All Greek: Rise Of The Argonauts Footage

Below the cut we have two brief videos from Liquid Entertainment in which they talk about the “Gods” system they’ve implemented in their new action RPG, Rise Of The Argonauts. The way in which you deal with the Greek gods effects how your character develops throughout the game, both in the combat moves he’s able to implement, and in how his experience allows development throughout the game. The trailers contain a mixture of CGI, in-game footage and man-in-T-shirt, so it’s not an entirely misleading glimpse of the game. (Sorry, feeling bitter from so many game-free videos recently.)

We should have an interview with Liquid coming up in the next couple of weeks. The game is due out in the “Autumn”. A bit vague, but there we go.


  1. Kenny says:

    For the love of all things sonic, please Liquid Entertainment, hire a sound designer. That was embarrassing.

  2. Stuk says:

    Goodness gracious me: Similarity?

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    Heh. Generic man with beard is the new generic action woman with sideboob.

  4. Rook says:

    Have they fixed the goat legged hero yet?

  5. Acosta says:

    I love Liquid since the criminally ignored Battle Realms, great studio with a taste for different things and some good ideas they don’t always work, but worth trying). Looking for this.

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    Agreed, Battle Realms was strong.

  7. MisterBritish says:

    These are the Battle Realms guys? This might be worth paying attention too.

  8. fluffy bunny says:

    I liked Dragonshard, from the same people. It wasn’t as good as the (very similar) SpellForce games, but it was good fun. Looking forward to this.

  9. luminosity says:

    This is a comment from luminosity, we’re discussing the videos posted on rock, paper, shotgun.

    Man. That got annoying. Game looks somewhat interesting, though.

    This was a comment from luminosity, and we just discussed the videos posted on rock, paper, shotgun.

  10. Jubaal says:

    The combat looks interesting but I’m not convinced by the Gods specialising your skills in different weapons. The reason being that if for example you “level” up with Ares you are likely to get improved skills or buffs to Mace damage. Now lets says you have to fight a horde of beasties and you want to use your shield, but you haven’t “Levelled up” with Apollo so you’re quite poor with a shield, therefore you are effectively forced to only use a mace. This would be a shame as the diversity of weapon usage looks like a fun aspect of the game. However I’m completely running away with this as there isn’t enough detail about it for me to make even close to a judgement… erm but I kinda did.

    Oh and the “unique” deeds system, I can’t help feeling that these will ironically be along the lines of “Go to the forest and bring me back the snouts of twenty corrupt boars as a sacrafice”. All RPGs and MMORPGs have “corrupt” wildlife at some stage, it’s like crates in FPS games. You can almost guarantee that someone will say to you “Our friends of the forest have become dark and twisted and they have turned against us. Please will you investigate the source of this evil”. Or maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age.

  11. Jonathan says:

    Can I just say “single player rpg with budget”. That’s enough to get me interested in it.

  12. Ozzie says:

    Wow. I think it looks mighty interesting.
    The scenario is fresh, the graphics look great and there are some unique gameplay aspects.
    I’m getting excited, yay!

  13. born2expire says:

    looks rather good, ill take a wait and see on this.