Age Of Conan: The 700,000

“More than 700.000 gamers have registered an Age of Conan account so far,” say the boys at Funcom. That means that it’s in second place behind World Of Warcraft’s twenty-nine-gajiloplex players. I have to admit that I’ve now lapsed and haven’t touched Conan’s glistening textures for over a week. I’ve no intention of going back any time soon. I do want to get to that whole fortress-building stage, but there’s just too much else distracting me. There’s so much good material in Conan, but I lack the time and the in-game chums to want to bother. Eve, TF2 and a host of other toys will keep me entertained.

What about you, denizens of RPS? Are you still beating down the barbarians?


  1. ascagnel says:

    As someone who played The Matrix Online, I can say wholeheartedly that this game sucked. And MxO was quite possibly the worst for-pay MMO before AoC came out.

  2. Chaz says:

    I haven’t played AoC but I concur that The Matrix Online did indeed suck quite badly. Despite it’s rather pleasantly unique art style, I also thought that the Saga of Ryzom was pretty awful too. It had practically zero quest content, so all you could do was just grind away for hour after hour. In fact Ryzom had very little content period and needless to say it soon got pretty dull.

  3. Vexor says:

    AOC is a pretty good game. There is a lack of quests in the late 50s but 60+ there are tons. I have a 80 necro and a 45 conq. The biggest issue in the game is quest gaps (which are being patched in thursday as rumor would have it) along with pvp balance. Aside from that it’s presentable. There are quite a few rough edges yet though.

  4. cullnean says:

    im happy to hand out some free city of heroes trails!

    that is if anyone wants one.

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    City Of Heroes is ace. Take this man up on his offer.

  6. cullnean says:

    yup just email and ill rustle you up a trail.

  7. Orange says:

    I’m playing it pretty much because nothing else appeals atm. Conan is just about accessible and interesting enough to fill a bit of time here and then.

    Although saying that, I only really play it when my friend is online so we can duo things. Also helps that it’s on an ffa server and our guild is at war with a few others, so always that edge of pvp during quests.

    Long term even if they fix the later content, there’s so much work for them to do and so many new titles coming out later in the year I just can’t see myself sticking with it. Loads of people I know have quit already and quite a lot of those left are similarly just filling time until the next game comes along.

  8. Bidermaier says:

    Another happy eve player here. It would be nice if someday you covered the empyrean age expansion.

  9. TickledBlue says:

    I think the fact that you haven’t gone back for over a week is testament to how weak the actual gameplay in AoC is. Yes it’s pretty, yes there are nipples, but beyond that it doesn’t have any real depth and what it offers, for the most part, is currently buggy or broken.

    Its taken me over a month to get out of Tortage mainly because every time I fired up my PC I found myself being distracted by ‘anything’ else rather than playing AoC. Now that I’m out I have nothing in the game that is driving me on. I don’t even know what combo I’m going to get next level (if I even get one next level) so the small drive of character levelling doesn’t even work.

    Face facts Jim, its not that there is too much else distracting you. Its just that anything else is a better distraction.

  10. Jash says:

    I do thank AoC for introducing me to my most recently met future ex wife:

  11. El_MUERkO says:

    I gave up at level 46, I got tired of dying in two hits to a Ranger 10 levels below me.