The WoW Changes, Death Knight

Sadly I’m not man enough to really figure out what all the proposed WoW changes mean, so I’ll just have to point you in the direction of the analysis at WoW Insider. There’s a in-depth look at the Death Knight here. It seems to me that it’s looking like some kind of cop-out Jack-of-all-roles class, but maybe I’m misunderstanding this:

In terms of what role the Death Knights will play in battle, the developers said they didn’t want to punish the player based on what spec they choose. Even though it’s problematic for designers, they are sensitive to WoW’s tank shortage problem. They want to avoid forcing DKs to choose between tank spec or DPS spec.

Anyway, there’s also a breakdown of all the class changes here.


  1. Flint says:

    Pets will get “talent trees” – one utility tree, one TANKING tree, one DPS tree

    Oh hell yeah.

  2. Leelad says:

    I just want an option to turn my Pally into a death knight. Insta 70 DK would be the least they could do. I’ll just level from there.

  3. Noc says:

    The sheer density of WoWspeak in Wowinsider articles is astounding and entertaining.

  4. xeno says:

    You were expecting maybe Quakespeak, or Mystspeak? It *is* a site devoted to all things World of Warcraft…

  5. arqueturus says:

    Should ths be in the click through ads?

    link to

  6. cyrenic says:

    Woe to players that PvP and don’t roll a death knight with this new expansion. They’re going to be way more powerful than the other classes, probably by design.

  7. Erlam says:

    “In terms of what role the Death Knights will play in battle, the developers said they didn’t want to punish the player based on what spec they choose.” like we do with all other classes! :D


    I’ve totally abandoned this game. Chilton has proven that PvP is simply beyond him. “We’re not balancing for 1v1, that’s impossible.” So what are you balancing on. “Uhm, I dunno… 5v5?” Where exactly does that even take place? Almost all combat in the game, ever, is 1v1. “Uh, Arenas? Yeah that’s it!”

    Thanks Chilton. You pigeonholed PvP, then balanced the game around it. And failed at that! It’s still no-where near balanced!

    I’m sorry, I just find how badly WoW PvP is looked at both hilarious and infuriating.

    As for the Death Knight, it’s not just a jack-of-all-trades class, it’s a ‘DPS tank! That can summon! With magic spells! Which won’t be overpowered at all!’ I hope anyone who’s still playing when the expansion comes out enjoys parties of four Death Knights and a healer.

  8. Al3xand3r says:

    Why the healer? I expect him to have some pretty cool drain health spells so they can all self heal. And if one is in trouble, another one will tank the enemies off him until he drains enough health to get back in the fight. Fun stuff!

    Anyway, I’m sure if the Death Knight really is as described in that short sentence, he’ll soon be nerfed because there’ll be huge backlash once people figure that out…

    …But I don’t care, I quit WoW for good months ago, honestly! Though I was never into PVP really. PVE tanking babeh.

  9. Noc says:

    Xeno: Look at it this way. They’re already abbreviating “Death Knight” as “DK,” even thought it hasn’t even come out yet. I’m not against WoW-specific terminology, and I know enough WoW players to understand it . . . but they insist on abbreviating everything they can, even when it’s not necessary. Consequentially, the effect isn’t one of, say, a specialist talking about matters specific to his trade – instead it makes the whole article seem like it’s written in a sort of dialect.

  10. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Well, DK was the common abbreviation for the original Death Knight hero unit used in WC3. But I’ll agree with you on one thin. As an outsider to WoW, having to wade through their rogue’s cant is usually an… “amusing” experience.

  11. someyoungguy says:

    So my 70 Warrior will be completely useless now? That’s awesome!

  12. Chris says:

    They want to avoid forcing DKs to choose between tank spec or DPS spec.
    Now, I’d love to think WoW is a fun way to spend time (and money), but this kind of talk makes it sound like some really tedious office work.

  13. Erlam says:

    If you ever play it, that’s pretty much what it is.

    Grind for levels, grind for money, grind for mats, grind honour, grind rep, then you’re allowed to grind some raids for epics!

    My friend stopped playing when he said, aloud, “Sigh, time to grind my dailies. … wait a sec, did I just sigh about playing a game? Fuck this.” And quit on the spot. Deleted his five 70’s, never looked back. I didn’t delete my characters, but I just realised how boring it was, and stopped playing. Three months later I’m glad I did — more time, and just about every other game I play is so much more fun.

    Although, TF2’s ‘unlockables’ make me raise my brows at their grind-like facilitation.

  14. editor2 says:

    well that just aint right at all. the deathknight should be at least a little bit more stronger then the rest

  15. Another Person says:

    Well me and my friends have been waiting for the new game to come out but it dont think it is going to be very fun if everyone starts with the same stuff now i know ur thinking well what the ”hell”is he thinking but before u say that think if everyon had the same stuff on in BG then it would be so boring and they might have a few enchants but if not u would be doing the same damage to anyone and everyone that u are fighting!!!!!!!!!!!so thats what is going to not be so fun !?!?!?!?!?!!!!!1