1. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Thanks for posting that, it was very cool. Where was this speech held?

  2. Aubrey says:

    I really want to get back into lego, but I’m afraid my man-child quota is filled up already.

  3. Ian says:

    I think I might still have a big bin of Lego somewhere. I hope so.

    I suspect my man-child vice will, if anything, be BRIO wooden train once I get it out of my parents’ loft.

    Luckily, I have a niece or nephew on the way, so I’ll be able to play with it all in the name of entertaining the little bundle of delight.

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    EDIT: Oh, and the speech was very funny. :)

  4. Rosti says:

    Three kinds of win and the disembodied voice of Marcus Brigstocke? Ta muchly.

  5. Nuyan says:

    Playmobil > Lego. Obviously.

  6. Cian says:

    Fanboyism may not be allowed for games, but I’m going to burn down your house Nuyan.

    One of the main joys of having nieces and nephews is being allowed to play with all my old Lego again, free of guilt. It’s great having lots of little minions to search out those tricky 2×2 bits.

  7. The Hammer says:

    And I’ll protect Nuyan, because I agree with him!

  8. Aftershock says:

    LEGO is awesome.

    Except when you step on it with bare feet.
    That is, however, a good method for keeping older people away whilst you build.

  9. Jodi says:

    Playmobil is completely different to Lego. It’s cool and all, but not the same thing at all.

  10. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Playmobil > Lego

    Well, that’s the most wrong statement I’ve heard for quite some time. I mean, you can’t even build anything with Playmobil.

    Also, neat presentation. Cheers RPS!

  11. Mazgurth says:

    I knew this dude who sold his new bike, nintendo and stuff to buy more legos. He had a shit load of them.
    Now he’s an officer in the army. Ha ha.

  12. mandrill says:

    Ah, LEGO. I’m luckier than those of you with nieces and nephews in that I have a two year old son who is going to inherit all of my LEGO once he’s old enough to know not to eat it. Whilst my collection is not quite as prodigious as Mr. Reynolds’ it is still quite substantial and comprises bricks from every type (Duplo through to Technic). I love the way that the types od lego connect with each other quite well and some amazing constructions came out of this realisation when I was about 12.
    All hail LEGO, Playmobil sucks!

  13. Nimic says:

    Lego is clearly awesome. I remember my elder brother had this cool, huge Pirate ship, and I got a pretty big castle. My cousin (who is the same age as me and possibly even more of a geek; his words), also happened to have a castle and lots of fantasy pieces, so that worked out nicely. I always had the coolest “knight”-type guys, and he had the “Robin Hood/Archer”-type fellows. I think we had a story and everything, in that our groups were suspicious of eachother, but in the end came together to fight the evil overlord, or some such.

    Geek-love is the strongest kind of love.

  14. Saul says:

    My brother once pushed me from the top bunk onto Lego. Owie. I still love the stuff, though. I liked the medieval range the best, followed by space. And I came up with the idea for Robin Hood Lego 10 years before it was released! If only I hadn’t been a small child, I could have been rich by now…

  15. Nuyan says:

    You were either a Playmobil kid or a Lego kid. Playmobil kids were the cool kids. Lego was small and stupid looking, while Playmobil had realism. You can’t build with Playmobil? We didn’t need silly plastics matching blocks to build up stuff, it’s much better to use proper wood-blocks for that and mix it with playmobil. I’ve build complete towns, huge castles and towers that reached the ceiling with my friends that way.

  16. yutt says:

    Did anyone else find the background laughter completely obnoxious?

  17. Sp4rkR4t says:

    I really miss my LEGO, it’s part of the reason I think LEGO Universe have missed a trick by aiming there game at kids as they could have had alot more fun going for the retro crowd.

  18. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Nuyan: Can you build flying tanks (man, I wish I’d kept that one) with Playmobil? As that’s the acid test as far as I’m concerned.

  19. Noc says:

    Playing with Legos (and Mindstorm) as a kid taught me everything I ever needed to know about engineering and logic.

    They’re pretty cool.

  20. Nuyan says:

    @ Man Raised By Puffins: You can with wood.

  21. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Oh, and as far as I see the whole Playmobil vs LEGO thing…

    Playmobil was a good toy, LEGO is a superb learning tool and a toy.

  22. Chris R says:

    Haha, Penny-Arcade posted about the Lego snacks thing that they guy pointed out in his presentation:

    link to penny-arcade.com

    It is kind of a stupid idea if you have kids… “Don’t eat these Lego bricks… but these ones are ok..” wtfbbq?

  23. Al says:

    There is a vast amount of lego in the loft at my parents’ house, including rather a lot of the old 12V rail system.

    It’s waiting. There’s strict orders not to throw any out, or give it away. But for now, I have not the space to indulge.

  24. Cargo Cult says:

    Hammer is my new Lego.

    (Near-infinite pieces!)

  25. Roo Reynolds says:


    Where was this speech held?

    It was the opening presentation at a strange and eclectic conference in London in which a bunch of us presented our hobbies and interests in a series of short presentations to a warm and receptive audience. It was called Interesting 2008.

  26. Chris R says:

    Hey Roo,

    Nice presentation! I throughly enjoyed your style and humor, very well done. Loved the “Halfway there – Deep Breath” slide, i may have to use that in some of my presentations. :)


    Ps. As far as Lego sets go, I was always into the medieval sets, I had the castles and horses, and dungeons, glowing ghosts, all that. Maybe that’s why I enjoy playing RPG’s so much… hmmm…

  27. Darius K. says:

    Apparently it’s been taken down?

  28. Duncan says:

    Playmobil? wtf? Are you insane?
    Is there Star Wars Playmobil? Is there Indiana Jones Playmobil? Is there Batman Playmobil?

    Can you make the following with Playmobil?
    link to brickshelf.com
    link to brickshelf.com
    link to gadgets.boingboing.net
    link to fleebnork.com
    link to fleebnork.com
    link to fleebnork.com
    link to fleebnork.com
    link to flickr.com
    link to flickr.com
    link to brothers-brick.com

    Fuck Playmobil – fuck it right in its stupid, unimaginative face!


    Bonus ultra-geek photo: link to flickr.com

  29. Chaz says:

    My favourite Lego piece of recent times, and it still makes me chuckle every time I see it.

    link to myconfinedspace.com

  30. Roo Reynolds says:

    Darius: I think it’s still there.

  31. Fumarole says:


    You’ve built towers out of your friends?

  32. Nuyan says:

    With wood, silly!