Actard Official At Last


…and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

It is the end times! The mammoth Activision-Blizzard merger is finally go-go-go, some eight months after the announcement that two publishing titans would make the beast with 18.9 billion (estimated) bucks. It’s all official as of tomorrow, apparently.

92% of Activision’s shareholders have approved the embiggening, which rather begs the question of why, exactly, the remaning 8% think joining forces with the enormously profitable owners of World of Warcraft is a bad idea. Unless they’re some manner of anti-corporate altruists, but you don’t tend too get many of those owning shares in large software publishing firms.

Worth noting that a) with their 52% of shares in the newborn Blactivision, Blizzard owners Vivendi are puppet-masters to this new behemoth. And b) seems the deal makes the new Blizzavision the biggest fish in gaming’s pond, so we can perhaps expect the freshly-dethroned EA (valued by third-party guesstimators at $14.1bn compared to Zzarctiv’s cool $18.9) to redouble efforts to gobble up 2K/Rockstar. That’s it. Yes. It’s war.


  1. DerkaDerka says:

    Won’t be long before we see World of James Bond.

  2. Yhancik says:

    I’d rather go for World of Interstate 76 :p
    (ok, no way, and I wouldn’t play it anyway.. but still, one can dream, right ?).

  3. BJ Blazkowicz says:

    Imagine how successful Rockivisionarldgie will be.

  4. MetalCircus says:

    I love the day today

  5. Phil says:

    I, for one, welcome our new Blactivision overlords – EA looming over the industry for so long was like living under a cancer umbrella.

  6. Ross B says:

    I think i prefer “Blizzavision”

  7. gaijin says:

    one of the new 25 man raids in WotLK now involves collecting all the letters of SKATE…

  8. skalpadda says:

    Blactardvision? No.

    Will be interesting to see how this turns out though.

  9. Jochen Scheisse says:

    How about Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net?

  10. iainl says:

    Does this mean that the wonderful Bard class April Fool might come to fruition? I see they’ve already got a WoW song on GH3 DLC.

    World of Duty. You know it will happen.

  11. Noc says:


  12. Creep Colony says:

    People say this stuff as a joke but if Diablo 3 had a skateboard and you could do grinds and flips whilst smashing monsters I would be much more interested… +4 skateboard of beheading please.

    And if the World that was at War in the next CoD was Azeroth I could also get behind that – no one’s ever done fantasy with the kind of intense clouds-of-fireballs-zooming-overhead CoD ambiance.

  13. Dolphan says:

    That’s actually not a bad idea. The whole ‘battles and explosions and scripted stuff blowing up everywhere’ could work for some sort of fantasy FPS (presumably ‘sword-em-up’ rather than shooter – bows and arrows are a bit rubbish).

  14. EyeMessiah says:

    That is some pretty weak photoshop work.

  15. Creep Colony says:

    Or a magic-’em-up like Catacomb Abyss. But Dark Messiah with squad combat* and more explosions would be cool.

    If you think about it, realistic medieval games are rare, because it was a pretty boring era to be in. And yet everyone apes it when they do fantasy. Odd.

    *good squad combat, not the “you idiots stay back here and I’ll kill them” version it has

  16. Erlam says:

    “no one’s ever done fantasy with the kind of intense clouds-of-fireballs-zooming-overhead CoD ambiance.”

    I always felt the CoD ambiance was one of silent acceptance that you had to cross ‘x’ point to get the infinitely respawning enemies to stop.

    Or, well, that was my interpretation of the ambiance.

    That said, Actiblizzion will hopefully take over from EA for ‘Most Overlordly And Industry Ruling.’ I find their harsh rule slightly less draconian than EA’s ;)

  17. Skaal-tel says:

    “I always felt the CoD ambiance was one of silent acceptance that you had to cross ‘x’ point to get the infinitely respawning enemies to stop.”

    oh wow, yes. It only got worse as the series went on.

    I loved Activision back in the interstate 76 days… it was all gold. I think I’ve got a huge pile of massive game boxes with their logo all over em..
    Hopefully with blizzard type money I’ll see some new fun titles :)

  18. skalpadda says:


    I apologize.

  19. The Shed says:

    That’s like seriously the most awesome blog post image I’ve ever seen. Screw you, EyeMessaiah!

  20. espy says:

    Activizzle ^^

  21. Stromko says:

    Out of the three companies, Blizzard is the only one that hasn’t released whole truckloads of crap onto the gaming scene, so I’m a bit worried that they’ll be ever more marginalized now.

  22. Tak says:

    If they don’t basically leave Blizzard alone, this is getting screwed up. What needs to happen is Activision’s IPs need to be handled with Blizzard style, or at least, an attempt at it. Longer development cycles, more focus on testing and QC, less ‘this is the most popular thing! do it!’ and more ‘this is the best way to make the game work, do it’

  23. Talon says:

    It’s Actilizzard Blizzvision, btw.

  24. michael says:

    That was a wonderful pun, Alec. It really made my day, so thanks!