1. Jonas says:

    Heheh this really shouldn’t be so funny, but there’s some pretty well timed gags in there. “Your turn.” “Desperate.” “Desperate.” “Desperate.” “Desperate.”

  2. Ian says:

    I have no idea what happened there.

    Was that the point?

  3. mpk says:

    I giggled.

    It’s been a long time since I played Deus Ex and I don’t remember much at all, but I imagine this version is much funnier.

  4. MetalCircus says:

    “Unatco hurt my weeny.”

    *long silence*

  5. Grey_Ghost says:

    Wow, did it always look that awful? Reminds me of when I watched an A-Team episode as an adult.

  6. Erik Andersson says:

    Is this from some version of the Malkavian mod? link to youtube.com was funnier though.

  7. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Erik: No, this is just the intro section re-cut. I agree though, the Malkavian mod clips are somewhat funnier.

    Of course they both pale in comparison to vanilla DX (see also this and this).

  8. Joe says:

    Odd, but pretty funny.

  9. Nuyan says:

    There are some great Deus Ex videos on youtube. I really should play Deus Ex another again, last time was several years ago. (I say this several times a month, I think)

  10. Namey says:

    The robot walking backwards made me laugh pretty bad. Otherwise it was ok.

  11. Jonas says:

    Grey_Ghost: It’ll look better if you play with the High Definition Texture Package, which replaces all the decorations and weapons and items and a selection of characters with new high-poly models with high-res textures. They’re still WIP (the download on that site is release 1, which only has about half the new stuff implemented), but they claim to be on the verge of beta for their full version.

    There’s also a project called New Vision that aims to replace all the thousands of world textures in the game with high-res versions, but that’s TBD and not even close to release AFAIK.

  12. Dogman says:

    I’ve never played Deus Ex, but I had to turn this video off because I kept spitting eggs all over my monitor. Maybe I’m just too tired but this is one of the funniest videos I have ever watched.

  13. sbs says:

    I really should give this Texture Pack a try, looks sweet.

  14. dartt says:

    What a shame.

  15. Paul S says:


  16. matte_k says:

    Great stuff. And hats off to the guys at EEGRA for the voice acting clips, i’d forgotten how bad the dialogue was for non-primary characters. “I speeled my dreenk!”

  17. Mazgurth says:

    God damnit.. now I may have to reinstall Deus Ex just because someone mentioned it…

  18. EyeMessiah says:

    I just discovered you can save Jock & Paul. I am pretty disturbed.

  19. Lightbulb says:

    Well personally i didn’t really find it funny at all…

    I really should go back and win the game though, its one of the many many games i should finish…

  20. MetalCircus says:

    EyeMessiah: You didn’t know!? Play it again, now!

  21. Darius K. says:

    Re: the voice acting, the Deus Ex team definitely knew they had some clunkers, as evidenced by the fact that “I speel my dreenk!” is one of the test sounds in the audio configuration menu.

  22. Jonas says:

    And see if you can locate the entrance to the flooded section of Canal Tunnel in Hong Kong without looking at a walkthrough ;)

    Man. Deus Ex takes up too much of my life.

  23. Alex says:

    You can save Paul?! Dammit! Now I have to undo all my progress. And I just finished the Ocean Lab (again) too.

    Hilarious vid, though I don’t recognise quite a few of those clips.

  24. Naseer says:

    Old Men.

  25. Mr Pink says:

    What a shame.

  26. CryingMinotaur says:

    This reminded me of this: link to oldmanmurray.com

  27. radomaj says:

    Have never played the game, but I find the concept of electronic old men running the world of future hilarious.

  28. Jonas says:

    Actually you could sort of call Lucious DeBeers an electronic old man, couldn’t you? Of course I guess he’s more frozen than he is electronic. But still!

  29. Ian says:

    I think I need to play Deus Ex again and just use a different approach. I’ve played (and loved) it twice, both times aiming for stealth and subterfuge. I think it’s high time I played it with a Denton war machine.

  30. Jahkaivah says:

    Old men…. running the world…. A NEW AGE

    Another day, another couple of people learn about being able to save Paul, seriously why is it there are so few games out there that allow stuff like that?

    Deus ex is available on gametap now, if you haven’t played it I recommend you installl it alongside Psychonauts.

  31. Bulk says:

    Personally I always love maxing out my sniper skills – you can pick off anything at 1000 yards – its the best thing ever.

  32. JamesOf83 says:

    I love Deus Ex. When I turned 16 and got some inheritance money the first thing I did was buy my own PC, with a new Voodoo 2 and I went into Game and bought Deus Ex simply because at the time it was the newest PC game out and I therefore thought it would be the best to test my new hardware out on. Little did I know that I was buying one of the best games of all time. I think I completed it about 4 times.

    It was brilliant the first time I found out you could save Paul! I was so impressed that if you saved him later scenes played out differently, yet still kept the overall story going.

    I also remember feeling special because I found the hidden area in the training section. Pretty much throughout the game too there are loads of little secret areas and bits of information, it really did reward the very meticulous player.

    Oooh and although I know it’s cheating, but the second time I played it and the point in the game where you are given no choice but to defect, I mined the building to hell.

    Ahh. I could go on forever about Deus Ex moments!

  33. Mattress says:

    Most the the youtube vids are of a somewhat sane variety…
    This creation however perplexes me like U2-slash fiction does…
    Not Safe For Sanity: link to youtube.com

  34. KindredPhantom says:

    The last bit of the video is the funniest.

  35. Iain says:

    @Ian: The Denton Tank approach to Deus Ex works pretty well. Ballistic Protection and Regeneration are especially your friends for this kind of game. I played one game where I was hoarding high explosives right up until the end level. And then I waded through Area 51 like most of the enemies weren’t there, as they exploded in a torrent of GEP gun and 20mm HE rifle fire. Almost a little anti-climactic, really.

  36. Ixtab says:

    I remember the days when I would complete Deus Ex and then I would immediately start it over again and try to find different methods of doing everything. I replayed it a short while ago and still found things I hadn’t found before. It is truly a masterpeice of a game. I’ll have to paly it again now.

    Also I know you can save paul but I have only actually managed it twice, he always seems to get killed otherwise. Once when I wasn’t trying aswell which is how I realised you could save him.

    Also which is your favourite ending? After trying all of them Helios’ is my favourite.

  37. Bob Arctor says:

    The way you save Paul is rubbish. If you run out the front door he lives, if you run out the window he dies.

    If you watch him go out the front door alive, then leave by the window he will be dead.

  38. Ixtab says:

    That doesn’t work all the time though because I’ve gone out the front door but he’s been killed by the UNATCO troops or something (he vanished in the middle of the gunfight, no idea where to) because I didn’t seem to get the Paul alive scenes in the following bits.

  39. Ian says:

    One of my favourite bits in Deus Ex doesn’t involve any combat or cut-scenes.

    it’s when you’re under the DuClare place and the Helios (I think it’s Helios) AI talks to you for the first time. I was creeping along in the near-dark with my headphones in when all of a sudden:


    I almost filled my trousers, let me tell you.

  40. Ixtab says:

    That would be Icarus although I think it talks to you first near the templar place. Helios only appears later as the fusion. I love the voice of Helios, I wish I had one of those voice changer software things that would let me sound like that.

  41. TychoCelchuuu says:

    I enjoyed the whole thing but like Namey the robot walking backwards is easily the best part. Robot.

  42. nabeel says:

    Time to install this game again. Oh wait , it’s ALWAYS installed on my HD!


  43. James T says:

    That doesn’t work all the time though because I’ve gone out the front door but he’s been killed by the UNATCO troops or something (he vanished in the middle of the gunfight, no idea where to) because I didn’t seem to get the Paul alive scenes in the following bits.

    Some kinda glitch there, methinks — Paul is actually invincible during this scene (when the MIBs are outside his door, go hide in the secret cupboard and wait for Paul to lay the strap down!…)

  44. amishmonster says:

    Is it just me, or does one of the voice actors sound like a slightly younger Bob Barker?

  45. Leeks! says:

    Oh lord, I’m still wiping tears from my eyes. I guess I found that funnier than the rest of the RPS comment-crowd for some reason.

  46. Erlam says:

    “And see if you can locate the entrance to the flooded section of Canal Tunnel in Hong Kong without looking at a walkthrough ;)”

    I found this my second time through, totally by accident. The guy in the bar who mistakes you for Paul was a rather.. odd surprise.

    I’ve never had a game make me want to play through it multiple times as much as Deus Ex has. Hell, Paris alone has dozens of tiny things you can discover.

    As for this video, a lot of the sudden jerks in audio were pretty sad, but the talk with the NSF leader was awesome. That’s terror – that’s terror – that’s terror. Hell, that was close to how he talked anyway, but still. Amusing!

  47. Alex says:

    Icarus calling when you’re in the office near the beginning of Paris was creepy as all hell.

    And that business with the public information terminals later too (ICARUS HAS FOUND YOU RUN WHILE YOU CAN and all that). It’s a very convincing example of why you really wouldn’t want to anger an AI in the communications networks.

  48. Grey_Ghost says:

    Jonas: Thanks for the link. I’ve always wanted a reason to replay Deus Ex.

  49. Marcin says:

    Electronic old men! Desperate! Desperate!

    That was brilliant, haven’t seen it before.

  50. STiger says:

    “Welcome to the coalition, JC. I might as well start using coke”.

    Electronic old men running the world…that would be…er…scary…wouldn’t it?