It’s War, Again: War Of The Wargames has a bunch of new screenshots from ArmA 2, the sequel to the non-sequel to Operation Flashpoint, by original developers Bohemia Interactive. They sure do look like some kind of excellent war game. But will they hold a candle to Codemasters Operation Flashpoint 2, which has been unveiled in astonishing detail in this month’s PC Gamer UK? Honestly, get hold of a copy of that magazine and suck in the images with your eyes. The words too. The game left Tim from PC Gamer feeling a bit flabbergasted – and with good reason: the Codemasters wargame is setting its sights on some high ground indeed.

Yet I can’t for the life of me figure out who will come out victor in the war of the wargames? Place your bets…


  1. muscrat says:

    Awesome cant wait for it, however I am a bit dissapointed ArmA 2 is simply going to replace ArmA so soon, rather then the current games longevity being boosted.

    As for OFP I strongly doubt its going to be as realistic, nor have the scope or play style of Bohemias original OFp, and I also beleive cross platform development is going to impact on the game design and technical side of things.

  2. caesarbear says:

    I’m wondering if OpFor 2 will even be a war sim at all, but rather an action shooter ala CoD.

  3. Lysenko says:

    I’m with the first poster on both counts. You have people still playing OFP due to the strength and scope of the mod community. Building that sort of community takes time, time Bohemia doesn’t seem to want to take this time around. Ah well.

    As for OFP2, I’m interested, but I seriously, seriously doubt that it will be the sort of simulation-focused shooter that OFP was. OFP and ArmA have a steep enough learning curve on the PC, and they’re going to boil that down to a game that can use consoles’ gamepads? I don’t think so. I’m not making the “consol gamrs r dum” argument, but the PC (as a platform) -is- better suited to more complex niche games, and that’s absolutely what OFP and ArmA are.

  4. Gurrah says:

    caesarbear: Legitimate argument, since they announced it for consoles as well, I wasn’t able to handle all those shortcuts OFP used on a PC, how on earth will they cram all of that onto a controller?

  5. Chris Evans says:

    Having read the PCGamer preview I think OFP2 is going to be pretty darn sweet and hardcore. Looks great from what I have seen of it.

  6. Noc says:

    There’s only one way to solve this . . .

    The dev teams must play each other in their counterpart’s game. In the case of a tie, the third round occurs in TF2.

  7. Rook says:

    Context sensitive actions can really help out a lot when you need to streamline an interface, and generally tend to be smarter than having 25 buttons but rarely needing to use more than one in any given situation. I don’t see why they can’t do a serious warsim on the xbox/ps3.

  8. Michael Bay says:

    That Tim Edwards is a SMART GUY.

  9. Bema says:

    Are those really ‘screenshots’ – as in shots taken ingame? Some of them have an air of badly drawn concept art about them.

  10. Gap Gen says:

    There seems to be something lacking from the graphics. It’s perfectly clean and detailed, but there’s some kind of pixel shader layer missing somewhere. Maybe we’ve just hit some kind of dip into the uncanny valley or something.

  11. phuzz says:

    as an old OpF fan I’m going to have to vote for ArmA2 (oo the acronyms!). Although Noc’s proposal is a good ‘un.
    (the OpF2 site claims some form of video on 11/7/08 which my poor frazzeled brain assumes is in a couple of days, or possibly months depending on which date format they used)
    To be fair, the complicated bits of OpF (I’ve not tried ArmA) were the squad commands, which although comlicated, did allow you to have pretty good control over an entire squad/squadron. Plus nothing can compare to the fear I get now from seeing an Mi24 overhead, which is based on many hours of cowering in bushes hoping the damn helicopter will get bored and leave me alone…

  12. MetalCircus says:

    Operation Flashpoint and ArmA are worthy efforts, but with such low budgets they release essentially bugged games that are a bloody chore to play. They are enjoyable if you can look past this, but for me, the bugs were just too much.

    I’ll be looking forward to the Codemasters effort though!

  13. SwiftRanger says:

    Well, the coverage on OFP2 in PCG UK is nice but the screens aren’t real as they admit themselves (it is based on the in-game art assets though).

    I think both ArmA2 and OFP2 will be delayed like hell.

  14. Evan says:

    Sweet! Operation Flashpoint was one of my favorite games. Robbing dead bodies, running for hours in the woods, ambushes. All years before all those retarted Ghost Recon shites came out. I was always suprised it didnt get more play. The multiplayer was pretty fun to. I only hope it didnt take all those things that made it great and turn into very pretty poo.

  15. Chaz says:

    Oh no, 3 is down.

    Oh no, 3 is down.

    Oh no, 3 is down.

    Oh no, 3 is down.

  16. Deuteronomy says:

    Arma is one of those games that has a permanent place on my HD, well until Arma 2 comes out. I suspect OpF2 is going to be to Arma 2 what GRID is to GTR2. It’s almost as if the Neon engine itself is not the right one to do a sim. GRID’s visuals are nice to look at but don’t have that PC sim crispness.

    From the controls standpoint you could probably do Arma’s soldier sim, but not the squad control aspect.

  17. Web says:

    I dont care about the simulation aspect, I just hope one of those games can give me back the feeling wich I have been missing in games, since I have been playing Operation Flashpoint for the first time!

  18. Cigol says:

    Ah, Tim Edwards, not Tim Stone. I got excited for a minute :(

  19. Gap Gen says:

    Cigol: Yeah, it’s not a *real* war game.

  20. cctoide says:

    MetalCircus: The low budget argument might explain some of OFP’s shortcomings, but as far as I know Armed Assault had a big budget and it still didn’t keep it from being rather buggy, according to some criticism I read shortly after its release.

  21. Erlam says:

    Finally, a newer game set in the post-USSR Soviet Bloc, and you get to be… an American.


  22. DaF says:

    All honesty be said Americans are the ones that go to war with all the nice toys so it’s kind of natural to play as them.

    Personally I wonder if ofp2 will position itself in the sweet spot between the unforgiving ArmA and the more gun-n-run shooters that currently dominate the market. I kind of miss slower paced games.

  23. hoohoo says:

    you guys should try to get in touch with black foot studios, and see whats up with ground branch.

  24. PsyW says:

    I suspect that the reason ArmA 2 is on its way already is that BIS actually cannot afford to just continue developing ArmA for free like they did with OFP. They have to make money, and the fact that they’re pressing on with ArmA 2 so quickly may indicate that they’re running a bit short at this point.

    I was actually expecting another ArmA expansion first. I hope they’re not rushing the next one out too quickly…

    As for OFP2, we’ll see what happens with that.

  25. Bitkari says:

    I predict that Arma 2 will be incredibly awesome…

    I also predict that it will be incredibly broken. :/