Age Of Conan: The 700,000

“More than 700.000 gamers have registered an Age of Conan account so far,” say the boys at Funcom. That means that it’s in second place behind World Of Warcraft’s twenty-nine-gajiloplex players. I have to admit that I’ve now lapsed and haven’t touched Conan’s glistening textures for over a week. I’ve no intention of going back any time soon. I do want to get to that whole fortress-building stage, but there’s just too much else distracting me. There’s so much good material in Conan, but I lack the time and the in-game chums to want to bother. Eve, TF2 and a host of other toys will keep me entertained.

What about you, denizens of RPS? Are you still beating down the barbarians?


  1. Lu-Tze says:

    TF2 reeled me back in.
    I’ll go back when I don’t feel like a beta tester.

  2. Chuper says:

    I stopped at lvl 48, due to the lag of Quests… I was really looking forward to Age of Conan, but it didnt really turn out to be as good as i had hoped… I was in the beta, so by the time it released i had played through Tortage, more times than i can recall – and i must say that Tortage is the best area in the game… Its such a shame, they managed to release a game that wasn’t even half done, i hope that i can come back in half a years time and the game will be “complete” – and maybe i will start again then.

    Also, the game is way too brutal on your computer… I wouldnt mind it if it was only when you ran the game on higher Grafics settings, but lowering the settings didnt seem to change much, except for 10more fps in the high, but still the same fps drops when you got in combat. My computer isnt that bad, its 2 years old, but it was Highend back then and it is still able to Run COD, GoW, TF2 – with no lag on medium settings.

    Its a shame because i was actually looking forward to being able to kill whoever i feeled like, whenever i feeled like it… I play Neocron for that exact reason – the fast no mercy openworld PVP…

  3. Dude says:

    I am playing, our guild just made it to T3 so we have our Fortress (wouhou!).
    Good game but I am taking my time (level 45) as the high level game is not ready yet. But I think Conan is a good choice for gamer that don’t want to spend their life on the game, leveling is fast, grinding so far is minimum and even when you are grinding you don’t fall asleep.
    Not a perfect game for sure but a good change… And god, it is beautifull if you have a good beast to run it.

  4. johnny_cuts says:

    Nope, got bored of it and went back to TF2 after being away for far too long.

    Also, GTA4.

    And giggling like a schoolgirl after seeing the Diablo 3 gameplay videos.

  5. LQB says:

    From what I’ve been told from friends who play the game, they say the biggest issue is the lack of “stuff” to do late game.

    Other than that they all seem to love it, great graphics, hilariously hostile PvP, mounted combat, and fatalities.

  6. Dan says:

    I haven’t even tried it yet, though I intend to. The glut of patches makes me think that waiting is not a bad idea.

  7. ran93r says:

    Account is still active but don’t have time to play, I still rate it as a clunky piece of crap but at least it’s shiny new crap.

  8. KidEternal says:

    Quick summary: FunCom horked LOTRO’s codebase and added boobs for a quick buck.

    I wanted this game to rock; ran a Necro to 73 despite frustration & bugs.

    The game is indeed very unpolished/incomplete.

    Many seem to think in 6 months it will be worth playing, but in my experience with other MMO’s that favored cash over happy players, I don’t think they’ll ever get there.

  9. Anthony Damiani says:

    Account is still active. Kinda… meh about whether it will continue to be. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of logical flow to take you to a new Zone after you’ve exhausted your culture-specific second-zone in your mid thirties or so. I’ve hit this on two characters now, and the sense of forward motion just seems to nosedive.

  10. Sal says:

    Its fun…i like it a lot. But my old ass PC cant keep up with all the shinny graphics

  11. Commando says:

    Tortage was excellent but it’s almost totally linear, I’d hate to do that again. After you leave it you are lacking in direction and diversions. There’s virtually no socialising elements, a slow ass stream of boring identical looking loot and quests with no voice acting.

  12. David McGraw says:

    I ended up leaving around level 68 or so. The game lacked “Fun” and “Purpose.” Armor didn’t seem to matter. All the running numbed my mind. PVP lacked reward (I know it’s coming, but, bleh). The Quests were not endowed enough post 45. The user interface was not friendly at all.

    I’m pretty sure that 700k will be on a steep decline if they don’t fix these things quick.

  13. Zoso says:

    I decided to quit with impeccable timing, the day after the next month’s payment. Oh well. It’s fine in itself, just more of the same stats and levels and quests and XP and loot as most other MMOGs…

  14. much2much says:

    Commando says “and quests with no voice acting”.

    Doesn’t Conan have more voice acting quests than any other MMO? From what I’ve read they are looking to add a whole bunch more voice acted quests with every update too.

    It seems a shame that they are doing most of them to this high level and then the ones that aren’t draw complaints. If it is such a rough gear shift do you think they should remove non voice acted quests altogether? Or should players be tolerant that some won’t have voice?

  15. derFeef says:

    I keep enjoying this game, but I have to mention I am a slow-leveler, which makes me immune for that “lack of quests” thing in the endgame.

  16. Eddie Aitken says:

    I love MMO’s and the idea behind them but I just always feel like they’re such a time sink.

  17. drew says:

    I think Warhammer Online has over 700k beta sign-ups…

  18. Charlie says:

    I think Guild Wars has over a million users.

  19. much2much says:

    @drew Conan had over 1 million beta signups but looks like a lot of those are people like me who would love to try it for free but don’t want to pay for it without knowing what we are getting into.

  20. Leeks! says:

    I’ve found that I need to tell myself ‘tonight I will play Conan,’ or I’ll just end up doing something else. I’m quite enamored with the combat system, PvP, the graphics and everything else everyone likes, but it does have some major, major technical issues that Funcom either can’t or won’t address. Combined with my guildlessness and general lack of friends (and in the game), I find that my enthusiasm for the game’s concept far outweighs my actual desire to play it.

  21. Paul says:

    Enjoyed Tortage but it went downhill fast from there. I can’t believe how small the world is, how much zoning you have to do and how little there is to do apart from endless quests. Big dissapointment tbh Ended up giving Vanguard another go – SOE appear to have actually (mostly) fixed it ! (and my soundcard is like more powerful than the pc I had at launch :-P )

  22. Tabya says:

    The game is indeed very unpolished/incomplete.

    Many seem to think in 6 months it will be worth playing, but in my experience with other MMO’s that favored cash over happy players, I don’t think they’ll ever get there.

    I didn’t try it (not interested in the setting and my PC would’nt be able to handle it) but I don’t think Funcom will neglect AoC.

    Just look at Anarchy Online (which I really love):
    Despite being six years old, free to play without expansions and not nearly as successfull as AoC, they still heavily support it.
    They even build a new graphic engine:

    link to

  23. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    I agree with the thrust of your PC Gamer review tbqfh. I thought it was probably worth the 25 quid I spent on it for the first twenty levels, but I just can’t be bothered to press on further, so have cancelled my sub for now.

  24. Sam says:

    I’ve stopped for now. May go back when they put a game in there, more zones, more races, more stuff to do. Gone back to Vanguard to see if they’ve fixed it , which the have for the most part, and really enjoying it so far.

  25. mandrill says:

    Nope, not even a little bit. I tried WoW for a while but it didn’t grab me, this just looks like more of the same to me. It doesn’t matter how much you game journos tell me otherwise, its fantasy, level based, and there are the generic quests. Its WoW in other clothes, just as I suspect WAR will be.
    I’ll stick with EVE thank you very much, at least until World of Darkness looms out of the shadows.

  26. Nimic says:

    I haven’t played it in a couple of weeks, but my account is still active, and I fully intend to get back to the game. As soon as they fix the fact that there’s a cap on defense/attack rating. You know that new awesome chest-armor you found with 10 strength? Worthless!

  27. Chris Keegan says:

    I have spoken to a number a players from my Wow guild that have tried AoC.
    They all seem to say its the bugs that has stopped them from enjoying it as much as they wanted to.
    Which is interesting because way back then, when Wow first came out along long time ago it had a number of bugs and some peeps had hardware problems playing it i do remember. It didn’t have any battlegrounds just out door random pvp (which was fun) and had no rewards for it, just the fun of the kill.
    Its not for me to say weather it was as bugged then as AoC is now.

    But all in all it sounds like they have got off to as a good start as most new born mmo’s so good luck to them. I hope the player base slowly grows.
    Maybe in 6 months i will give it a go.

  28. Jamie says:

    I strongly feel that the only reason people started playing this was the flashy graphics, there will be around 699,000 less subscribers in a couple of months by my estimate

  29. Jash says:

    I hit 62 before running out of quests. Even though I had a class that was well suited to the grind everyone else was going through to hit 80, I could not find it in myself to buckle down for an end game that by all accounts, is unfinished.

    They were a fun 62 levels at least. I probably wont go back, but I don’t regret buying the game.

  30. Riotpoll says:

    Cancelled, not worth it past the first “free” month, when game breaking bugs like female characters attacking much slower in melee still exist there’s no reason to carry on playing. That and the lack of content post-50.

  31. Bitkari says:

    I got bored after a few weeks, and cancelled my account.

    Too much of the same tedious gameplay as most other MMOs, I’m afraid.

  32. mysticsika says:

    cancelled last week,

    after tortage and convalls valley then finding some of the other zones a very disjointed dystopic experience I gave up.

  33. Fat says:

    Got to 56 and gave up, ran out of quests practically (only red ones about 5 levels above me left) and wasn’t into grinding on that since it was such a boring game PvE-wise thanks to the shitty AI and their lack of actions (aside from run into you and start swinging).

    Utter disappointment, makes me wish i actually levelled higher than 20 on all my toons i had in the closed beta. So much for ‘not wanting to spoil the game before release’ for myself. Next time i’ll take the ‘not wanting to waste £25’ stance.

  34. Darthus says:

    Since everyone’s being so negative I just wanted to post as someone that’s still playing and enjoying it. I’m level 50, and yes, I don’t play as frequently because I’m waiting for either the PvP system or the patch with extra quests to get fully back in, but I still enjoy myself whenever I play. I guess I’m in the camp of someone who’s willing to pay the 15 dollars to see if a game I’ve invested myself in fills out after the first free month, but it sounds like I’m in the minority.

  35. Chris R says:

    I bought the game last week and have yet to install it. Reason being, there’s too much distracting me right now… TF2, Diablo 2 (yes, you read correctly), and GTAIV, plus new girlfriend (she doesn’t know I’m a gamer yet.. shhhhh)

    Also, I didn’t want to waste my 30-day free trial, so I didn’t install it yet.

    This weekends announcement of D3 made me and my close 4 friends want to play D2 again, so we reinstalled the game and have been tearing up the world of Sanctuary with new chars (all our accounts lapsed and our old chars deleted)… I forgot how much fun D2 was with a group of real life friends… Really excited for D3 now. It’ll be epic!

  36. Yontan says:

    Lvl 28 ranger, still going, although certainly not at any great pace. My guild are hard at work with the city, and thats really the only motivation for playing. The RP and story that the lads have built around our characters is better than a real book at times. I’ve been away from AoC for the last few weeks due to hardware troubles, I come back to a game still with MAJOR bugs and patches. I can see where they are going with it, and the story on tortage was interesting enough, but the fact that I have to wait til lvl 30 before i can progress in the next stage is frustrating. I’m sticking around for my friends.

  37. Carlton Stevens says:

    I’m terrified to spend money on this. I followed the game for a long while back when all they had was forums and took in the communities ideas at great length. Back then their plans for the game were refreshing (especially for MMOS), and it seems that over time they both lost their way and didn’t have the necessary time and money to do what they wanted.

    For instance I remember when they were going to do a bounty hunter/jail system for griefers. If you were reported multiple times you couldn’t go to major cities because the guards would arrest you. At the same time player PvPers that killed you had an option to return you to the nearest city and get a reward for it. After that your character is “jailed’ for a period of time depending on the severity of your act and the amount of money put on your head.

    I believe the idea was that when you were jailed you had to do a series of quests in the jail in order to get out, but it didn’t level you.

    The early ideas for dying was really creative, too, but it seems they just sort of did the normal MMO copy and paste development.

  38. Fat says:

    @ Carlton

    The jail system you speak of (almost identical anyway) is on it’s way into the game shortly.

    The main thing that killed it for me was the fact it’s so instanced… there was usually around 10 instances of most zones for me, which really takes away the populated feel and an MMO. Even in towns i probably only ever saw a crowd at most of about 20 people. This was a big reason i left, i want seamless worlds… don’t bullshit me about the graphics being so amazing that it can’t be done, after the magic wears away you realise the graphics are just ”good, for an MMO”… not GOOD (or at least GREAT) when compared to any other ‘latest’ game.

  39. Jeff says:

    Games like Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel actually wipe the floor with Conan’s user numbers. Conan has a long way to go if it wants to be the number two MMOG after WoW. Take off the hardcore gamer’s glasses for a while, please. Just because you don’t get to kill things doesn’t mean it isn’t a video game.

    Plus, Conan isn’t even close to number two, even if you only count game where you kill things. ZT Online has had over 2 Million concurrent(!) users not too long ago.

    Conan is a big success so far, and I like it quite lot, but please get your facts straight.

  40. Magpie says:

    Still waiting for the trial accounts to be activated – not putting up cash until I see if my poor old box will run the thing without the smokes and the flames and the screaming.

    I’m not too concerned about lack of polish at this point – remember the extent of PvP when WoW was released? The miserable GUI? I’m still a sucker for that Pavlov stuff.

    …but the new Jumpgate will own me when it comes out (twitch-based pewpew MMO for the Epic Win), so I don’t have to worry too much about lack of end game AoC content for the years to come. I guess people looking at the long haul may be more concerned.

  41. Michael Pearson says:

    Just like everybody else here – it was fun up until level 30 or so for me (Conall’s Valley beats Tortage, trust me) but then found I had better things to do than pay to be a tester.

    GRiD is my current love.

  42. Seb Potter says:

    I ran every class to 30, then took 2 of my favourites (the massively overpowered priest classes) to 80 in just over a fortnight. That ought to tell you how badly Funcom have managed this release.

    I gave up on 3 classes because they’re just too badly bugged to play. That’s lucky, because they’ve been utterly destroyed in the past couple of patches. (Necro, Demo, and Assassin.) Then there’s the fact that all melee classes are unplayable for female characters because of the (so far acknowledged but not described as a bug) 25-30% reduction in damage done by female characters. Then there’s the missing content. From about level 50 up. Did I mention I ran 2 characters to end-game in 2 weeks? I have one word – grinding. For a story-based game in such a rich universe, it’s utterly ridiculous that this is the case.

    Give the game another 6 months to get out of beta. If anyone is still playing by then, it might be okay.

    I suspect it will die a spectacular and unprofitable death before then. And serve Funcom right. How hard is it to release a game that actually works?

    It’s a shame, because graphically this game is beautiful. Of course, to actually view it over 5 frames per second it might help if you buy a £300 graphics card and 2GB of RAM. Oh, and it crashes every 15 minutes.

    And it raped my fridge.

  43. Marcin says:

    Loved the story and interaction up to level 20, arrived in post-20 to be greeted by Fetch X and Kill Y, and lost all will to play. I’m not really sure why, but the world felt much more plasticky and inactive after Tortage. I guess I just wanted to play Mount & Blade Online, but don’t want to deal with the grind!

    Also, GTA4 still. And now FFTA2.

  44. etho says:

    I’m still at it, and still enjoying it. I’m at level 30 with a Templar, been playing for a month or so. I like it better than EQ2 and much better than WoW, which are the only other MMOs I have much experience with.

    I really don’t understand the complaints about it not working. I have run in to a couple issues, but they get fixed pretty quick. I haven’t suffered much downtime, far less than I would expect for a new MMO.

  45. CakeAddict says:

    I myself stopped sometime ago, I had the sense I was playing a beta game most of my abilities were bugged and I had no quests left to do or could not do them because of bugs…
    And I agree with marcin, after lvl 20 it was yust.. boring.

    Might try again in a few months but most likely I’ll yust go back to Wow when it’s expansion comes out.

  46. Joe says:

    Got bored of it too.

    To me, the interesting issue is that there’s a one million copies SOLD, but only 700,000 registered.

    Are 300,000 people playing the secret singleplayer mode or something?

  47. Jim Rossignol says:

    Is it a million copies sold, or a million copies shipped? If shipped then a million was how many shops and stuff ordered between them, and 300k are still on shelves.

  48. MaxMcG says:

    Think it was 1 million shipped.

    I’m beginning to get a little pissed off with AoC. It really does feel like you are playing a beta.

    There are quests that have been broken for weeks and still have not been fixed, despite all the complaining. Class balance is a little off I think as well.

    I think I’ll play this until WAR comes out.

  49. Yontan says:

    Either way there are still plenty of people to play with and laugh at the bugs together. I got stuck in a rock the other day. Good times. :D
    I had a bloody good time on it last night though, although I ended up at my guildcity (in stygia) when I got lost in the field of dead (nice place actually). I stood in awe as the buildings rose from the ground around me. and the area is HUGE! i can’t wait to get to lvl40 so I can charge around on my rhino.

  50. Acosta says:

    Yes, just got level 20 the other day with my Herald. I’m not in hurry, I got a Collector’s Edition and three months of account and I know how this things works if you try to rush. I’m having a lot of fun with the combat system and digging the world (climbing should be mandatory for any MMO from this point).

    I will keep playing until 80 or until Warhammer arrives (I think I will get to 80 before of that).