Trackmania: World Record Trailer

This has me grinning like a loon at eight in the morning: 250 Trackmania players racing round the same track.

God, I love Trackmania.


  1. Death by Toast says:

    I wish I could have been a part of that…

    But then again, I have trouble running that game with over 20 cars; I can’t imagine racing with over 200!

  2. MindBrain says:

    Can’t stand that game, tried it, interface is confusing, tracks suck can’t tell where to go, or whats going on. Uninstalled, sorry

  3. Freelancepolice says:


    wait what? …. what?



  4. Tom says:

    I absolutely adore TM.
    It just never gets boring, unlike, well…. every other racing game ever made
    Come to think of it… it’s not that they get boring, they start boring.

  5. Mooey Poo says:

    Now someone tell me that isn’t as good as fucking boring stupid waste of space Trials 2.

  6. arqueturus says:

    I liked it until I started hitting unlock requirements, then got sick of it.

    I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with TF2.

  7. Rob says:

    I did the PR for the original TM and TM Sunrise. I still say it’s the best game I’ve ever worked with and that includes Bioshock :D

    The number of people that MOANED about there not being collision detection!!! Christ!! I’m glad that there were enough people that understood what they were trying to do and where it could go (see video again!) to let it succeed. It’s superb and deserves to be held in much higher regard.

    TM I will NEVER forget you!

  8. Shadowcat says:

    This makes me think of the Trackmania ‘1K Projects’
    link to
    link to
    link to

  9. Fede says:

    TM is very nice and very entertaining, but at times I still miss a bit the lack of realism (that’s my problem, as TM isn’t a sim; I believe it achieves exactly what it was made for).
    I also think the tracks it comes with are mostly well designed (few of the last tracks are a bit too sick for me :P ).

    @Death by Toast: you have problems at 20 players even when you tell TM not to draw your opponents?

  10. Tr00jg says:

    I love TM! We need more over-the-top racing games.

  11. MindBrain says:

    Yes Freelancepolice, I mean it, I kept trying to play it. At first I overlooked the ugly confusing menu system, kept just trying to play the tracks, hated every track I played, couldn’t tell if I was going forwards or backwards. Kept trying to make sense of the 200 different elements on the HUD to no avail.

    Don’t know if some of these things are the fault of community made maps or what but I couldn’t stand it. Don’t know if it make a difference but I was playing the free version.

    On the other hand I have Trials 2 and love it (but don’t know why people even compare it to TM as they’re completely different)

  12. MeestaNob! says:

    I do have to admit that MindBrain is correct about the interface… its just so damn difficult to figure out where to go next. I pity non-gamers/computer literates trying to navigate it.

    Fun game if/once you get in though.

  13. Dishwasher says:

    Btw, any word on the next TrackMania game? I own the original and recently downloaded Nations Forever, just reinstalled the original (and remembered how much more fun those environments are than the Stadium), so now I’m considering getting United Forever, but I don’t really want to buy the game, then as soon as I get back home read a news article saying “TrackMania We’re Running Out Of Names Forever features all the previous stuff compiled again and some new stuff, too”.

  14. itsallcrap says:

    TMUF is pretty much the only thing I play that isn’t TF2 these days.

    And look at this:

    link to

    Note that the one costing £4.99 can be upgraded to the one costing £17.99 by adding on a freely downloadable patch.

    I’d say it’s worth a fiver.

    EDIT: Only half of that link appears to have been recognised as a link. You’ll have to copy/paste it, I guess…

  15. Radiant says:

    Mindbrain you didn’t know where to go?
    The first track has ONE CORNER.
    But your right it must be shit all 200 people in that video were obviously completely confused.

  16. Radiant says:

    and what do you mean too many elements on the hud?
    Relative to what?

  17. AbyssUK says:

    Mindbrain I hope to god you don’t have a driving license.

  18. phuzz says:

    But how gutted would you be if you came in 250th place eh?

  19. Optimaximal says:

    But how gutted would you be if you came in 250th place eh?

    You could be arrogant and say you don’t care because you were part of the World Record attempt, therefore making you better than everyone else :)

  20. itsallcrap says:

    Mindbrain I hope to god you don’t have a driving license.

    Yeah, really. The controls for this game are UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT. Or if you’re really uber-1337 you might be able to cope with a joypad without your brain melting and leaking out of your ears.

  21. Alec Meer says:

    Let’s leave Mindbrain alone now, please.

  22. The Hammer says:

    They should use that in adverts, because the visual effect of seeing all the cars zip around the track is lovely.

    Nice music, too.

  23. mpk says:

    On the other hand I have Trials 2 and love it (but don’t know why people even compare it to TM as they’re completely different)

    I think it’s the instant respawn and must-do-better dynamic that they both have that draws the comparison. I’ve played TM for the first time this afternoon and that’s the first thing I noticed.

    Also: pretty.

  24. roBurky says:

    Surely the 1K project is loads more impressive?

  25. Jim Rossignol says:

    The 1k project is more impressive, but it’s just loads of replays all overlaid. This is 250 people, no?

  26. Chris R says:

    Whats the name of the song in the video? Sure is catchy.

  27. Death by Toast says:

    @ Fede

    I have never looked for that option before, just turned down my graphics pretty much all the way, and then TM is fine. What would be the fun of racing against yourself in a multiplayer server tho?

  28. Zed says:


    Now do it again with clipping turned on. ;)

  29. Fede says:

    @Death by Toast: I don’t like to arrive in the bottom half so as I am faster if I have more fps and I don’t see colored things moving on the road… and then it runs much better on my old pc without the other cars.
    If you want to try it out, just press ‘o’.

  30. oxxorz says:

    An earlier version of Trackmania installed crapware on my machine without asking my permission. I don’t touch that game since. Too bad, because it’s a good game.

    I looked it up on wikipedia:the crapware in question is “StarForce”.

  31. Shadowcat says:

    oxxorz: Good news — TM Nations Forever and TM United Forever have no Starforce :)

    I understand that TM United (pre-Forever) had only binary encryption from that company, and did not include the ‘crapware’ drivers that you refer to. All earlier TM releases (up to TM Sunrise Extreme and the first TM Nations) included Starforce drivers.

    Happily, TM United Forever incorporates all previous TM material, so if you buy that one you’ll get everything there is, without any crapware!