Another Survey: Your PC

In an effort to find out a bit more about our vast, seething readership we’re running a series of informal polls in the comments, like the one about games. This one is about your PC. What do you play on? Is it a clockwork steam-powered Pentium from the last century? Is it a mercury-cooled hyper-computer from 2009? Is it a ponce-sculpted Macintosh? Do you have a laptop too? We want to know what your gaming machines are like. And one other question: Do you own a gamepad for your PC?

I’ve currently got a cranky old Celeron 1.6ghz Aria laptop which I use as a second account machine for playing Eve. I also have an Asus EEE which will soon have XP on it for portable game fiddling, and my main maths-horse is a 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2gb RAM, with a Geforce 8800 GS.

I own three gamepads.

What about you?


  1. Nakki says:

    I’ve got a crappy old Athlon 2600+, 1gb ram and a geforce 6800 GT. Used to play EVE with that. Then I bought a crappy Acer laptop, AMD TL-60 (dual core at 2ghz), 2gb and a radeon HD 2400 XT. It’d run EVE better than my old computer, except that you really need a better resolution than 1280×800 for that game – the older computer has a 19″ widescreen with 1440×900, and that’s just barely enough.

    Luckily, I just ordered a computer with Q9450, 4gb of ram, radeon 4870 and a 24″ monitor.

  2. Quinns says:

    I only have a Lenovo X61S right now. It’s the saddest thing. 1.8GHz processor, 1GB ram, onboard graphics, Vista.

    One day I’ll make a return to Having A Goddamn PC and it will be beautiful.

  3. Zarniwoop says:

    This is a bit of a red rag to the penis-comparing men who largely inhabit the internet (which I can’t say I’m entirely not one of), but anyway:

    My current computer is:

    Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4 GHZ)
    2 GB of 800MHz ram
    about 800GB worth of storage
    ATI 2900 pro graphics card

    And an xbox 360 controller.

  4. simonkaye says:

    I do most of my gaming on:
    an AMD Athlon64 3200+ (overclocked to 2.2ghz)
    with two gigs of RAM
    256MB radeon 1950PRO
    and a nice 19″ monitor.

    But I also play a bit on my newish laptop, which is really for work – a vista running, dual-core affair with minimalistic graphics (ATI 1100).

  5. kalain says:

    I’m happy with my current pc at the moment. 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB ram, 9600GT. Can even play Crysis on Very High settings without breaking into too much of a sweat.

  6. GibletHead2000 says:

    I’ve got a quad-core Q6600 (overclocked from 2.4 to 3.4Ghz), with an 8800 Ultra and 4Gb of RAM. I don’t really need all that ram or CPU for playing games, but I do a lot of work (compiling code) on my machine…

    I do have a cheap PS2-style gamepad, but I rarely use it… I prefer keys. I have a wheel (Microsoft Force Feedback) and a fancy joystick (Saitek X52) that I use sometimes though.

  7. Philip says:

    Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2160 1.8 Ghz (OC @ 2.8 Ghz)*
    2 GB Corsair TwinX Dominator DDR2 PC2-8500 RAM
    nVidia Geforce 7800GT 256 MB**
    MSI P35 Neo2-FR Motherboard
    2x Samsung Spinpoint 80 GB 7200 RPM HD in RAID0
    1x Samsung Spinpoint 250 GB 7200 RPM HD
    Coolermaster Centurion Case
    Iiyama CRT Monitor
    Microsoft Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
    Generic Gamepad/Joystick
    Logitech MOMO FFB Racing Wheel

    * For a £50 chip, OC’s very well – up to 2.8 Ghz without changing voltages, temps around 30-45 degrees with a £15 Coolermaster HyperTX2 CPU fan.
    ** To be replaced (CityLink willing) with nVidia Geforce 8800GT 512 MB (£90 @!!) sometime tomorrow afternoon. Haha Oblivion – who’s your Daddy now…? :-P

  8. Cargo Cult says:

    Mid-range, late-2007 Apple iMac. Do I win?

    (Alternate machine is an early-2006 MacBook Pro. No gamepads here. Winner!)

  9. Chris says:

    My main PC is a Dell XPS420 – Q6600 with a Radeon HD3270, 3GB RAM, etc. It’s not broken a sweat at anything I’ve thrown at it yet. Race Driver: GRID looks beautiful with everything cranked up high.

    My laptop is another Dell, an Inspiron 1520 – C2D 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM, GeForce M8600GT. Less grunty than my main PC, but still absolutely fine for playing most games so long as you don’t want ultra-maxi-prettiness – it runs Mass Effect playably with the settings on medium, although it chugs a bit during the fast action sequences.

    Both run Vista, which apparently I am alone in loving.

    Also, I’ve got a wired XBox 360 pad that I use with my main PC, because playing GRID on the keyboard is no fucking fun whatsoever.

  10. Ross B says:

    Athlon 3500 2.2hz, 7800GT, 2Gig Ram WinXP with an Ole Gravis Exterminator Digital game pad (Not dual analogue… one terrible analogue and one 8-way hat switch)

    And a Compaq Laptop with 512 ram and a Dual Core athlon something running winXP

  11. Manolo says:


    Core 2 Duo E6320
    2GB 800Mhz RAM
    Nvidia 8800GT


    AMD Sempron 3100
    1.5GB 400Mhz RAM
    ATI 2600

    4 Playstation Gamepads and the adapter for plugging them on the PC.

    But I only play Stalker and Titan Quest on the PC. The rest is Mario Kart for the Wii, which is such an impressive, addictive and beautiful game.

  12. Jesucristo says:

    I have a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k

  13. rob says:

    EEE with DOSBox and Wine.

  14. ImperialCreed says:

    Mine’s self-built, and gets upgraded about once every 8 months (not completely, but I might swap in a new component or two). Currently it’s a Core 2 Duo E6420 (2.13GHz) plugged into an Abit IL9 Pro mobo with a Dabs Value 256mb 8600GTS and 4Gb of RAM. I mainly run XP, though I dabble with Vista on a backup drive.

    I own precisely zero gamepads. There’s only one game I own (Race 07) that truly needs one, and I never play it.

  15. Theory says:

    I have an Amilo Xi1546 laptop, configured like this:

    Core2Duo T5500 (1.66MHz, 32-bit)
    2GB RAM (upgraded)
    Mobility Radeon X1800, 256MB
    17″ widescreen
    Vista HP

    I have a wired Xbox 360 controller.

  16. skillian says:


    Athlon 4400+
    2 GB
    512MB 7900 GT

    Slightly overclocked and runs everything I want it to pretty nicely.

    Media centre

    Athlon 3000+
    1 GB
    Onboard Nvidia 6150 GFX

    Works surprisingly well for casual stuff and old school games.

    I also have two gamepads (360).

  17. Jonas says:

    I own a rapidly aging self-built PC with a 2.4 GHz Athlon 64 3800 CPU, an HIS Radeon X1900XT that still performs admirably, and 2 GB of DDR2 RAM. It has 2 Samsung 19″ TFT monitors and an old set of Creative 5.1 speakers that came with a Soundblaster card I no longer use. I don’t have any gamepads specifically for my PC, but I’ve been meaning to hook one of my Xbox 360-controllers up to it and see if it works.

    Can’t be long now until I’ll have to upgrade again. Surely when Far Cry 2 comes out, I will need to get a Phenom quad core at least and possibly even some manner of DX10-enabled video card as well (in which case it will certainly be nVidia).

    I also have a moderately beefy laptop (Core 2 Duo somethingorother, GeForce 7600 Go, 2GB RAM), but the only game I ever run on it is Deus Ex, for testing purposes.

  18. Mark says:

    My primary machine is a newish 15″ MacBook Pro (2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 8600M GT 512MB, 1440×900)

    Machine before that was a 12″ Powerbook (1.33GHz, 756MB RAM, Geforce FX Go5200 64MB, 1024×768)

    First laptop was a 16″ Sony Vaio (1.6GHz, 512MB RAM, Mobility Radeon 7500 32MB, 1600×1200 [needless to say I miss this res])

    Don’t really use desktops down to a lack of space, but my last one was an AMD 2100XP (1.7GHz? 512MB RAM, something like a GF4 Ti4200, usually run at 1280×1024)

    The current MacBook Pro is easily the best machine I’ve had for gaming (relative to current games etc) can’t quite do Crysis adequately but it can run Supreme Commander and Trials 2 on the highest settings which is the fat of my gaming. (If anyone has any tips for optimizing performance with MBPs for Windows gaming I’d welcome it, especially getting it to recognise over 3GB of RAM, though I hear that’s impossible).

    I tend to boot into windows exclusively for most gaming, but some of those recent little games on RPS like Knytt Stories I run through Paralells (link to

  19. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    I got the Chillblast Fusion Colossosus! Core 2 Duo E6550 2.3ghz overclocked to 2.9ghz, with a 320mb 8800 GTS, 2gb of RAM and running Vista. I own a 360 gamepad (and whilst we’re at it, a Cyborg Evo joystick!).

    Runs most games very smoothly, except Crysis and, bizarrely, Gears of War (I hear it has a problem with overclocked CPUs).

  20. espy says:

    Just bought a new notebook:

    Asus V1Sn

    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7700 (2.4 GHz)
    Nvidia Geforce 9500M GS, 512 MB VRAM (DDRII)
    3072 MB DDR2-667 (2048 1024MB)
    250 GB HDD 5.400 rpm SATA

    I’m still waiting for updated Omega drivers for the card, since there aren’t any current official ones and I can’t be bothered to muck around with inf files right now. It should do Trials 2 at highest settings (see Mark’s comment with his MBP and an older Geforce card) but due to the old drivers it won’t. At least I hope it’s the drivers 0_o

    The native resolution is 1680×1050, which is ridiculous, you can’t really play modern 3D stuff at that resolution, even with a card as new as the 9500. Don’t get a 15.4″ notebook with that resolution, trust me. Otherwise: great little thing.

  21. Faust says:

    I’ve got a Dell XPS (can’t remember the number).. running a 8600GTX with 4 gig of Ram… 500gig RAID harddrives and some other stuff that I can’t remember… and as far as gamepads go I’ve got four xbox 360 controllers for my xbox… does that count?

  22. Tacticus says:

    2GB of ram
    1TB of hdd space
    x1950pro (probably get a 9600gt soon)
    got a gamepad and a joystick though both are in boxes 2600km away
    on top of this i have a fileserver a vm box and a decent router and the odd few embedded machines
    2 laptops an original blackbook (2.0GHz core duo 2GB of ram and 250GB hdds (last 2 upgraded later)) and an asus eee 701

  23. Bas says:

    E6400 OC’d to 3 GHz
    3GB RAM

    Bought it about 2 years ago, and with only 2 upgrades (videocard and 1 GB of ram), it still plays most modern games with all settings on high.

  24. Adam Bloom says:

    I have an iMac.

    It’s blueberry.

    (Okay, serious now)

    20″ Intel iMac, Core 2 Duo, 2 gigs RAM, 256mb ATI x1600. Running OS 10.4 and XP Home.

  25. Gap Gen says:

    2GB RAM
    Some HHD I guess, probably 500GB
    8800 GTS 640 MB
    22-inch LG monitor

    In the office I have a Mac Pro, because apparently I do mean things to computers like make them calculate the formation history of astronomical objects.

  26. Kelduum says:

    (Deep breath…)
    AMD Opteron 165 overclocked to 2.4Ghz
    4GB of DDR400 Ram
    nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB (Overclocked)
    MSI K8N Diamond Plus Motherboard
    WD Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM HD
    Seagate 500GB HDD
    2TB of Network Storage on Windows Home Server
    Dell 2405FPW 24″ Widescreen Panel & 40″ Samsung LCD HDTV (for watching films)
    Auzentech X-Mystique with Dolby Digital Live connected to home cinema
    Logitech diNovo Laser Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse
    Xbox 360 Wireless Pads (Via the wireless adapter thing)
    And running Vista Ultimate x64

    The CPU could do with upgrading at some point (quad core seems to be the way to go), but everything else tends to be ok.

    I also have a nasty cheap ‘Digimate’ laptop, which gets the job of a second machine for Eve, and an EEE900, which does as a nice portable Eve/Web/Random thing.

  27. davidAlpha says:

    intel core 2 duo 6750E (2.333mhz I believe)
    4 gig GEIL OC ram.
    8800 GT 512DDR

    And i have an microsoft gamingpad
    this one

  28. Biggles says:

    Lightweight laptop is a 14″ samsung X05 1.4 Ghtz, 760MB ram, onboard graphics with a big hole in the side where the broken dvd drive used to be. Good for old/indie games, web and day to day work and that but not much else.

    Heavy laptop is a sony vaio 1.8 Ghtz, 2GB ram, 15″ widescreen with a GeForce 6 Go which actually runs TF2 and its ilk pretty well but drains the battery like a madman.

    I try to keep my OS pretty lean and these two do fine by me. Maybe when I have a dependable income/somewhere to put it I’ll buy a big desktop machine with oodles of monitors and all the other bits though.

  29. Stuart W says:

    I have 2 pcs

    Main PC (for all main gameplaying and work)- 2.4Ghz Q6600 Core 2 Quad , 4GB RAM Nvidia 8800 GTS. Around 500GB hard drive space.

    Second PC (almost entirely for networked gaming) – 2.2 Ghz Athlon 64, 2Gb RAM, i forget the graphics card.

    Both run Vista.

    I have 3 gamepads (2 x PS2, 1 x XB360) used almost entirely for PES.

    I also have an old Dell Laptop which doesn’t do much nowadays despite wielding a reasonable Pentium 4 and 1gb of RAM.

  30. Joe says:

    Well, my work PC is an eight-core test rig with triple 8800 Ultras in SLI and eight gigs of RAM, but it isn’t representative of what I game on. I just like to boast.

    Home PC is a dual-core, 3 GB RAM and a 7900 which I’ll eventually upgrade when I finish building a new PC for the missus.

    I do have a laptop, but it’s an EEE PC 701. Good for Cave Story and that’s it.

    Gamepads? Sure, I have one. An XFX X-Gear POS. I don’t like using it though. I wouldn’t take a knife to a gun fight, so why would I take a gamepad to a PC? If I want that type of experience then I’ll play on a console. The rest of the time I expect a PC game to be made for standard PC inputs – it’s the one thing on a PC which is constant across all users.

    In fact, I’ve only ever used it to play Prince of Persia: SOT – and even then I finished it with keyboard first.

  31. Philip says:

    @ Tacticus:

    Please don’t bother with the 9600GT. It’s slower that the 8800GT, has no extra features compared to the 8800GT, and can be found for around the same price. Don’t fall for the “bigger number = better card” trick! :-)

  32. roryok says:

    PC: Custom Built
    CPU: Athlon 64 3200+
    Mobo:/b> Gigabyte
    RAM: 3GB (512+512+2048)
    GFX: Leadtek 9600GT 512MB
    Storage: 820GB (250+250+320)
    Display: 19″ Samsung Monitor
    OS: Windows XP

    The Custom built rig is an odd mix. Originally it was 1GB, 500GB and an X800XL. I needed more RAM so I threw in another 2GB a while back. Then recently I decided to upgrade. I bought a 9600GT and an Akasa 80Plus 600W PSU to power it. I also bought a silent case and CPU fan (Zalman) and a new 320GB HD. That would be all I’d ever need I figured. However, having tried to play crysis again I’ve discovered that the old reliable athlon 3200+ just isnt up to the job. I’m planning to get a new Dual or Quad core chip and Mobo and RAM to match in the near future but right now I’m flat broke. I also want to wait and see what happens in mobo technology with energy saving stuff, and EFI.

    Laptop: 17″ Macbook Pro
    CPU: Intel Core2Duo 1.87 Mhz
    Mobo:/b> Dunno, Apple I guess
    RAM: 2GB
    GFX: ATI Radeon x1600XT
    Storage: 320GB (Upgraded that myself from 120GB)
    Display: 17″
    OS: Dualboot Windows / Ubuntu

    Although I’d normally never betray my PC brethren by going for a smelly Mac, someone offered me a second-hand Macbook Pro for a really good price (and no it wasn’t stolen). I wasn’t sure until I read up on how easy it was to install XP. I ran XP and OSX side by side for a while but eventually gave up on OSX, wiped it completely and installed XP and Ubuntu. For me, OSX is just an ‘easier’ version of windows. Sure its ‘easier’ to do a lot of things, but its also nearly impossible to do a lot of more complicated things that us computer geeks like to do.

  33. spirit7 says:

    C2D E6600, 4gb RAM, 8800 GTS 640mb, 600-odd GB HDD space. No gamepad.

  34. Colthor says:

    Core2Duo E6300 @ 2.7GHz
    2GB DDR2-800 (@ 772 for CPU OC)
    2xX1900XT in Crossfire.
    Plus all the usual gubbins, and watercooled for quietness. Runs XP Pro x64.

    Dell Inspiron 1720 with a 1.6GHz Core2 (T2330 IIRC), 2GB RAM and Intel X3100 onboard graphics.
    Native resolution 1920×1200, which it doesn’t do much gaming at, but that’s not what it was bought for. Runs Vista Home Premium.

    I’ve got an original full-sized X-Box gamepad.

  35. SZayat says:

    PC: Custom Built
    CPU: Athlon 64 X2 6400 3.2GHz
    Mobo: Foxconn NF590 SLI (C51XEM2AA-8EKRS2H)
    RAM: 2GB (4x512MB)
    GFX: Foxconn 8800GTS 320MB
    Storage: 520GB (400 120)
    Display: 20″ HP 17″ Samsung Monitor
    OS: Windows Vista Business SP1

  36. ligurmatic says:

    I have a poncy Mac Pro:

    CPU Quad core 2.8 Xeon
    Video 8800GTS 512MB
    Memory 8Gb
    HD 250Gb for Vista 64bit, 500Gb for Mac OS
    Monitor 20″ widescreen
    Pad I have a PS2-USB adaptor, but I almost never use it

  37. Markus says:

    Intel Core2Duo E6600 (running at 3.0 GHz)
    ATI X1950XTX, 512MB
    3GB RAM (DDR2 800)
    24″ CRT, Sony FW900
    19″ CRT, Philips 109P4

    Windows XP
    XBOX 360 Gamepad

    To this very day, I can not get S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to run :/

  38. Skalpadda says:

    Athlon 3200+
    2GB RAM
    Radeon 1950pro

    Looking at upgrading as soon as I feel confident I don’t have to starve for a month for it.

    I don’t own a gamepad, but I do have a joystick for playing them old space sims (was there even any good space sims made after XvT/XWA?).

  39. gulag says:

    Mobo is an MSI Platinum series
    Antec Neopower 650 power supply
    Quad core Intel something or other
    4 gigs of Ram
    about 750gb storage
    8800 GTX card
    20″ widescreen
    Keyboard & mouse
    Wacom tablet (Not great for FPS)
    Self built and all good!

  40. Gap Gen says:

    For me, OSX is just an ‘easier’ version of windows. Sure its ‘easier’ to do a lot of things, but its also nearly impossible to do a lot of more complicated things that us computer geeks like to do.

    You mean like ssh into a computer cluster to write some code in emacs and compile it with mpicc? Can you do that on vanilla XP? I know that Ubuntu can, but still. I do like OSX after having used it for a long time, particularly as Vista is kinda a step backwards.

    And Skalpadda – Freespace 2?

  41. Pavel says:

    Intel Core2Duo E4400@3.0ghz
    2Gigs RAM@750mhz
    ATI X1900XT@X 512MB
    200GB Samsung SATA2
    Gigabyte P35-DS3R
    19″ CRT Belinea
    Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 (5 years old and still kicking like new)

    Gamepad logitech dual action, but I don’t use it…even game like MGS2 Substance (which am playing right now) I prefer on keyboard (wsadqe+space+numpad).

  42. polar says:

    My everything machine:
    Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
    1.5 GB ram
    600GB of hard disk space
    8800GT (512 MB)
    Old 17” CRT and usual peripherals.
    A rather mismatched setup, owing to piecewise upgrades since it was first built in 2005. Dual boots XP and Ubuntu.
    Crysis is virtually unplayable at high (1024×768) when there’s any action on screen. Runs everything else OK, though.

    There’s also an old Pentium 2 (128 MB ram, 20 GB hdd and an old 4mb svga “video adaptor”) lying in the corner that I use to experiment with Linux.

  43. roryok says:


    Please don’t bother with the 9600GT. It’s slower that the 8800GT, has no extra features compared to the 8800GT, and can be found for around the same price. Don’t fall for the “bigger number = better card” trick! :-)

    Philip, the 9600GT is only marginally slower than the 8800GT, and is considerably cheaper in some cases. More importantly, it consumes considerably less power, and is quieter overall. That bigger number means a more advanced iteration of the chip which can perform the same using far less power. In that sense, it’s a far better card.

  44. groovychainsaw says:

    E6600 core 2 duo, 8800gt, 2GB 800mhz mem, 21″ screen, XP, xbox 360 pad, bit overkill for playing warcraft tho! ;-)

  45. shinygerbil says:

    4 years ago, I left for uni, having purchased a laptop from eBay, which sadly was meant “for doing work” and even more sadly was only really capable of “doing work”. It was an HP Pavilion ze5400. It has a Pentium 4 2.66GHz – the “full version” as it were, not a mobile powersaving version, meaning basically that it overheats something chronic; it also has a Radeon IGM345M, which is essentially a cut-down version of a Radeon 7000, with 64MB shared RAM and native DX8 support. It could just about cope with Half-Life 1. Oh, and half a gig of RAM. (minus the 64MB stolen by the graphics card.)

    4 years on, and my parents have just bought a spanking new 22-inch Mac, and given me their old computer, unchanged from when I left for uni. I’ve since stuck a new graphics card in.

    AMD Athlon XP 2000
    nVidia GeForce 7600GS (pretty much the best AGP card still in existence money can buy)
    2GB RAM (crappy, unbranded stuff)
    80GB of crappy old IDE hard drive

    Does for the Source engine, and that’s pretty much the most challenging thing I want to play. Copes with Stalker OK, and even BioShock, providing I don’t have unrealistic expectations about setting everything to High, but it farts out a bit occasionally. I am told that my CPU is actually the bottleneck here. Not much I can really do about that, stupid single-core 32-bit socket :(

    I have a lovely 360 gamepad, and also I occasionally plug in my Rock Band guitar to play Frets on Fire. I also have an original Logitech WingMan RumblePad (circa 2000ish) kicking around, if ever I had the need for multiplayer-on-one-PC.

  46. aldo says:

    It’s a good thing I still have the receipt for my PC handy to copy it, as I can never remember the specs offhand….
    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
    Corsair Dominator TWIN2X6400C4D 2048MB,
    XFX GeForce 8800GTS 580M 320MB XXX
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB SATA2 16MB 7200RPM
    Creative SB X-FI Xtreme Gamer
    23″ LCD widescreen (16:10) monitor & a 19″ (I think) Iiyama CRT

    A PS2 gamepad with adaptor thingy
    An, ummm, something or other PC gamepad from 4 years ago
    Logitech Formula steering wheel (cheapy crappy one)
    Old Saitek Cyborg 3d joystick (never used nowadays)

    I have a work laptop (IBM T43) which occasionally sees games (mostly GalCiv2, Rise of Nations, but also Half Life 2 for a while) played on it.

  47. The Sombrero Kid says:

    4GB 800 DDR2

    xbox 360 controller

    on a separate note what genius decided to make the deadzone on the 360 controller micro sized and non configurable, I tried playing FF8 on it, which was a mistake in itself lol and the guy ran around like a nut at the slightest twitch.

    a bigger deadzone or you know not registering a digital press until it’s all the way to the top would be the obvious solution, but i reckon there’s probably a logic issue with that so i’d settle for a configurable deadzone tried some shareware app but then i remembered i didn’t like FF8 anyway and the app didn’t work and was way to complicated.

    in short Microsoft needs to pull their finger out I reckon and I need to stop trying to play shit dodgy ports of shit dodgy games.

  48. Ketch says:

    My oldest working system is:
    Windows XP Home
    AMD Athlon 64 3500 2.2Ghz
    1.5 GB Ram PC3200
    Nvidia Geoforce 8800GTS 325MB
    200GB HDD

    My current system (laptop):
    Windows Vista Ultimate
    Intel Centrino core 2 2.2ghz
    Nvidia Mobile 8600M GS 256MB
    2gb Ram
    2X80GB HDDs

    My system I’m building next week:
    Windows Vista Ultimate
    Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0ghz
    4GB Ram
    ATI Radeon 4870 512MB
    500GB HDD
    And I’m buying a 22″ LG widescreen monitor for this new system too!

    I have a wired Xbox 360 controller :P

  49. tonypiz says:

    My gaming pc:

    CPU: Athlon X2 4200 (overclocked to 2,6 GHz)
    RAM: 2GB DDR400
    GPU: PNY 8800gt (slightly overclocked)
    Monitor: 19″ Philips LCD
    Mouse: Logitech G5
    OS: Windows XP SP2
    Storage: Counting the two 500GB external hard drives, it’s more or less 1,6 terabytes.
    Joypads: An old PSone Dual Shock with adapter, a Saitek pad and a couple of others of mostly unknown brands which at the moment I don’t remember.

    All self built and upgraded when the need arises.

  50. Feet says:

    I have an aging PC, Athlon 64 3800, GF6800, 2GB ram. If I had £150 I’d but a 4850 and a dual core proccesor, oh my lack of monies. :( Unfortunately I shan’t have the funds for a complete rebuild till early 2009. It runs TF2 on medium so I’m happy enough.