More War: Operation Flashpoint 2

More Operation Flashpoint 2 news! So soon? Why yes: Codies community manager Ian Webster sends word that he’s going to be posting images from the upcoming CGI trailer over on this official forum thread, all afternoon. Meanwhile PC Gamer UK’s Tim Edwards has posted his enormous OpFlash 2 feature up on CVG. He says stuff like this:

The art team’s aim to create an atmosphere of heavy, muted war is best demonstrated in their attention to the impact of violence. Laser-guided bombs and artillery (you’ll be able to call down a limited number of off-map strikes during the campaign) leave the target area devastated, and produce plumes of charcoal thick smoke that climb upwards of 15 storeys, and are visible for miles. Mortars and grenades (yes, they’re included, unlike in previous Flashpoint games) will tear flesh apart. Limbs will separate, and the blood from flesh wounds seep through clothing.

Read it here.


  1. rob says:

    “Mortars and grenades (yes, they’re included, unlike in previous Flashpoint games)”

    Previous games? No mortars or grenades? Is there no hope left for humanity?

  2. cullnean says:

    “Limbs will separate, and the blood from flesh wounds seep through clothing”

    is that really needed?

  3. Cigol says:

    [ warning; negative comment, avert eyes. You have been warned. ]

    Those screenshots are still just target renders, not real actual in-game footage like those being shown by Bohemia. It’s a bit disingenuous if you ask me, especially with the HAPPY SMILEY FACE delivery.

    Also, am I the only one who finds ‘previews’ lack credibility. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve read glowing previews only to see the same magazine or website pan the game on release? I’m not suggesting that is the case here, as for all I know Operation Flashpoint 2 is the first game to successfully supplant the original after so many years of dominance. I am just naturally sceptical.

    [ end of cynicism, start constructing rebuke involving personal put downs, avoid preceding text ]

    Incidentally I felt the same way before GRID was released and ended up buying and enjoying it immensely. So clearly scepticism is not without fault, I just like to err on the side of caution – especially with something like Operation Flashpoint, which after all these years still hasn’t been bettered.

    @Rob; Mortars were eventually modded into the original game. There is hope for humanity yet.

  4. Helios_CM says:

    Hi there,

    The screengrabs on the forum thread are taken from the brand new CGI trailer for OFP2 that is being released globally tomorrow. The trailer was created with the use of rendered in-game models but does not show actual gameplay footage, and this is made clear in the original forum post.

  5. muscrat says:

    Still worried that the game will not be nearly as realistic, or have similar open ended game design like Bohemias original…
    Though the previews are promising, but what previews arent anyway. Flashpoint is most probably one of my favourite games of all time… perhaps im too cynical about the future of the Flashpoint series.

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    Cigol, your natural scepticism is commendable.

  7. rob says:

    I think mortars were included with Red Hammer and grenades were a definite feature of the original. I was merely expressing my Furious Internet Outrage at the mistake.

  8. LSTAR says:

    There were Grenades in Cold War Crisis. They were just a tad rubbish.

  9. ascagnel says:

    OFP2 isn’t a Bohemia game. Bohemia’s doing ArmA2 (see a post from yesterday I’m too lazy to dig up) and OFP2 is being handled by Codemasters.

    Agreed on the “previews” deal though. Listen to this week’s 1UP Yours interview of Dennis Dyack. (7/4/08 episode, I believe).

  10. cctoide says:

    Erm… “off-map”? But isn’t this Operation Flashpoint? Why does artillery have to be off-map and not just halfway across an incredibly vast island?

    Yeah, I’m really starting to consider the possibility of them messing this up.

  11. datter says:

    “using actual rendered in-game models”. In other words a pre-rendered trailer. That’s slightly pathetic.

  12. aldo says:

    “There were Grenades in Cold War Crisis. They were just a tad rubbish.”

    For killing people, yeah, but I definitely found them useful for forcing enemies to run out of cover.

    Also, I agree with the whole previews-too-gushing thing. At least Eurogamer of late seem to be injecting more realistic commentary into theirs.

    ““using actual rendered in-game models”. In other words a pre-rendered trailer. That’s slightly pathetic.”
    More than slightly, I’d say.

    After all, don’t most games rely on lighting, normal/spec/etc mapping and shadowing for their finest levels of detail? And that’s exactly the sort of thing pre-rendering does at higher than realistic levels. Even I can bung some game models into a rendering package and get something looking more impressive than the finished product (tip – turn on ray-tracing).

  13. The Hammer says:

    Yeah. I was slightly interested until I found out they were renders. You could argue that it’s to give the target graphics of the game, but what it actually boils down to is dishonest hype.

    Codemasters have been guilty of this before.

    It’s really difficult to take this without cynicism in light of other “reactive AI” promised games, such as Oblivion.

    (and about the previews – there are only a few publications who will give critical previews, like EDGE. I suppose it’s to put on a good face for gaining more exclusives)

  14. AndrewC says:

    I don’t want my murdering guns rendered in far eastern sweat shops. It’s ethically wrong.

  15. Kieron Gillen says:

    To be fair to Tim, I believe he’s actually seen the game.


  16. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    PC Gamer are more than capable of giving sceptical previews when they feel like being sceptical. See their last but one preview of Stalker for instance, where Craig was like “this needs sorting out”. Then in the following preview he was like “hmm, I think they’ve sorted it out!”. I think it was Craig. Maybe it was one of you guys? Anyway, yeah.

    I’m guessing Tim was positive because he actually liked what he saw.

  17. Deuteronomy says:

    We’ll see. We’ll see. I really don’t give a damn about severed limbs etc. I suppose it incrementally enhances immersion, but I’d rather see realistic avatar movement, good ballistics, good vehicle modeling, and enormous maps. And a better UI than Arma’s.

  18. KP says:

    ArmA 2 is looking heads above ArmA 1 from what has been shown. I have no hope for OFP2 until they cut out the CGI crap.
    -oh, and the giant USMC BLACKHAWK to kick off the preview article was pretty comical. They incessantly wank about how much realism and research they have and then kick it off with that glaring error.

  19. phuzz says:

    Well, for me this quote:

    It’s clear, in their conversation, that they get it – that they understand that turning Operation Flashpoint into a quick arcade-style shooting gallery simply will not work.

    makes me very, very cautiously optimistic.
    but I’ve been hurt by sequels before, so codies are going to have to try very hard indeed to keep me happy.

    I am slightly worried by the seeming focus on weapons models etc. But then I guess for a large part of the OpF community having exact renders of killy things is important. For me it was the atmosphere that made the game for me…

  20. Gap Gen says:

    I guess the thing about grenades is that a weapon that has a range of 10 feet is not so competitive against the other ones that have a range of 2km or more.

  21. mujadaddy says:

    Mortars and grenades will tear flesh apart. Limbs will separate, and the blood from flesh wounds seep through clothing.

    *masturbates furiously*

  22. mujadaddy says:

    Just for my peoples ;)

  23. Tak says:

    *backs away from mujadaddy slowly*


  24. KC says:

    People say that after the graphics arm race that AI will be the next big push. I doubt it, I think physics are going to be, with what is already happening.

    Realize that the target renders are using the engine, art assets, models etc that are going to be in OFP2, its just not playable

    Also a note on the violence, they want to push the violence so that it shows realistic consequences to war. It will push away the idea that games are glorifying war, by showing the damage that it does not just to people, but to entire cities. He points out how it effects the setting in the campaign.

  25. Dinger says:

    Artillery is off-map (unlike some OFP mods), because it’s much siimpler, not just to implement, but for players to think about.

    and the WGL mod had mortars and proper grenades for OFP

  26. RichPowers says:

    Off-map artillery — progress or regression? Battlefield ’42 has self-propelled arty; Battlefield 2 has off-map. World in Conflict allows the support class to deploy artillery units to the field, but the off-map artillery is arguably more destructive and useful. Company of Heroes relied heavily on off-map artillery and fixed wing aircraft. For what it’s worth, off-map artillery is preferred in almost every game I’ve played.

  27. JDM says:

    I always considered the first Operation Flashpoint to be, more or less, an “anti-war war-game”… people would look at me all skew-eyed and I’d say, “Well, do you believe there is such a thing as an anti-war war-movie?” … “sure…” (they see the trap closing around them now). “So why is it so far fetched to have an anti-war war-game?” Supporting evidence: 1) How brutally realistic the game was (modulo the limited graphics at the time) – I definitely remember flinching when I watched one of my co-op friends get shot and crumple to the street. Also, hitting a car with anything explosive usually left a charred body draped out the shattered windshield; pretty gruesome. 2) The anti-war quotes the game would display whenever you died and 3) The fact that you got re-incarnated as a seagull when you died – I dunno why that supports my theory, but it does. :)

  28. pirate0r says:

    FYI the video is up on IGN

    link to

  29. Deuteronomy says:

    Well after having watched the trailer, I get the feeling this is going to be more CoD4 than Arma2. But hey I’m sure they’ll sell a lot more (not that selling more is a bad thing at all, I’m just sayin’)

  30. Web says:

    I dont care if OFP 2 will be more COD 4, as long it plays like COD 4 on a “hardcore”- server, on a gigantic map, with vehicles and a demanding AI.

  31. The Shed says:

    Good call, web.

    Actually wait, screw that, it should be like OpFlash but much more epic and detailed. What GRAW should’ve been if it weren’t to damn linear and solo.

  32. PHeMoX says:

    I wouldn’t care much if OFP2 is very much like Armed Assault, but with a graphical overhaul, increased realism and a lot more gameplay chaos with less empty space. I like vast maps and so on, but Armed Assault was a bit too empty making it boring.