“They Still Act Like Staplers”

Metal detectors ruin everything.

The second part of Will Wright’s interview with Gametrailers is up, and indeed for you to watch below. This time he talks about what’s next for games, how he enjoyed Grand Theft Auto 4, and Raid On Bungeling Bay (which bizarrely both GT and Wright name incorrectly). Toward the end GT’s questions descend into silliness, but Wright’s answers remain erudite and intelligent. Which is fun.

Again, watch the screen behind him for more Spore hints, including a screen tantalisingly titled, “Choose an Economic Land Vehicle”, and the very lovely bed-with-teddy-bear spaceship.

Cheers to Peter.


  1. Jonathan says:

    Heart him.

  2. Myros says:

    He manages to take questions from a complete moron and still come over well, I’m impressed.

  3. Bob Arctor says:


  4. Professor Pyro, Ph.D. says:

    He is one of the leaders of the gaming pantheon.

  5. Gladman says:

    Will Wright, be my dad. :D

  6. z.e. says:

    Haha, the bed’s called Sleepytime Express.


  7. Kanakotka says:

    Was anyone else bothered by the horrible editing on the video? Really.

  8. Jonah says:


    Yes, a LOT. It seems like they were making fun of him with the ticking clock when he was thinking.

  9. Mattress says:

    I’d love to have Will Wright over for dinner some day…

  10. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Kanakotka: At least they’ve stopped using the Assassin’s Creed stabby noise as an audio sting. Christ, that was annoying.

    Personally, I don’t think I could handle a GTA-style game with increased graphical fidelity. I’ve already started to feel pangs of guilt when I accidentally shoot passsers-by and well meaning security guards in GTA4.

    Also, the more I see of those vehicle editors the more I want them.

    Cheers to Peter.

    Has GT changed its name by deed poll?

  11. Stella says:

    The video editors at gametrailers must be bored…the black-and-white freeze frames after he answers every question? The ticking clock? And that piano chord at the very start of the video made me think I was in for “A Long December” by the Counting Crows.

  12. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    The music at the start is from SimCity 3000, so it’s at least reasonably appropriate.

  13. MisterBritish says:

    Damn you Gametrailers, let me watch this!

  14. Erlam says:

    “And that piano chord at the very start of the video made me think I was in for “A Long December” by the Counting Crows.”

    Maybe THIS year will be BETTER than the LAS-….

    Sorry, I had to.

    Yes, those black and white freezes made it look like he just confessed to murder or something. I was really confused as to their purpose.

    And finally, finally a big-name pushing for better A.I. I’m tired of having bloom and 238838232 times anti-aliasing on my enemies when they cant even navigate around a fucking chair. Until we get smarter computers, I say we remove any action done to graphics.

  15. Mike says:

    The Piano chords are reminiscent of the Sims too, and a lot of Maxis-style games.

    What a fascinating man. He’s wasted on games, in a way, he has so many other interests. And his views on games and their intelligence is spot on.

    Shame Spore will bomb, eh? Cough.

  16. The Hammer says:

    Heh. Interesting thing about the piano chords. Spore’s menu music, or at least the menu music of the creator, reminds me very much of Sims 2. It’s quite nice – you’re in the same hands.

  17. Dinger says:

    What is specifically Will Wright about Raid on Bungeling Bay? heh. Uh, not the helicopters; everything else. The “Planet” has a life of its own. Aircraft don’t just spawn and attack, they’d taxi, take off, hunt, land and refuel.

  18. Lh'owon says:

    Cheers to Peter.

    Aw thanks John, my pleasure.

    Wright is amazing – he’s one of the few developers who I not only agree with on nearly all accounts, but who actually introduces me to new ideas and ways of thinking about games I wasn’t previously aware of. My excitement for Spore is increasing daily.

  19. Alex says:

    And that piano chord at the very start of the video

    It’s called “Sim Broadway” and it’s from from Sim City 3000. I think the gametrailers editors just playing with the fact that a lot of the earlier Spore videos Maxis released used SC3K and SC4 music.

    link to simcity.ea.com

    edit: and that last question/answer was pretty funny considering how heavy a smoker Wright is

  20. Josh says:

    Wright recently gave a Spore presentation at the Apple Store here in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. I took notes!

    So, from Wright’s Apple store presentation, I took a lot of notes of the full thing. Suffice it to say I am super excited for this game. Here’s a quick list of stuff you can do in Spore:

    ● The game features an incredibly detailed time line of events from the moment the game starts to…whenever! It marks the progress of the player’s species, how many generations they’ve gone through, and much much more.

    ● When the player’s creature enters Tribe mode, a hilarious in-game 2001 parody cinematic occurs. Amazing.

    ● In the early stages of a planet’s life, Cataclysms might occur fairly often (every few tens of thousands or millions of years). These include apocalyptic meteor showers, visits from alien spacecraft, etc. The aliens in the game Will showed us were, I shit you not, red Pikmin.

    ● Other creatures on the planet evolve as the player evolves.

    ● Once the player reaches the Tribe mode, evolution becomes locked for all creatures on that planet. You can’t modify the creature’s evolutionary traits any further, however you can customize them with accessories, armors etc, and their brains continue to develop.

    ● In a weird twist, all rival tribes on your planet (in Tribe mode) are different species, never your own. I asked Will about this and he said that while it’s probably not very realistic to have more than one sentient species evolve on the same planet, his designers convinced him it was more fun that way. Apparently, however, once a player reaches Civilization level, all the rival cities on the planet change to your species. Kind of weird.

    ● The game is chock full of Achievements! Not sure if they do anything like in mass effect, but there’s like, hundreds.

    ● The player earns Super Powers over time, like an instant social “attack”, which in one stroke convinces another creature or tribe to be your friend or ally.

    ● The game features what Will called Epic creatures. Massive, monstrous things that are very tough to kill but offer supreme bonuses if you can kill them or get them to join you as an ally. Eventually you can create your own!

    ● Apparently, the game features mariachi music during the tribal stage

    ● In Tribe mode, you have the ability to domesticate animals.

    ● Tribal stages of advancement are shown through a cool totem pool which gets new segments added as you progress.

    ● At the Tribal and Civilization stages the main resource of the game is no longer DNA points (obviously used to modify your creature), but actual harvestable resources. The most prominent? SPICE.

    ● The full version of the Sporepedia can be completely customized with special tags, groups of objects and creatures by theme, and so on.

    ● By creating a race of aggressive creatures, the player will be setting down the path of a militarized society. By heading down a social path, the player’s society will be based on religion.

    ● Brian Eno is doing the music

    ● The game features a Procedural Music Generator. Create your own songs using a nod-based graphing system.

    ● In Civilization mode, the world map and known territories gets split up all Risk style, but remains real time.

    ● Wright hired on Soren Johnson (Civilization IV’s lead producer/director/) to handle the Civilization design phase.

    ● In Civilization mode the player has access to vehicles based primarily on their society’s base ideals. There are religious evangelical vehicles which attack through proselytizing with an enormous, thousand foot high hologram of your species’ spiritual leader. In this way you can conquer cities without destroying them.

    ● Playing through the game will unlock stages of civilization, and if you so wish you can start a new game in a different part of the galaxy at any unlocked level.

    ● There are many different types of cities, each based on religious, economical, diplomatic, militaristic, etc ideals.

    ● Economic vehicles can establish trade routes.

    ● Wright says “In Space mode, things really open up”

    ● When in control of the UFO, players have access to advance transforming technology which allows them to slowly or quickly carve up the landscape, including in ways with shapes (if for example you want a valley with tank-like tread marks, you can have that.

    ● In Space mode, all of your cities turn into colonies, and each can be managed individually just like in Civilization mode.

    ● In space mode, players can actually create an entire ecology on a barren, lifeless world.

    ● On the galactic map, star life determines the potential for resources.

    ● It is entirely possible to engage in interstellar fleet battles. The only drawback is that you can’t have fleets of your own ships. You can only have fleets if you make allies and you get them to commit to the fleet, in which case the player can eventually take massive fleets of ships into battle.

    ● They’re working on a Spore Widget for OS-X

    ● Your buddy list will automatically determine some creature placement in the universe. Your best buddy at the top of the list will have another species in your galaxy raised to awareness first.

    ● In civilization mode, players loose all control over the individual aliens/citizens of their cities.

    ● Thought the creature creator was cool? There are at least EIGHT individual editors.

    Sorry for the length of the post, but there’s a lot of cool stuff!

  21. spd from Russia says:

    Josh: nice post. incredible scope

  22. rustdragon says:

    Nice job Josh… very informative.

  23. Josh says:

    My pleasure!