The Sunday Papers

The Sunday Papers image. It is an image of papers to be posted on a Sunday. Yes.

Is it Sunday? The clock says so, though the Jetlag and after-effects of drinking with assorted 2k Marin people (plus friends) last night make somehow difficult to know for certain. Let’s pretend it is. And if it’s Sunday, then it’s time to compile a big ol’ list of things to read to do with videogames while trying not to drop a link to Quinns-approved dancefloor fillers or a graphic-novel-for-web I’ve just finished. Because that would be disastrous.



  1. randomnine says:

    Next Gen talk to Id’s Matt Hooper, Lead Designer, talking about Rage and the AI challenges that they’re facing (Running straight at you won’t cut it anymore, alas).

    In Doom 3, some of them also hid behind pillars. Technology marches ever onwards, eh?

  2. Bitkari says:

    Holy Shit – Soren Johnson is working on Spore!?

    Why did no one tell me this earlier??!

  3. Ted says:

    Wow, that David Thomas guy sure is a ridiculous douche bag.

  4. Tom says:

    feel free to delete

  5. ElelloN says:

    q cite=”You will never beat this chap’s high score in Peggle. Unless you hack it too, presumably.”>

  6. ElelloN says:

    Meh, horrible quoting by me there, but you get the point…

  7. Robin says:

    Looks like someone has made a massive high horse beast in Spore then. I didn’t even know EA were banning accounts. I’d have thought there would have been some kind of outcry about something like that.

  8. Kadayi says:

    I feel a bit sorry for the Author of ‘Dungeons & desktops’ I admire his ambition, but the sheer extent of the subject is too much to take on board alone I’d say, let alone hope to encompass within one book (no matter how big) without becoming hopelessly outdated a few years down the road.

    Someone needs to come up with something akin to but for games I feel (mobygames is about as close as it gets so far).

  9. essell says:

    “Wow, that David Thomas guy sure is a ridiculous douche bag.”


  10. The Hammer says:

    Haha. That Hitman thing is brilliant. The Santa one in particular.

  11. Pace says:

    Why the David Thomas hate? I thought he made a valid point, and one I would’ve thought most gamers would agree with. Or at least make a stink about.

    especially for the US where their biggest games are made by a UK-import company, importing UK-concieved ideas

    I’m not sure I get this, he doesn’t mean games magazines, does he? I’m sure Kieron knows more about the situation than I do, but this would be news to me.

  12. RichPowers says:

    Will Wright said that customer service reps will look over content that’s received enough flags from the community.

    Yep, that’s right: some poor saps will spend their days staring at cock creatures.

  13. Kadayi says:

    “Why the David Thomas hate? I thought he made a valid point, and one I would’ve thought most gamers would agree with.”

    He’s erroneously blaming EA for censorship when in fact it’s simply a situation of spore community regulation. Personally if enough people log something as offensive, then it probably is generally. Saying there should be no judgments is just an invitation to encourage internet/something awful levels of ever more depraved levels of shadenfreude (‘look at me!!! I made an dog f**king a baby creature!!!). I hardly think it’s comparable to catching Nirvana on the airwaves at your local stationary store.

  14. Ian says:

    Assuming it’s not the same guy, there’s a series of of Youtube videos called “How Not To Play Hitman”.

    Part 1: link to

    I found them funny.

  15. Kadayi says:

    Heh those Hitman vids are hilarious GJ ian ;)

  16. Mike says:

    It’s not the same guy. But he is funny.

  17. fluffy bunny says:

    I agree with David Thomas.

  18. Noc says:

    I’m a little disappointed that the Tom Chick article didn’t mention the Sacrifice solution to three-way RTS’ing: tying tech upgrades to damage dealt means that the people who get right into the fight in the beginning are getting stronger.

  19. Chris R says:

    I love all those “How not to play Hitman” videos… so funny, haha

  20. Tom Camfield says:

    Where’s the Quinn’s link guy? Already know about Busted Wonder, natch.

  21. Kieron Gillen says:

    It’s the DIzzee track.