Another Far Cry 2 Video

Lots of excellent new in-game footage here, with some detailed commentary by Clint Hocking. It turns out that you can even take a little nap to fast forward time. (And in the game! Aha!)

EDIT: You can check it out here since the embedded version seems to be broke.


  1. Ian says:

    Is it just for me that the age verification thing ain’t working?

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    Working for me. Anyone else having problems?

  3. Matt says:

    I see what you mean. When you press enter it just says ‘undefined’.

  4. DrHam says:

    It’s buggered for me.

  5. Ian says:

    So Jim is clearly employing some variety of witchcraft to get it working.

    Should we dunk him to check?

  6. Donald Duck says:

    Yep, doesn’t work here either.

  7. Mark-P says:

    It’s a no-go for me too.

    EDIT – worked ok when accessed from the main site rather than embedded:
    link to

  8. caesarbear says:

    No work. Commence with the dunking.

  9. Nuyan says:

    I hate those age verifications anyway, like it would prevent kids from watching it…

    Especially annoying if you have to fill three drop-down bars and click on a button.

  10. Jim Rossignol says:

    Weird shit. The original link is here.

  11. Ian says:

    Given that some of these camps are pretty isolated, it’ll be interesting to see whether you can take out every exterior light and reduce everything to almost complete darkness aside from buildings and, you know, explosions.

  12. Jonas says:

    Stealth! My favourite flavour!

  13. Theory says:

    Interest piqued.

  14. Simon Brent says:

    Lot’s? Lot’s??

  15. Simon Brent says:

    That was quick :-P

  16. Noc says:

    Nuyan: the point is that they’re covering their asses, so if a kid sees some headsplosion and someone complains, they can say “Well your kid also falsified information about his identity. And we can’t be helped if lie and sneak their way onto places we’ve told them they shouldn’t be.”

    Also, doesn’t work for me either. I’ll check the main site.

    ALSO . . . what’s with all this FPS stuff? I mean, you’ve had stuff about FPS’s before, but this is bo-ring. I don’t care about FPSs and you should write about something different because you’re wasting my time. You’re welcome to receive my valuable feedback any time.

    [Edit, after watching the thing:

    I’m wondering if this will end up being a Deus Ex or a Bioshock. If huge explodey guns are your style, will people complain that you only need to buy a bazooka and then blow everything up, so it’s too easy and there’s no point in being stealthily at all? Or will it do the Deus Ex thing where, while you can get in and accomplish an objective without killing ANYBODY, and remain completely unseen, no one in the game will comment or acknowledge that fact?

    It’s important to have choices, but it’s all important for those choices to be, to some extent, meaningful. And if you’re going to intentionally make things harder for yourself, it’d be nice for the game to acknowledge that.

  17. Ian says:

    Surely you’re wasting your time by looking at articles you know to be about FPSs? :p

  18. Donald Duck says:


  19. Jonas says:

    “Or will it do the Deus Ex thing where, while you can get in and accomplish an objective without killing ANYBODY, and remain completely unseen, no one in the game will comment or acknowledge that fact?”

    While it’s certainly nice when characters comment on your play style (as Deus Ex did in the NYC missions), what’s wrong with just giving you freedom for freedom’s sake? The point is that whether you’re the type who likes sneaking (like me) or the type of likes blowing stuff up (like most of my friends), you will be able to enjoy playing the game your way.

  20. nakke says:

    I’m pretty excited about FC2 now. Seems like the mission structure is open this time around, which of course is awesome

  21. Irish Al says:

    Far Cry 2: Cry Further

  22. Noc says:

    Ian: I’m joking. The comments thread on the Quake III article from yesterday will explain. [Edit: Two days ago. Huh.]

    And Jonas: I like my choices to have consequences, though, even if they’re small ones. The thing that bugged me about Deus Ex (And to be fair, I started playing through it recently was that weapons just did “Damage.” Even though people talked about the electro-prods and dart-guns being non-lethal, the game itself didn’t try to make any such distinction. Any weapon just did “Damage,” and when an opponent’s damage exceeded their HP, they “died” in an identical way whether you’d shot them in the head or stuck them with a tranquilizer dart. I understand the point about simply letting people chose their own play style, but I feel like games should follow up on those sorts of choices later on.

  23. Ian says:

    I fired up Deus Ex a couple of days ago and remembered while shooting a guy in the back with my sniper rifle that I knew exactly how he’d fall down. :D

    I’m gonna get Deus Ex 2 rolling again as well so hopefully there’ll be more varied death in that. :p

  24. Deuteronomy says:

    This is a PC gaming focused site right? You’re bound to see a ton of FPS stories on a PC gaming focused site. What where you expecting? Fighting game stories?

  25. Ian says:

    @Deuteronomy: Either that was part of the same joke or you didn’t see that Noc cleared that up. ;)

  26. Rook says:

    Is that the console version? As it doesn’t look half as good as the previous videos they’ve shown of this game.

  27. Ian says:

    I meant to mention earlier that I was hoping the video would feature stuff from wherever that screenshot at the top was taken. That place looks like it’ll be a lot of fun to attack. :)

  28. Deuteronomy says:

    Whoops. Need more coffee.

  29. Ghiest says:

    Unless they have fixed how the game feels to play then I still won’t be buying it. Both crysis and far cry had this weird feel to how things move and feel within the game itself, it just feels off to me. Yer sure the graphics are nice but when you drop everything else for graphics something has to suffer.

  30. AbyssUK says:

    Clearly I need a new PC… just to play the dammed video let alone the game

    EDIT : Also please RPS make it when I edit my posts because of my terrible spelling it also edits the post summary thing in the respond opinion away bar on the front page..

  31. Ian says:

    @Ghiest: Given that Far Cry and Crysis were developed by Crytek and not Ubisoft and that the game has a new engine, it’d be quite a feat if they managed to make it feel exactly the same.

    I personally didn’t play Far Cry and I didn’t notice anything off about the movement in Crysis. Still, your concerns should be remedied…. if only to be replaced by others.

  32. The Shed says:

    Far Cry 1 was heavy and awesome. This looks like it has the lightness of Crysis/ Far Cry: Instincts. No meat, no heftiness; i.e. what made FarCry for me.

  33. Abe says:

    Finally, in-game napping action. Now I can catch up on all those naps I miss while I’m at work!

  34. Jim Rossignol says:

    @AbyssUK, there’s just a short delay on the front page version of your comment.

  35. Whiskey Jak says:

    The embedded version works for me. Maybe it’s buggy if you’re not a Gamespot member?

    Anyways, I’m not surprised to see that kind of gameplay (stealth), since Clint was game designer and scriptwriter on Splinter Cell and was the creative force behind SC:CT after all.

    All in All, I’m pretty excited for this game. Clint is really interested in having both fun gameplay and engaging story, which is what I value in a game so, it should be a winner for me.

  36. Deuteronomy says:

    Crysis most definitely had a different sort of movement from the standard FPS. Crytek attempted to make player movement fit an FBA model. Much the same way as Arma does, but not taking it quite as far.

  37. Sam Thompson says:

    The damn age verification thing ain’t working for me either. Maybe it’s because i’m not a gamespot member… anyway, Far Cry 2 looks great! I’m so getting it! (October 21st in america)>(October 24 in europe).