“Everybody Can Be Creative”

We all go through a tribal phase eventually.

There’s a new video of Will Wright explaining Spore in a bit more depth on GT today. It’s below, so click away to have a look. Make sure to keep an eye on the screen behind Wright, which shows quite a lot of footage of the spaceship creator. It is one of eight creating tools in the game, along with the Creature Creator.


Showing off to other tribes: good

Now, if you’re me, you’re still a bit confused about how the Creature Creator fits in with all this. If I start with a unicellular lifeform, and evolve gradually, then when does starting with a blob and making a creature come in? Kieron seems to have a better grasp on it all, suggesting that it’s something you come back to as you earn more Spore “money” – something the released Creator gives you in abundance at the start. He puts it best by saying, “Think of it as the shop in Xenon 2.”


  1. JoeFreakinRussell says:

    Was that a Where’s Wally spaceship? Looking really cool. One of my most eagerly anticipated games for this year.

  2. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    School bus spaceship!

  3. Kast says:

    My favourite creation so far? The Magic Schoolbus spaceship – I love it.

    In other news – my confidence in Spore is growing. I had started to lose faith in what I was seeing but Spore again looks like it’s going to be actual fun.

  4. Ian says:

    Do we know what all the creation tools are, then?

    Creature, building, spaceship…?

  5. matt says:

    The more i see stuff on Spore, the more i want to play it. I want to be creative too !

  6. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Ian: Also a single-celled creature creator and the vehicle editor. I’m hoping you can edit the tools at the tribal stage as well, but it doesn’t look like it going by the videos which have been released so far.

    It’s also interesting to hear that the space section is getting some structure to it, even it still sounds quite open-ended.

  7. Ian says:

    My guess with the space section is that everybody will actually “finish” the game once just to see what you get or what happens, and after that they’ll just keep exploring.

    I really likt aht after finishing the game once you can start a new game at any stage. So if you want to jump right to the tribal phase, you can.

  8. MisterBritish says:

    I wonder if you can take the creature you made with the standalone creator, then have the main game regress it down to an amoeba so your can start the game with it? Seems like the kind of thing they would have thought of.

  9. Yargh says:

    @ian , I’ve also noticed mentions of a plant editor, which kind of makes sense for people trying to make themed environments.

  10. Nimic says:

    This could be the best game in the history of games. Or it could be.. well, I wouldn’t say “just another game”. I think this can’t be anything but an amusing game.

  11. terry says:

    Tenner bet says there is the 2001 monolith at the centre of the galaxy.

    I have faith that this will be great – Will rocks too much to miss the goalposts on this one (excuse my primitive foot-to-ball metaphor)

    edit: The first thing I will make is a species of Peter Molyneux and all the buildings will be from Syndicate >:(

  12. James G says:

    An opportunity for militaristic or religious expansion? No diplomatic path, or cultural?

  13. Pijama says:

    you have cultural vehicles as well, James. It is part of the trade aspect IIRC.

    And the monolith of 2001 was shown already. It is a Space stage tech which you can use to bring any species in the galaxy to the tribal/civilization stage. :)

  14. Walsh says:

    This might as well be Black and White for all the hype going into it. Neat concept but even the hands on haven’t addressed whether it will be a good game or not.

  15. Ian says:

    Part of what’ll interest me is whether taking the “Let’s all be friends” route will be any fun at all.

    I like the idea of making a small, fast greenivore and then advancing my Space Death Machines and destroying everything in sight. Revenge of the Giraffe!

  16. terry says:

    Pjama: Really? This confirms my day zero purchase.

    “My god… its full of sims!”

  17. James G says:

    Ahh good, that sounds like it gives a better base. I was just about to edit my comment when I realised that I hadn’t even considered trade aspects.

    Its odd actually, if a game never gives a choice I never have any qualms with taking the violent militaristic route. However, if a game offers a pacifist/diplomatic approach, I find I’ll always gravitate toward it, at least on first playthrough. That said, if my choices were only millitary or religious domination then I think I’d take the military route. (I don’t think a religion which was strongly founded in ‘each to their own’ would be terribly great at spreading)

  18. RichPowers says:

    You can have economic, religious, or military cities. From the looks of it, military is the most difficult because you have to destroy cities and then immediately rebuild them, whereas religious conversion allows you to capture cities intact.

    These are the editors I know of: creature (all stages), ground vehicle, boat, airship, spaceship, building, music, and planet (AFAIK, you terraform and mess with planets using your spaceship, not a separate editor). There was talk of adding a fauna editor in a future expansion.

  19. Erlam says:

    I think EA itself will make or break this game.

    If they let Wright do what he wants, it’ll be fantastic. If they keep doing moronic DRM stuff, or doing anything they possibly can to get ‘micro transactions,’ they will ruin it.

  20. Tanner says:

    This solidified Will Wright as my “game designer hero.”
    The man’s brilliant.

  21. RichPowers says:

    EA has already announced how it will “monetize” (buzzword bingo!) Spore. From Wikipedia:

    There will be an iTunes-style “Spore Store” built into the game, allowing players to purchase external Spore licensed merchandise, such as t-shirts, posters, and future Spore expansion packs.[49] There are also plans for the creation of a type of Spore collectible card game based on the Sporepedia cards of the creatures, buildings, vehicles, and planets that have been created by the players.

    It’d be lame if content is segregated by what expansions you own; imagine not being able to download anything because of expansion pack dependency issues. Ideally, you would buy new editors but could still import ALL content into your game.

  22. Erlam says:

    I worked at EA for a bit, and one thing I learned is they are obsessed with micro transactions. If you only knew how many times a day I heard another scheme for squeezing another few dollars out of a game..

  23. Tak says:

    The only thing that will keep me from buying it will be their DRM scheme. I admit to still being skeptical about the game parts, but they have pulled off some pretty impressive feats of design that are, IMHO, worth the price of admission to play with in full unrestrained glory.

  24. Tomlin says:

    Tanner :
    How come ? If you look around you’ll see thousands of people with the ideas of the same scale or even grander. Its just that Will Wright happens to get the money for his ideas, thats all there is to it.

  25. SuperNashwan says:

    “Think of it as the shop in Xenon 2.”


  26. BaconIsGood4You says:

    I love Will Wright.

  27. D says:

    I saw an Imperial Star Destroyer.

  28. Radiant says:

    I love that just as he’s talking about kids becoming storytellers the ship maker on the monitor behind goes “Choose a spaceship” and someone picks AN OVEN.

  29. Kanakotka says:

    I’m still amazed that anti-evolution people haven’t gone batshit at this yet.

  30. Erlam says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Where are the crazy religious nuts? I demand badly worded and thought out complaints! Who will defend our lord and saviour?

  31. K says:

    Because we’re intelligently(and not so) designing.

  32. Candid Man says:

    Well, being heavily player-driven, the evolution of life in Spore seems to be more in conformity with the Intelligent Design “theory” (term used loosely) rather than standard evolutionary theory (which emphasizes natural selection, genetic drift, Gould’s “spandrels” and the like).

    Of course, the player’s input is an imperative for any game worths its salt, but I wouldn’t put it past these crackpots to see in Will Wright’s work a sort of validation of their beliefs.

    Come to think of it, according to his wiki Wright has made an important donation to the Republican party. Mmmm…

  33. Cold says:

    I want a TARDIS spaceship!

  34. Albides says:

    I want to have Will Wright’s designer babies!

  35. jph wacheski says:

    “According to The Huffington Post fundraising search engine Will Wright donated 3500 USD to former Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani in 2007”
    link to en.wikipedia.org

    wonder if that is true? why ANYONE would suport the Deatheater cause is beyond me,. war for self-enrichment is the hight of evil sickness,. . and Mr. 911 himself was a crazed warmonger Deatheater if ever there was one,. . I do hope that that search is for another Will Wright,. ? could be a common name.

    Otherwise tha game looks great! But I will not support it if the above is true. PEACE.

  36. Tomzor! says:

    Brian Eno!

  37. Ian says:

    and future Spore expansion packs.[49]

    I realise it’s Wikipedia and the ’49’ is a citation, but it amused me that such a high number would come next to mention of EA expansion packs.

    Just saying.

  38. devlocke says:

    I could be totally insane, and I’m a bit late responding to this, but I could swear I read on Wired some time ago that you can skip the cellular level. I want to say I read that you can jump in at any point. It was a while ago, even if I am remembering correctly, so it could have been changed for release, but I remember feeling like the fact that you could skip parts would sort of destroy the motivation to even bother with those parts. I started actively not wanting to play the game as a result.

    Am I totally insane? Maybe I just dreamed it. God knows, I’ve been reading Spore crap for an eternity; maybe I briefly confused a bad dream with real information.

  39. devlocke says:

    Wired’s Game|Life search engine sucks (or I do) but Google got me the following paragraph in a second or so from some (fan?)site called sporeillustrated.com. Emphasis is mine.

    “It was necessary for the developers to break the game up into distinct yet consistent, dependent “phases”. The outcome of one phase affects the initial conditions of the player’s species in the next. Each phase, while housing the same creature and player, exhibits its own style of play, and has been described by the developers as ten times more complicated than its preceding phase. While players are able to spend as much time as they prefer in each, it is possible to accelerate or skip phases altogether.

    I’m taking that to mean I remember at least partially correctly, and the creature-creator is relevant to the game because you can just blow off the initial monocellular stage and jump into the creature-phase or whatever.

    I’m probably totally wrong.

  40. Winterborn says:

    From what I very vaguely understand devlocke you have to do the stages once but after that you can start a new game at any stage you’ve been at already. So not that different from save games then.

    I could be entirely wrong though.