I See Every Puzzle As An Open Door


I’m off to America on my holidays!

But I’ll leave you with Open Doors. All the best of luck there. You’ll not be getting any more work done today.

Mucho thanks to Sam for usual excellent tippage.


  1. Michael says:

    America, eh? Any chance you’ll be in Chicago? If so, look me up, I’ll buy you a drink.

  2. Servitor says:

    Ooh, enjoy the lovely exchange rate!

  3. Feet says:

    Level 8 is hard. :<

  4. Legandir says:

    I’m stuck on level 8, damn you mr walker, DAMN YOOOOUUU!

    Also, nice find :P

  5. Max says:

    Is it just me that saw the image above and immediately thought of TimeSplitters 2’s map maker? It looks identical!

  6. drain says:

    SPOLIER 8: start your door-opening circuit of the inner ring under the cross

    My mind starting hurting on 9 so I gave up.

  7. FredrikFtw says:

    Stuck on level 9… Can’t open the last door!

    EDIT: Never mind :D
    EDIT2: Curse you, level 11

  8. Noc says:

    Eight stuck me for a bit, then I went away and did something else and solved it right away when I went back to it.

  9. Noc says:

    But gah. 13’s a bitch; multiple doors on one space, doors slamming into OTHER doors and closing them . . . it’s awful.

  10. Pace says:

    Yeah I gave up somewhere around level 12, things were getting quite complicated. And there’s 25 levels! Sheesh..

    Have a good vacation John! (and remember to bring us back some more compo prizes!)

  11. majorbromly says:

    Hmm don’t go to Connecticut, it’s a shithole.

  12. John Walker says:

    It’s Philly. Well, just outside in New Hope and Newtown. If only it were Chicago, Michael. The best place on Earth. Sadly my Chi friends moved to PA, which very rudely messed up the free accommodation.

    I saw Wanted the other night – Chicago porn. From now on I’m exclusively riding the L on the roof.

  13. tvv says:

    I got up to level 13 before I got distracted by something else. Things started to get pretty tricky considering that it’s only halfway through. Will need to finish it some other time, I love puzzles. Nice find.

  14. D says:

    Great game. Temporarily given up on lvl 13 aswell.

    I’ve now been sitting for awhile trying to figure out how to reproduce this game in human torture maze form.

  15. Kangarootoo says:

    Enjoy the break dude. If you see Angelina, ask her for my socks.

  16. Redford says:

    I managed to complete it with infinite moves. After you beat it with infinite movies you have the option to go back and try to beat every puzzle with the minimum number of moves.

    Some of these puzzles are essentially nightmare-inducing with minimal moves.

  17. Okami says:

    Gave up on level 13..

    Great game all around. Very simple mechanics that can be grasped in a few seconds lead to highly complex problems. Good stuff.

  18. rocketeer says:

    Very nice, but it’s a pity that the programmer didn’t think of giving you a code to continue wherever you left it last time.

    (or at least the version I played)

  19. Dan says:

    This is ridiculously addictive. I got to Level 18 yesterday lunchtime, but since then haven’t played it for fear of it affecting my work.