone game. Looks fun enough I guess.

    Is it just me or does Far Cry 2 look much more exciting? Jim?

  2. Roritharr says:

    Well… i hope they have a good excuse for skipping the more reasonable “whole world is fight together against these wtf aliens” setting that simply would make a little more sense.

  3. Optimaximal says:

    Roritharr, that apparantly comes later… The first portion of the game is set directly after the mission where Nomad & Psycho secure the docks and sink the Korean ship.

  4. bumpercar says:

    It looks exactly the same as Crysis, aside from new vehicles. What is it with Crytek and islands? Why does everything they do have to be on an island? These guys have created one of the most incredible game engines ever and it is being wasted on remakes of Far Cry. Right down to placement of huts on the beach, Crysis was just a new skin on Far Cry. Level design and structure were almost identical. The way you went about the game was nearly a mirror image of Far Cry.

    These guys should stick to making engines, and leave the game design to people who have a bit more vision, because as it stands now, CryEngine2 is a waste.

    Get that engine licensed out guys!

  5. fluffy bunny says:

    “Why does everything they do have to be on an island?”

    Islands are cool. What do you want them to use that engine for, grey military bases on Mars?

  6. SwiftRanger says:

    Touché. :)

  7. Larington says:

    I didn’t see anything in that video that made me want to get the game. Basically, my thoughts went something along the lines of “is that it?”

    The days are passed where you could just make a generic PC shooter and watch people lap it up, they need to be special now or differentiate in some way other than graphics in order to do genuinely well.

  8. Fgfds says:

    I’ll probably get it. Definitely, if it’s as well put together as the first (A section or two excluded.). Hopefully some bugs were fixed, the game will look a bitter, run better, and fix some of the annoying stuff. Like putting entire clips into Korean heads and still not killing them. Slight suit power improvements too, which it looks like they handled.

  9. Monchberter says:

    More of the same, but then, i enjoyed 2/3 of Crysis despite many, many bugs (unkillable underwater helicopters anyone, or immortal KPA soldiers?). I just hope it’s as re playable as the first, although i worry, that as many reviews of Crysis pointed out, once you’ve mastered the nanosuit, the game becomes a cakewalk. I just hope there’s something in Warhead for those of us who are comfortable in our skintight multimillion dollar killing tuxedo.

  10. Mman says:

    “Why does everything they do have to be on an island?”

    Because no-one else does it?

    “they need to be special now or differentiate in some way other than graphics in order to do genuinely well.”

    You mean like how Crysis already does?

    I wasn’t so sure at first but after reading some details elsewhere I’m hyped; they seem to be going out of their way to fix the flaws of the original and have way more of the really awesome parts.

  11. DNess17 says:

    Seriously WHAT is generic about crysis? Tell me honestly what game can you do stuff like THAT. Now far cry 2 looks generic. Crysis? I can’t think of a single game that’s anything like crysis. I don’t know what far cry you were playing but it was nothing like crysis. The gameplay in crysis is diffrent from everything out there. It’s a mix of a tactical shooter with a twitch shooter what more do you want from it man! It’s an amazing game and calling it generic just shows you either haven’t played it or are just trolling.

  12. Al3xand3r says:

    Farcry was also tactical twitch if you knew how to play… Heck, it was one of the things everyone loved about it, how you could observe your enemies from afar and decide how to plan your attack and mess with their AI, at least in the sections that were wide open (it also grew to be linear near the end like Crysis sadly).

  13. Dinger says:

    Hey, let’s not go to citing all the island games we’ve played. Let’s just say lots of tactical games are set on islands (Joint Ops, OFP, etc., etc.), and for good reason: it provides a “no BS” end to the map. You don’t need to invent a mechanism to keep the player inbounds, plus you can limit what comes in and out. Come to think of it, an island best reflects the way a single PC simulates a given area, so it’s the most credible choice.

  14. DNess17 says:

    I still have my copy of joint ops sitting on the shelf. I thought Delta Force Extreme was way better though not that joint ops was bad by any measure. I just didn’t like far cry for some reason though crysis has quickly grown on me as one of my favorite games along with doom and contra. It’s just very unique with all the options the smoothness of the controls. There isn’t a million buttons you need to have access too like there is in far cry. A five button mouse and esdf controls the only finger i ever need to move is my index to chuck a frag or switch ammo types. That has to be the most important part of a pc game though what controls you need to map and how smooth they are. Far cry’s controls were horribly thought out.

  15. cqdemal says:

    DNess17: I agree when you say that Crysis is not just a generic FPS, but how the hell can you call Far Cry 2 generic? That game looks set to have twice the depth of Crysis’ gameplay.

  16. Mr. Fax Sender says:

    Wow! It’s like Crysis – with 1 new vehicle!

    That was unexpected! /sarcasm

  17. Matt says:

    Did anyone expect it not to look like Crysis? I would have thought it would be certain to look just like Crysis it is simply telling the same story from someone elses perspective.

    I wonder if playing as the annoying Psycho will mean we get to see the original protagonist in the flesh. they will probably keep him masked. My vote is that he is Korean.

  18. Abe says:

    I suspect that a significant chunk of the engine is geared towards creating natural looking foliage and large, open environments. It’s just what the Crytek team knows how to do better than anyone else. So why not design the game to play to the engine’s strengths?

  19. Sprafa says:

    for anyone annoyed by the tendency of the damn north koreans not to die after a full clip, try the realism mod for crysis. It allows penetration, increased particle effects and one-hit kills.

  20. Flint says:

    Too much vehicles. They were the original game’s worst part, I damn well hope that they’re not mandatory in this one.

    Otherwise, I’m perfectly fine with more wonderful Crysis action.

  21. Stromko says:

    I just didn’t enjoy Crysis. Actively using any of the suit powers ran down the battery so fast I couldn’t do anything useful with them. I was constantly insta-killed by attacks and situations (exploding vehicles) I couldn’t really see coming. The health-regeneration system deprived other sections of any real challenge, since I could screw up massively but they didn’t have enough firepower to finish me off.

    I guess they may have tried new things with the gameplay, it was just all too watered down to count — I guess if you never played Call of Duty then Crysis would seem a lot more revolutionary. The health regen system was just a bad mix for the much wider ‘corridors’ that Crysis gave you, they couldn’t depend on X number of bad guys shooting at you and making you stop and strategize, so instead they made it so one guy with a rocket launcher could finish you in one hit.

    I wish they’d given us more options with the difficulty settings too. I would’ve preferred that the Korean soldiers spoke, you know, KOREAN, but you only get that with the highest difficulty level. Regular difficulty was already too hard for me so I had to put up with their crappy accents instead.

    I’m sure there’s tweak mods by now that fix a few things about Crysis, but I will not judge a game based on what the fans have done to it. Once we start doing that, we may as well give every game an A+ because they MIGHT be fixed down the line; it’s just too unreliable.

  22. Thiefsie says:

    Lots of aircraft apparent?

    Basically looks like Crysis has been Battlefielded

  23. Mman says:

    “I guess if you never played Call of Duty then Crysis would seem a lot more revolutionary.”

    Who ever called the health regen revolutionary, or even mentioned it, for that matter? It is, however, one of the best subtle tweaks from Farcry; I have no real love for health regen, but, combined with the brutal checkpoints, getting taken down to critical health and hoping you run across a medikit was one of the worst things in the Farcry, and Crysis fixes it in a simple way (as well as getting rid of forced checkpointing, of course).

  24. Deuteronomy says:

    The health regen also makes a hell of a lot more sense in Crysis than CoD2-4. Veteran in CoD1 with 0 health packs and no health regen is still by far the best I’d say.

  25. Chemix says:

    Towards Stromko:
    All the damage levels for the Crysis difficulties are the same as far as I can tell; Delta just turns off grenade warnings and highlighted enemies (after tagging) along with the Korean speech.

    Stealth does seem to run down pretty fast at first, and speed is useless, I’ll give you that, but stealth becomes a staple of your predator esque jungle rampage. You have to learn to use it till you get to cover, prone, change to armor mode and then change back to stealth and get to the next cover point. Stealth and Armor are the only two modes of real use in every mission, though strength can get you to angles of combat that weren’t pre planned, and thus the AI take a while to respond.

    Crysis was a very good game, it just wasn’t much more than a game, it wasn’t an art peace or a story that we can cherish, it was a game, fun to play up till mid part of the alien ship, which I liked the look of.

  26. DNess17 says:

    Because the gameplay IS. I mean it may be open world and whatnot but look at the gameplay it looks like every other freakin shooter on the market.

  27. the_apologist says:

    I thought the first one was fun. I like fun. I reckon I’ll probably get this if it turns out to be fun.

    Yay fun!

  28. KidEternal says:

    Crysis was too short.
    All hail new content and better performance!

  29. rocketeer says:

    More of the same, not so pretty anymore.

    I’m not giving any more money to Cevat Yerli just so he can keep whining why they “only” sold 1.5 million units when they should have sold 30 (yeah, right).

  30. Clicky says:

    @Chemix, Speed was the best mode in the game, mostly because the normal movement was way too slow for me, and you could just run laps around the Koreans with them never hitting you. The only time I used Armor was while fighting those alien flying thingies that shot the shards of ice at you, because those things were basically auto-kill without Armor.